MY VILLAGE LOVE: Expensive Love … (18+) … Part 1

Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr.

A young lady could be seen running tirelessly as fast as her legs could carry her.
“Run! she shouted to everyone there present.
Not minding what it was, everyone began running to their different houses thereby making the whole environment to be deserted.
Ekaette looked through the window after running to her house.she was panting like someone who escaped death itself. She is an epitome of beauty, she was the type of girl any man can die for though she was uneducated. People wondered what make Ekaette to tell them to run.
Everyone were looking through their windows to see the outcome of the situation. just then,they sighted a jeep driving into the village square and it finally stopped. They were all scared because non of them has ever seen a car before due to where their village is located.
“Mum, you see what I told you? Ekaette questioned her mum. her expression explain it all that they were all scared.
“Just shut up and let’s see what is going to happen”.
They waited silently to see what will happen.
The car door finally opened and Daniel stepped out of the car looking like a charming prince in a pair of tuxedo. He alighted from the car with his friends with him. They scanned the whole environment but found nobody outside.
“Mom, do you see that? Ekaette said pointing to Daniel’s direction.
“It was human being ooo”.
“But how come the rubber have tires and carry, it’s obvious that they are witch oo because a rubber can never carry someone before”.
Daniel and his team waited for some minutes but found no one outside the village, they looked around when their eyes caught anyone in the window, they will shut the window with full force.
“Dan, I think they are scared me of us oo”Emma said.
“You are right, maybe we have to come back some other time “.Dan said
“We should just try and say something reasonable whether they will come out”Emma said.
“No need of that let’s go.
Just as they opened the car door and hop in, Ekaette peeped through the door whole and open the door too. Daniel eyes caught with her own and slam the door back and rested on it.
Daniel finally zoom off.
People began coming out from their hiding place thereby making the environment again to be crowded.

“What was that”?An old woman asked no one in particular because non of them knew the answer to the question.
“We have to be careful ooo, that thing we saw earlier I think is from the witchcraft ooo. “Ekaette said
“Shut up your mouth!, have you been to their coffin before? An elderly man rebuked her.
“It’s better we run for our dear lives ooo. “Ekaette said again.
Everyone stared at her in a eye that says you are mentally unstable. she sighed and dropped down her head refusing to say anything again.
“Everybody let’s resume what we were doing “Mr Charles said.
The whole place became noisy again as they continue doing different things.
Daniel and his team arrived their company, it was an oil drilling company. Their mission was to go and survey the land whether it will of good use to them. Daniel alighted from the car so as others. The head to the main company and the glass door opened by itself immediately they got near it.
The company was more like a whole community because of how large and expensive it was.
Daniel headed to his office, it was boldly written on the door base “SECRETARY OFFICE “.he entered and then locked the door. he began his duty with immediate effect as the memory of the event that took place in the village came back and a smile crossed his lips. he shook his head and continued what he was doing.
Daniel was done in his office and it was to for his departure. he took his briefcase and then locked the door and headed downstairs. he met Sandra coming to his office.
“You are going soon? Sandra said
“Yes I have a meeting to attend to “He replied and checked his wrists watch.
“I only wanted to show you something in your office “She said and smiled seductively
“Let’s make it some other time Sandra, I’m already late I have to go now. bye! “he waved at her and rushed out of the building.
Sandra just stood there and watched his retrieving image until he was out of sight. She has been giving Daniel green light to fall for her but he is just too blind to notice it, she shook her but t continuously and then left the staircase.
The night finally drew near and the stars appear so brightly in the sky making okpunke village to be bright due to the moon rays that gives it’s light.
Back to starling city where Daniel resides, the whole street was bright because of the present of the street lights. not even one compound was left out without electricity.
The houses there were big ones with huge gates too.
Daniel sat outside the house allowing the cool breeze to touch his bare chest. his phone rang and he looked at the screen and discovered that it was Sandra. he ignored the call and continue what he was doing, the call came in again. he silent the phone and drop it back on the table.
He was done signing the documents needed to be signed, he took his phone and headed to his room.
#Okpunke village.
The sounds of crickets could be head, even the owl too making noise in the late hour of the night.
Ekaette was sleeping soundly on the bare floor only, mat alone was seen too on the floor where her parents sleep.
Physically she was sleeping but at the same time smiling, just as she was smiling the smile finally left her lips.she started saying words like “Leave me alone I’m not coming! she said it continuously and finally wake up panting heavily. the sound of her yell made her parents to wake up too.
She was sweating at the same time, her mother wondered what could have made her scream like that.
“What happened? Her mom asked.
instead of her to reply, she hug her mom so tightly like that was her last day on earth.
“Mum, I saw myself in the rubber that came to the village earlier today “.


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