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MY UNDERCOVER LIFE … (18+) … Part 22


RECAP: After Avery’s cousin got Bradlee’s number (from her calling them on his phone), she gets Ian’s number on Monday. Going to first period, she saw Bradlee with Kimberly. Turns out Kimberly has a crush on Bradlee and is practically shoving her assets at him. Avery helps Bradlee get her off his case which resulted in a yelling match between them. Mr. Meyer broke it up and they both apologized. Bradlee thanked her by writing it out on his phone. In the end he gave her his phone number (Avery doesn’t have it yet – her cousins does), with the words here’s my number. I hope you save it, Av c: underneath it.

Bradlee. Why did his name even sound breathtaking to me now? I mean—he’s just a guy. A suspect—no less. There’s no reason to like him. But then why was my heart thumping so loudly? He only gave me his freaking number!
His eyes held my gaze, watching me clearly. I gulped, completely lost in those ocean blue eyes of his. Seeing his lips move, I didn’t have to be a lip-reader to know he’d called my name.
He pointed at the teacher, silently telling me to take a seat before I get in trouble. I obeyed quickly, not wanting another lecture from Mr. Meyer. Taking out my phone, I quickly dialed in his number before saving it under Bradlee. Peeking up from underneath my bangs, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the corners of his lips rising—his cute dimples showing.
Pocketing my phone, I took out my notebook. Sitting sideways, I tried my hardest to listen Mr. Meyer as he started talking about a new subject. He went on and on talking about Homeostasis, and how it regulates your body’s internal environment to maintain stable conditions in response to changes happening externally. Giving us some examples, he pointed to a new slide, showing us how it maintains dynamic equilibrium and how it effectively carries out certain functions in our body. I made sure to copy all this down, before I felt the heated stare of someone behind me.
Knowing that it was Bradlee, a familiar feeling stirred up in the pit of my stomach. Biting on my bottom lip slowly, I tried ignoring those eyes of his. But as Mr. Meyer spoke deliberately slowly about reducing and increasing an organ’s activity level, I looked up, catching his stare.
His eyes lit up, as he continued to gaze at me. He barely blinked, just watching me. I blushed, dipping my head down. Hearing a faint chuckle, the burning in my cheeks increased. Gosh. Why is he doing this!? Shouldn’t he be paying attention to the teacher or something?
Noticing the fact that he didn’t even have his notebook out, I arched my brow, clearly confused. Was he that smart he didn’t even need to copy anything down?!
Sensing a quiet vibration on the side of my leg, I immediately took out my phone making sure to block the phone from Mr. Meyer’s sight. Seeing Bradlee’s name flashing up on my screen, I quickly typed in my password before clicking on his message.
Someone isn’t paying attention to the lecture 😉
I looked up, seeing his arms underneath his desk. He leaned back casually, a smirk plastered across his face.
Shouldn’t you be paying attention as well!? At least I have my notebook out. I sent him quickly.
He laughed quietly under his breath, probably seeing my text message. I only wait a few seconds before my phone notified me again about a new message.
I am. I get C-print captioning straight to my phone.
My eyes squinted down at the text. C-print? The hell is C-print? Before I could even ask, another text message popped up from Bradlee.
I get everything he’s saying straight to my phone. So, I don’t need to take notes 😛
My mouth dropped open, glancing around the room. My eyes stopped moving when I saw a girl with a short pixie haircut. She sat right in front of Mr. Meyer. A small tablet was on her desk as her fingers moved rapidly across the screen.
Wait—I thought you didn’t want anyone knowing you’re hard of hearing . . . I sent him before looking at her again. I couldn’t really see her face but her figure was small and petite. My smile dropped when I realized Bradlee trusted someone else with his secret. Trusted another girl. I thought I was special . . . I thought I was the only one who knew. Clearly I wasn’t.
Turning my body around, I glared at my notebook, wanting absolutely nothing but to get up and move. The farther way from Bradlee, the better. He freaking lied to me.
