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OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 121



She took her mouth to the base and made her throaty sound, I grabbed the bedsheet as she started bopping on my hard amu.
She freed her mouth and winked at me as she wrapped her soft palm around my soft flesh and ran it up and down manner.
Veronica: you like am?
Me: I like it!
Veronica: I talk am, ashewo!
Me: I like it.
We laughed and she swung her left leg over me and s——-d me, she got hold of my hard amu and positioned it pointedly on her drenched hole.
She lowered herself on me taking me inch by inch as she bit her lower lip, the switch in my head went off as she took me in fully.

Breathing heavily she bent and we were both faced, she licked her lips seduc*tively.
Our mouth parted as we welcomed a sloppy kiss intense kiss, we broke the kiss and she placed both hands on my chest and rode me slowly.
Matching pace as comfort grew, our voices cried out in passion. Drenched with sweats, my hands located the mangoes on her chest and squash them.

The pleasure heightened and we let go with ecstacy, my warm cu-m shooting inside her we-t tunnel and her love-juice flooding my laps.
She dropped by the side of the bed breathing heavily, I cuddled her naked self to me.
Me: na wetin you go learn for America?
Veronica: yes, you like it?
Me: I like it, I missed you.
Veronica: for where? when Profit dey.
I let go off her and looked at her face, she was still smiling.
Me: how you take know?
Veronica: scoff she be celebrity, uncle.
She got down from the bed giving me a sweet view of her bare rounded sweet a-ss.
She returned to the bed and gave me her phone, I took it and saw a picture of me and Johannah sleeping soundly on the bed, it was so magical.
Me: who send you this picture?
Veronica: she upload am for her Instagram page.
Me: wetin be Instagram?
Veronica: oh lawd! bush man, na your pikin be that?
Me: no.
She didn’t seem to believe me, the way our two appeared in that picture no one will believe Johannah isn’t my biological daughter. I told her everything about Johannah, she didn’t refute or go crazy about. Neither did she question me when I said we only kissed and haven’t had se-x.
She grasped my sleeping di-ck beneath sheet and started stroking it.
Veronica: so, wetin you go do now? I no want competition.
Me: I breathe in I know wetin to do.
Veronica: my p—k don stand again I need you. she whisper to my ear
I shoved the bedsheet away and lifted one of her legs onto my shoulder, held my di-ck and target it to her crack then started thru-sting in slowly slowly.
Until I am buried inside her, I bent low bending her leg too, grabbed her bo-obs and covered one of her er-ected ni-pple inside my mouth and su-ckled.

I got underway with slow thru-sting till it generated to serious pounding till we had enough for the night.
We ate and slept without me telling her about the call from her father or asking her why she doesn’t react like normal girls when she heard of my escapade.
I woke very early the next day and got down from bed, Veronica was sound asleep.
I switched on the light and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for both of us, I took my phone with me and dialed Ugochukwu’s number.
It rang twice before he finally picked the call.
Ugochukwu’s voice: wetin be your problem? na this kind time you suppose dey call married man?
Me: you sleep with Shantel, alaye?
Ugochukwu’s voice: point of correction, no call her Shantel. Call am my one million wife, if that one hard you to call, call am Mrs expensive Ugochukwu.
Me: shift joor, you don buy the house for PH?
Ugochukwu’s voice: I forget to tell you, I don buy am two days ago. So, how far na?
Me: my girlfriend don know of Profit.
Ugochukwu’s voice: so you dey call me now to come separate fight?
Me: no, come for morning, I want make we go hospital.
Ugochukwu’s voice: you no go see governor today, na only him wife and deputy dey go her local government, him dey house today.
Me: after we don see governor, we go go the hospital.
Ugochukwu’s voice: I don hear you.
Me: she be virgin or she swallow you?
He ended the call without answering my question, med boy. I was facing the counter trying to get the gas cooker on when I felt like someone was watching me from behind.
I turned and sighted Veronica standing on the doorway with her sexy lingerie, she looked breathe taking that morning and her lovely mo-aning was fresh in my mind.
Veronica: she raise her eyebrows you dey sick?
Me: no.
Veronica: tell your small man to calm down.
She kissed my cheek and we both exchanged greetings.
Me: I be wan bring breakfast for you for bed, why you wake?
Veronica: you for do am for 1am, I dey awake since.
Me: unromantic girlfriend.
Veronica: romantic boyfriend I don see you.

We both laughed and we prepared the breakfast together talking non-stop, we ate and I took my bath and got ready.
Ugochukwu came around 7am and we took off to the Governor’s residence, we met him having breakfast alone.
Governor: son, you no bother to come see your old man?
Me: sorry, father. Na family issues.
Governor: aahh! family first, Ugo how are you?
Ugochukwu: am fine, sir.
He talked about how he will be able to rig himself in if the people are not supporting him, I come dey wonder if the people get any other party to even vote for apart from NPP.
Sha.. the man open my eyes say people dey actually vote for another party but the electoral bodies are working for them.
So it all seem like people are largely voting for NPP while they are not, we left him and drove to the hospital.
Ugochukwu: wetin we dey go do for hospital?
Me: HIV test.
Ugochukwu: no be me and you oohh! I nodey do any HIV test with you.
Me: why you dey even fear?
Ugochukwu: I don tell you my mind.
Me: how far you and Mrs expensive Ugochukwu last night?
Ugochukwu: why your ears dey always stand when you wan hear gossip? I nodey tell you anything.

We arrived at the hospital and everywhere was smelling like one strange drugs that I didn’t understand, we were directed to the lab. for the test.
We met who was in charge, a gentle man of age.
We went to his office because I requested for privacy.
Doc: how I fit help ona?
Me: I wan do HIV test.
Doc: we go take your blood sample.
Me: falsify the result.
Doc: how?
Me: make my HIV status positive, one hundred thousand naira.
Doc: sorry, sir. I can’t risk the prestige..
Me: two hundred thousand naira.
Doc: with all due respect sir.
Me: three hundred thousand naira.
Doc: I no understand, sir.
Me: four hundred thousand naira.
Doc: okay, okay, tomorrow come collect the result early morning.


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