So, here is how I met my Ex-husband
Let me not romanticize it. It wasn’t in some
mall or social event or all those nice places. I
looked tired and drawn, and felt like shit the
night he walked in, stood over my bed, smiled
and said,
“Hi, my name is (okay name withheld), and I’m
going to be your nurse for the night. Let me
know if you need anything or have any
But that is not important. What matters is I
noticed him. And as sick as I was, probably
dying and in need of a last confession, I felt
warm inside. Inside my stomach, don’t think
too far down. Yes! He was too cute to be true,
and for a moment I wondered if I had started
seeing the light. You know, maybe all along
that light at the end of that tunnel is subjective
to every dying individual.
Well, it wasn’t “the light”. It was a mortal man,
and God have mercy, he was fine! I attempted
a smile but it only ended in me wincing
because I had the grandparents of all
headaches and my face felt tight.
“Sorry my dear, you’re going to be fine soon,
don’t worry”
Why, this voice can do things to me!I thought,
and well I wasn’t too surprised I was thinking
that. It was a far subtler version of what would
have popped in my head first, had it been a
perfectly normal night.
So after that first impression, my night nurse
had found his way into my thoughts and was
playing games with me. Sure, they were games
I was willing to play but definitely not in my
head. There was a bigger play ground outside
of my dreams.
I laid there for close to an hour, fantasizing, till
he walked in again, with a steel tray upon
which my IV drugs for the night were
“Sorry to disturb you,”
He said and smiled.
“No problem,”
I whispered. But in my head,—What took you
so long?!—

He pulled my bedside stool closer, sat down
and took my right hand in his.
“This is going to hurt a little bit,”
He soothed and started pushing the liquid
through the line fastened to the back of my
palm. I winced again and he proceeded to rub
his thumb over my wrist over and over again,
while saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry” in that
completely sinful voice. I was ready to pass
My eyes closed voluntarily and I let my mind
go. The rubbing motion was doing all sorts of
things to me and I had to restrain myself from
“Are you asleep?”
He asked. I hadn’t noticed he was done. He
smiled again and asked if I was ok.
“Oh, sweetheart you’re going to be fine.”
“Can you sit by me for a while?”
“Sure, why not?”
And so he discarded the used syringes, cotton
wool and gloves and sat next to me; my night
nurse. We talked. About mundane stuff, then
about private stuff and then I actually smiled
without wincing.

“You have a beautiful smile.”
I died a little and smiled again.
“Thank you. Can you please help me get out of
bed? I’m tired of lying down”
He helped me sit up, placed his hand gently on
my back and helped me to my feet. I was
standing, directly in front of him, a few inches
away from his face, and I started to feel dizzy.
It was the temptation. It was just too strong. I
clutched my head and sighed.
“Maybe you should lie back down. You are not
ready for this.”
I really wanted to kiss him but in-between the
headache and the overwhelming temptation I
knew I just had to lie back down.
And thus the rest of the night passed,
uneventful. The dream though was…okay let’s
leave that for another day.
Now let me not mince words or beat around
the bush. By dawn, when I woke up, the pain
meds had left me painless and much stronger
but I was so terribly turned on by the sight of
my night nurse still seated, though asleep, by
my side. I sat up in bed and coughed slightly.
He woke up and smiled.
“I would like to take my bath but I’d need
some help.”
“Okay, I’ll go get one of the ladies to come
help you.”
I was initially disappointed in him but I was
determined to make the morning go my way.
“No. That’s ok. I just need you to help me to
the bathroom that’s all.”
So he did. But this time when his hand fell
onto my waist I couldn’t keep back the moan.
He looked at me and smiled.God!I whispered.
We took slow steps to the bathroom and he
lowered me gently onto the edge of the tub
and turned to leave.
“Please don’t go.”
I whispered again, and he stopped. By then I
had slipped one hand out of my night dress
and I knew one bre*ast was almost totally
exposed. He cleared his throat and I could see
his Adam’s apple move up then down and for
the love of me, I moaned again. This time the
look in his eyes changed. He stepped closer
and placed his hand on my bare shoulder. I
kept my eyes on his face, making sure he saw
clearly how much I wanted him. I slipped the
other hand out of my dress and it fell down to
my waist. He sucked in his breath and let out a
very weak “No”.
I took his hand and cupped it over my left
brea•st and started to work it in gentle circles.
He stepped even closer and pulled me up


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