NOTHING LIKE LOVE: Cheating Husband … (18+) … Part 1

Tare dashed out of the bathroom excited, she greated everyone she found on the quee waiting for her.She got to her face me i face you room which she shared with her aunt.It was her first day as freshman to attend lectures at the prestigious university of jos.
Are you done already?
Yes Aunty,I will be leaving now.
Be a good girl, aunt mophy said and squeezed 100 note into her hand.
You don’t have to do these aunty, you’v rendered so much help already.

Don’t mention dear,am always willing to help you in whichever way I can.Tare carried her polythene bag that was hanged at one side of the unpainted wall, and left after bading her aunt goodbye.
Tare is 17, the first child of 5children,her parents had borrowed from friends and well wishers for her to pay for her fees and other requirements.
one could tell she was really poor, the gown she wore had lost it original colour of purple to milk, coupled with the bag she carried that contained her books,she looked no different from a puppet. 30minutes later, she found herself in the lecture hall,all eyes turned their gaze on her.She had never felt that embrassed in her life,if wishes were horses the ground would have swallowed her that minute.It was obvous she was late, she found an empty seat in between two girls and sat down .They only made the matter worst by covering their nose with their palms.She had felt so intimidated and ran out of the lecture room in tears.
Richard Ayiba-emi, the only son of multi-billonaira. A Tall and well built guy stepped out of the lecture room,he smiled as he enjoyed the looks he got from the girls.At age 19, he looked older than his age, handsome enough to be called a black God.The lecture didn’t hold as a result of the lecturer’s absence.He walked to his car and drove off, at least the thought of girls that trailed their eyes on him compensated him for the lecture that didn’t
hold. He couldn’t put up a reasonable excuse for his dad for not letting him study abroad even with his wealth but concluded within himself to let sleeping dogs lie.
Michelle tossed around her bed, unable to get some sleep. the beauty queen fantasized about the guy she had seen earlier at the gsc class.She stayed off camp with her best friend Vanessa.After some hours of tossing and turning she stood up to watch a telenovela.

Aunty mophy pulled off the leather she had tied her hands with before applying relaxer on the customer’s hair.She owned a small saloon, which she was her only means of survival. She turned to look at Tare who had been moody since she joined her in the saloon
Tare, you don’t look bright at all? what’s the problem?
Aunty, it nothing.
Are you sure? or is it because the lecture didn’t hold?
Not that, nothing is wrong with me.
Okay,please help me with the comb over there, she pointed at the container that contained several colours of comb.
That night, Tare couldn’t sleep she soaked her bed with tears, her aunt had noticed when she had woken up to urinate.
Tare, what’s it? I noticed you’ve been moody all day and now you are crying, please dear talk to me.
Aunty, is it a crime to be poor?
I see, that’s why you are crying?
She narrated her ordeal at school to her aunt who encouraged and comforted her.
Vanessa hit her roomate angrily
Wake up, are you seeing the time?
Mitchell opened her eyes and stressed her body, what na?
chel, I don’t know your problem today, can you see it 9am already and we have lectures by 9.30.
oh my Gosh, I slept very late,please give me few minutes.
Am giving you less than 5minutes, by the way what where you doing that you slept late..Vanessa said following her to the bathroom.
I was thinking of my prince charming.
Which prince charming, don’t tell me you accepted Godfrey back after all he did to you.
Not at all girlfriend,am not that dump (puting on the shower)
So which prince charming again? Please fill me in.
Tare took the first seat, she was more determined to make it im life, if she was rich no human being could stamp on her feet as it pleases them.After lectures she went to the library to study ahead so she could answer questions in the next class.
shhh, guys please keep your voice down i can’t hear a thing.Richard begged the two guys who sat beside him.
dont tell me you are interested in this lecturer class, i mean it too boring one of the guys complained.
Yeah I know, but half bread is better than known. Richard said
yeah am moses, he brought his hand and shaked Richard’s.
Am Richard Ayiba-emi.
don’t tell me you are the son of Ayiba-emi the second guy spoke for the first time.
Yeah, well I have to tell you am his son.
Really, then what are you doing here? your father lives money. By the way am samson.
Well, am not too sure the old man has his reason.
The lecture had ended and most of the students have started walking out, Richard didn’t know if he regretted or not because he didn’t understand a thing of what the lecturer had said.


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