For the past twenty-five years I’ve been getting fucked by the same dick.
Sure I enjoy it. But, still it’s the same ole dick I’ve been getting for the last twenty-five years.
Nothing changes. I can tell you ever move he is gonna make before he makes it.

Some of it is my fault I know. I admit that. Part if its my age being forty-four years old I’m just not as interested as I once was and my weight doesn’t help all that much. But, not all of it.

I have also gained some weight too. I’ve never a size 5. I’ve always been a bigger girl.
Well, I’ve gotten bigger. Alot bigger.

I stand 5’7″ and weigh about 240. I still take care of myself. But, not near like I use to. I just don’t have the want.
Besides if I was this fat I wouldn’t have my 52JJ tits or my fat 52 inch ass.

Well, six months ago I took a new job. It’s another office job. But, with better pay and better benefits.

As before, I was hired in as the office manager. So that gives alot of interaction with everyone.
It took me about we to figure out who was who.

Now I’ve been olan office manager several times in the past at several firms. So I’m not new to this.

Well, as I got to know everyone better I found myself attracted to a very large, very well built black man named Jamal.
Jamal is soft spoken, with unmatched manners. He is also younger then me by about fifteen years.

I knew he was the one that I was gonna do what ever he wanted and I mean what ever.

So I started taking alot better care of myself.
Lip stick, eye liner, curling my long blonde hair that Jamal liked so much.
Wearing nicer clothes.
I shamelessly flirted with Jamal constantly.
I made no bones about it. If he wanted to stick that big ebony dick in me, alls he had to do was say when.

Jamal and I had been texting alot. So I told him one evening when where texting I wanted to suck his black dick deep into my throat and make him cum.

The next day I I got my wish and was on my knees in the back up conference room with more dick stick out of my mouth then I had ever seen.
For the next two weeks at 8 A.M. sharp I got my protein boost for the day.

As I stood up to straighten my dress and collect myself. Jamal mentioned he had a friend that had a bit bigger dick then he did and wouldn’t mind getting it sucked by a sexy mature milf.

I asked him if that was what he wanted me to do. He didn’t say yes. But, he didn’t have to. I knew.

So at five o’clock that afternoon I was my knees in office that had been abandoned sucking off Louis.
Louis wasn’t as good looking as Jamal. But, Jamal was right. He was hung better. I liked blowing Louis. He never had to say a word or touch me. Just his general vibe said I own you and you need this cock. I made sure from the moment I went down on him he was getting the best blow job of his life.
Even after he came I continued to suck him off. I would even fucked him if he would have wanted.

I was restless that night. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. I was more then ready to suck off Jamal again.

Jamal had other plans for me. I was already in the conference room on my knees when Jamal walked in.

“Come here. I need that sweet nectar.” I smiled naughtly.

Jamal didn’t disappoint me either. He fed me his cock and I sucked it down like a calf on a tit.

I knew when I started tasting Jamal’s precum. I was gonna get my prize and started sucking him harder and faster wanting my juice.
But, like I said. Jamal had other plans. Slowly he pulled me off his cock. Then as he pushed me down to my hands gently he looked me the eyes making me want him.

My pussy was already sopping wet. It always gets that way when I suck dick.

When Jamal pierced my fuzzy twat with his steely ebony rod I sucked in a sharp breathe and held as he pushed his entire length into my fat pussy.
Once he was completely in me past the used part and new territory Jamal grabbed my broad hips and shoved hard into me.
Ramming my cervix hard making me cum instantly.
Twelve hard full length strokes and Jamal was coating my cervix in his love juices.

I didn’t have the energy at that moment to suck Jamal clean. Alls I could do was set there on my hands and knees and catch my breath.

“From now on you’ll be here at 7” Jamal said before I heard the door shut behind me.

I knew right then I was fully addicted to him and I would let him take me anytime he wanted.

I was hoping Louis was gonna fuck me when I met him. But, no. Just a blow job. I did suck him a little longer and harder then I did the day before hoping to make him horny enough to fuck me. But, it didn’t work.

For the next couple weeks it was the same. Fucked in the a.m. and sucking dick in the p.m. I was have fun.

Then one morning I showed up for my morning fucking and to my surprise there stood Jamal and Louis.
I knew what they wanted.
I smiked naughtly and got on my hands and knees.
Jesus, it was like heaven and so fucking nasty. I loved it.
It was like they was on a timer.
They both came almost simultaneously filling me from both ends to over flowing.