Knowing that he’d sent another message, I ignored it. I didn’t want to hear his excuse anyways. He’d probably said something like, I forgot. Or, she’s just someone that takes notes for me. Keeping my gaze downwards, I focused completely on my notes, writing down Mr. Meyer’s example on how the body releases glucagon when our sugar levels are too low. Before I could even write my next sentence down, my pencil was snatched away from me.
“H-hey,” I whispered, narrowing my eyes at him. “Give it back!”
“Not until you read your text message.” My eyes widened seeing those electrifying eyes of his swimming in hurt. I bit my lips, as the guilt starting eating me alive. Before I could even say or do anything, he brought his phone up and showed me.
She doesn’t know I’m hard of hearing. She only knows someone in the class needs it. It’s kept a secret from everyone beside the teachers and of course you and my brother.
Crap. I laughed awkwardly, before I apologized to him over and over again. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions like that. I shouldn’t have gotten jealous like that. What the hell is happening to me!? I wasn’t nearly this bad when it came to Dennis so why am I feeling like this with Bradlee? I barely know him . . . and yet I’m acting like a thirteen old girl crushing on some guy.
“It’s fine,” I heard him whispering before I felt an electrifying spark touching my hand. Casting my eyes downwards I saw his hand closing over mine. He held them with care, touching my hands gently. Brushing his fingers against mine, he turned my hand around before dropping my pencil in the palm of my hand. “Don’t forget to pay attention.” He chuckled, before going back to his phone.
Dipping my head down, I spun my chair around. I couldn’t let Bradlee know the effect he has on me. I rather die than let him know I was growing feelings for him. He’ll think I was just like everyone else. And I didn’t want to be like every other girl that falls for him. So what if he’s adorable with that cute laugh of his? Or how his eyes twinkle every time he smiles? Or how his cheeks gets tinted with a slight shade of red whenever he blushes? Or when—
“Avery?” I felt a kick to my chair, knocking me back to reality. My eyes fluttered closed, seeing everyone staring at me. Oh shit . . .
“Um, yes. Mr. Meyer?” My tone held a nervousness as I looked at him. Hearing a sniffle laugh, I shot my head towards Kimberly. My eyes cut into slits, picturing her head in my hands.
“Name two pancreatic hormones and describe their effects on the glucose levels,” he instructed, as he waited patiently for my answer.
“Somatostatin, and it increases the blood glucose level,” I said, causing a few gasps around the room. I grinned, staring at Kimberly’s shock face. “And Insulin. It decreases the blood glucose level.”
“Correct.” He sounded astonished. “How did you know that?”
I eyed him curiously when I saw the slide on the board. It had nothing to do about pancreatic hormones. “Ah . . . you didn’t go over that?” I pulled at my sleeve, nervously.
“No. I was just testing to see if you were really paying attention,” he admitted. “I was expecting you to say something along the lines of ‘I don’t know Mr. Meyer. You didn’t go over that yet’, and yet you answered it perfectly.”
“Sorry, Mr. Meyer,” I apologized profoundly. “I already learned this subject beforehand. Guess I zoned out for a bit.” I laughed, before some of my classmates joined in.
“It’s alright.” He laughed as well. “Just try to stay awake for the next few minutes.”
“Will do.” I smiled, before he went back to teaching. I was just about to take some notes before I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around I saw a grinning Bradlee.
“Way to go, Av.” I shivered, when he actually spoke that nickname. The way it rolled off his tongue sent goosebumps up my spine, causing me to literally melt at the spot. Crap. This. Is. So. Not. Good.

“Avery!” a loud voice shouted. I turned around seeing Ian waving his hands frantically in the air. I smiled, seeing a familiar face that wasn’t Bradlee’s. After first period ended, I literally bolted to my second period class. I knew I shouldn’t be avoiding him like this but until I figure out my feelings for him, the farther I was away from him, the better. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any other classes with him beside gym. “Did you get lunch yet!?” Ian asked, catching my attention once again. “I just got myself a BLT sandwich.” He showed me excitedly.
I pointed to my tray. I wasn’t sure how he’d missed that. “Yes. I got spaghetti.”
He mouth practically started watering when he saw my plate. “That looks delicious! Maybe I should’ve gotten that instead . . .”
