MY WEDDING NIGHT … (18+) … Part 1

Good day friends, my name is Precious, and what i give you guys is the story of my life. A story of pain, love and sadness. A story of lost hope, betrayal and death. A true life event that turned my life upside down.
Where do i start?.
I guess i have to start from the major episode, the night that changed my whole life.



I write with Tears

____ The dim light of the room was enough to highlight Damian’s
body lying under the covers of our bed. His long frame was
silhouetted delicately as the sheet and blanket draped over his naked body. Every muscle of his slender frame was showing
through the somewhat thin fabric he placed over himself. The contoured m—d of his manhood, prominently showing,
was highly erotic and
stimulating. My p.u.ssy began to water slowly as I stood in the doorway staring at my new husband.
I leaned against the molding of our room door and felt one of
my firm little breasts with my hand. My n—-e instantly
hardened as i felt the heat flow into my stiff n—-e.
My was slick with my internal naturalness. I felt the
warm trickle of my inner desire flow out and coat my now
engorging inner lips. My outer folds of personal smoothness also began to warm gently.
As I stared at my husband lying there
on the bed, my feelings roared all over my body. It was our first night as husband and wife. Oh how happy and fulfilled i was that fateful evening. We really had lots of terrible challanges which we overcame to get married. I closed my eyes as my head played back the events which led to our marriage.
I soon felt a hand on my shoulder and another between my legs. I felt warm breath on the back of my neck and the touch of hot soft lips upon my skin at the same time. Damian had joined me.
I did not open my eyes. I let my husband feel me. I felt my
husband’s hot body tenderly touch mine. His damp skin tenderly brushing mine sent desire rushing through me.
He slowly pressed his
erection against my body and I felt it throb as blood rushed through it.
Slowly he planted tender kisses to the back of my neck. His
warm lips felt good on my skin and the tingles from his loving touch made me shiver in delight.
I tilted my head to the side slightly and he moved lower with his lips. His hand suddenly covered my
tenderness. The jolt of his hand on my place of sensualness made me moan with euphoric pleasure.
Slowly, he ran a finger
through my hot wet divide. My hot core flowed onto his finger
as he moved it up and down, letting it sink into my soft pink fold. I felt my vertical line fold over his finger, contouring to the shape of his digit sliding easily through my sexual lips. I felt my come to life.
He gently ran his fingertip over my
hard sensitive knob of
pleasure. I shivered and moaned loudly.
Expertly his other hand covered one of
my small br.easts which he squeezed hard. My nip.ple, as
hard as it already was, filled with more blood and felt as if it was
going to actually pop off my body. The intense feeling made
my body quiver.
Suddenly and with a swift move, he swung me around making me whimper in pleasure.
His handsome face was smooth and
his eyes deep. I touched his cheek
softly and ran my fingertip over his lips. He gave me a very caring look; the
look I fell in love with the moment we met. Wrapping his arms around my delicate warm body, he brought his lips to mine, kissing me tenderly and long. I felt my breath leave my lungs like it always did.
Damian knew just how to leave me breathless.


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