It was over. I was done. They both owned me.

For the next week it was the same thing ever morning. Double shot of latte le cum.

It was a Thursday night when Louis texted me.
I almost choked when I opened it.
It was a picture of three very black, very large pricks.

“When” I typed back with a lewd smile.

“Where you off to?” My husband asked as I came down the stairs.
“I’m gonna meet Angie for drinks.” I smiled at him.
“This late. It’s almost 9 o’clock.” My husband scarfed.
“You wanna come. Her and Tim are having troubles again.” I grinned knowing he wouldn’t want anything to do with Angie if he thought she was having troubles or drinking.
“Naw. But, here.” He said handing me a fifty and giving me kiss. “See you at closing time. Be careful.”

I knew the area of the address. It was an upper scale part of town.

As I pulled in the drive the garage door opened so took the hint and pulled inside.

I will say my anticipation was at an all time high.
I was way more then ready to get fucked by three very large black dicks.

“Is this the girl you been telling me can suck a bad ass dick.” Omar asked as I stood in the kitchen.

I didn’t wait for Jamal or Louis to answer. I fielded that question.

“If you want to know let’s go in the livingroom. I’m a show and tell type of girl.” I smiled lewdly heading towards what I hoped was the livingroom pulling my top off as I went.

When I reached the middle of the room I got down on my knees. It didn’t bother me one bit I passed family photos hanging on the wall and there was an array of them scattered around the room.
Alls I cared about was getting fucked.
I wanted all the black dick in me I could get. I knew this wasn’t gonna be like the stuffing I’ve been getting. This was gonna be a full on assault of cock.

Omar was hung as equally as well as Jamal and Louis to my delight.

Nothing bothered me. I didn’t care there was others in the room or the cock I was sucking was married. None if it mattered. All that matter was getting fucked.

“Jesus fuck Jamal. Your right. This bitch loves black dick.” Omar almost yelled as i blew him.

“I fucking told you so dude.” Louis laughed. “And she swallows.” He finished.

“That’s right. I’m a cum eating black cock slut.” I grinned tugging Omar’s hard prick. “You guys know I also have a couple other holes that are loanly.” I grinned as I opened my mouth and started sucking omar again.
“Role that sexy fat ass over.” Jamal said as he gave me a hard swat on the ass.

“Get on the ottoman.” Louis said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I laid down on the ottoman on my back spreading my fat legs wide and pulling Omar to me.

A big cock being drove into my throat and two tongues licking my ass and pussy. I was in heaven.
I knew louis and Jamal where having fun playing with my pussy. I could hear them laughing and talking as they finger fucked me stretching my shopping cunt wider and wider.
The rotation between me pussy and my asshole was driving me crazy.

“Stick four fingers up her ass.” Louis laughed.
Good thing I was cumming as much as I was. I needed the lube and if they wanted stick four fingers in my ass I wasn’t gonna tell them no.

“Fuck her pussy as I finger her ass.” Jamal chuckled.

My God. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life. My ass was full, my pussy was full and my mouth was full.
I was in heaven.
From there things got very heated.

“Fuck my fat ass with that big black dick.” I grunted hard as Jamal and Louis held my arms back so I wouldn’t slide and Omar ruthlessly rammed away at my overly stretched fat ass.

This was about them. But, mainly about feeding my need.
I was willing to let them do anything they wanted to me.

I was licking Jamal’s asshole when Omar decided to try and fist fuck me.
My pussy should have been plenty loose as much dick that had been in it. But, it wasn’t.

“Lube. Get some lube.” I grunted in lust wanting my fat cunt gapped as bad as they wanted to.

“Jesus fucking christ!” I almost screamed holding onto Jamal when Omar’s hand slipped completely inside me.

“Fuck dude. You got your hole hand in her pussy.” Louis laughed.

“Fuck me. Fist fuck my nasty cunt!” I growled regaining some composure.

It was a good thing my husband was asleep when I came in. I looked like shit. I hand cum all over me and was a sweaty mess. My asshole was about four sizes larger then when I left and my pussy slit was hanging wide open.

Jamal and Louis used a sick day that following morning.
Good thing. I was to sore to do anything with them. Besides I a had swallowed enough cum the previous night I wasn’t sure I could swallow any this morning.

I do know this. I will be getting fucked some more by them three and hopefully they have some more friends that want to fuck a fat 44 year old white slut.


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