I laughed. “Let’s not. Remember last time? You don’t want to waste food do you?”
He shook his head, his blonde locks going everywhere. “No! Wasting food should be a crime.”
“Yes, yes,” I agreed, pulling him from away from everyone’s curious stares. “Let’s go, before Megan starts texting me.” That girl is always on my case about being on time, and what-not.
“What about everyone else?”
“They’re probably already waiting for us.”
His baby blue eyes widened, gazing at me. “You sure?” I nodded, answering his question, before he beamed at me. “Okay! Then what are we waiting for!? Let’s go!” He tugged on my hand, clasping my wrist, before pulling me out the cafeteria and back the exit.
Even though it was almost the middle of December, the weather was anything but winter yet. It was pretty decent—a bit windy—but decent. When we got near, Annemarie, Asher and Megan sat around chatting amongst each other. I paused for a bit, surprised to see Hunter absent from the group. You’ll think he’ll be here after the effect he’d put in.
“Hey!” Annemarie waved when she saw us approaching. “We were just talking about you.” She glanced at Ian.
He lifted his brow. “You were?”
“Yeah!” She nodded, pointing to Asher. “Asher here made you something.”
Ian let go of my hand quickly, racing towards Asher. “What is it!?” He was practically bouncing up and down in his seat as he awaited for Asher to give him whatever he’d made.
Megan and Annemarie giggled quietly when Asher gave Ian a container of some sort. He ducked his head shyly, reaching his arms outwards. I couldn’t help but smile looking at Asher. His hands were trembling quite badly, but he held strong before Ian took it out of his hands.
“Is this what I think it is!?” Ian exclaimed, ripping the lid off. He gasped when he looked inside. “It is! How in the world did you know I like oatmeal cookies!?”
“I-I d-didn’t. I-I just g-guessed.” Asher blushed, his pale skin appearing lighter than it is.
“Thank you!” Ian jumped up in joy, crushing Asher to death. “You’re awesome dude!” He thanked him once again, before tasting one of those cookies. His eyes widened dramatically before screaming, “Oh my God! These are freaking delicious!”
“T-thanks.” Asher’s green eyes glowed in happiness. “I can give you the recipe if you want?” he tried, feeling more confident in his speech.
“Asher’s so adorable,” I whispered to Megan as we watched them exchange conversation.
“Totally,” both Annemarie and Megan agreed. “Too bad he’s totally gay for Ian.” She chuckled, staring at them.
“Too bad Ian doesn’t swing that way . . .” My smile dropped. Hopefully Asher doesn’t get crush in the end. From the looks of it, he probably doesn’t do this often. Maybe he really does like Ian after all.
“I know—” Megan started saying before Imagine Dragon started playing. We all glanced around, wondering where that noise was coming from when Ian suddenly pulled out his phone from his pocket.
“Hello!” He smiled brightly, before his smile dropped completely. “What’s wrong?” he asked urgently. “What!?” he roared, scaring the crap out of everyone. He paused, staring wide-eyed at us. “Um, hold on a minute,” he told whoever it was on the phone before he locked his gaze at us. “Sorry, I gotta take this,” he said before he dropped everything, and ran away.
Before I even had time to blink, my phone also started ringing. Seeing Demitri’s name flashing across the screen, I picked it up quickly. I knew it was urgent—he never calls during school.
“Follow him!” he ordered, before the line cut dead.
I groaned, getting up. “Um, I’ll go make sure Ian’s okay.” I didn’t wait for their responses before I ran towards the direction he’d went. It wasn’t long before I caught up with him—seeing that he was only standing by the back door. I laid low, hiding behind a corner. Pressing my ear against the wall, I made sure to be as quiet as a mouse. I didn’t want to be discovered just yet.
“—are you f—–g kidding me!?” I jumped up, completely shocked by the amount of anger in his voice. Was that Ian? “He’s f—–g dead! Where are you!?”
I covered my mouth in shock, as I breathed heavily. Panicking, I raced towards the parking lot—getting away from him. Just who in the world is Ian? And where did that voice even come from?


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