MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 92


Raymond and I talk. We’re still very close.
We still hang out most time he comes around
and each time,I try to ask him if he’s happy.
Though I don’t like his wife for telling him
those things about Kamsi not looking like
him,I still rejoiced with him when their new
baby,Chikaima came. It made me happy and
I found out that I had forgiven him for
Talking about happiness,I pray he is happy
with his marriage, that nothing gets to
mislead him,if not for anything,for that pretty
daughter of his.
My life is going in a direction where all I can
do now is thank God for bringing me this far.
I believe my past experience was just a way
God used in teaching me lessons of life and
how to overcome certain circumstances.
Raymond and I will remain best of friends for
life because I want to keep him close to
share in all my happiness and to share in his
as well.

Skipoo and I met last three weeks and when
he asked me why Raymond didn’t marry me,I
laughed and told him that I was getting
married to someone better than Raymond.
Most people with similar experiences like
mine may not be patient or optimistic but I
believe I pulled through because of the love
and support of my family. If only you can try
to involve your parents in everything, if only
you can cut down a lot of unnecessary
excesses,if only you can remember that not
everyone means well for you,if only you can
remember this story……. If only you can
remember Rose……
There are lots of “if” s but let me stop here. I
love you all for reading my story,the
comments,critics,advice,love and
attention,they were just more than I expected
but I pray that we all get whatever it is that
we desire in life,just as I got mine……….



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27 thoughts on “MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 92

  1. Your Story Was Realy Inspiring Thank You For Sharing It Was Also Educating God Bless You .

  2. i love ur nt d begining ohh it was too raw bt it a life leson i hope young teens out there would learn frm.Yes u were tempted so many times bcuz of ur emotional weakness which many pple hu even me bt u found favour and it was all bright for u.thank u 4 d story

  3. I really love this story. I was fallin apart of ma teenage mind but with this, i’ve gotten hope for ma life and a better change. Thank you! Just waitin for ma first salary and i’ll send you more airtime to be uploading these stories!

  4. In fact dis is just a real life story, but did u later go back to school nd hope u enjoy d sexual capability of your new husband? So dat you wil not going to service yourself with raymond

  5. Your story is so touching,although mine is not related to relationship,but I have come to know that thinks happen for a reason.i have also learnt that not all feelings we have towards someone is love.sometime ur not jst mearnt to be with someone,thanks so much for sharing your story.may God bless you amen

  6. Very very intresting story,i really loved it but the chapters are too long maybe u should look into that

  7. an inspiring story, i hope we teens get to learn frm this that nt all relationship can last and we should be able to control our feelings and lust.

  8. God!!!
    Reality happenings that what this story interprets,i love it more greese to your elbow.

  9. Wow!!!!
    I Realy Loue Dis Story Is So Interesting Nd Is Ful Of Lessons To All Teenagers Wu Tinks Life Is Easy, Nd Ave Realy Learnt Alot From It
    Thanks Alot..

  10. So interesting
    Rose tried alot
    And her parents are good and kind in handling issues.
    Frank should’ve killed Raymond.
    Rose’s parents and Dera will be disappointed if they find out that kamsi’s Dad(Ray) is still alive.
    Ebuka should marry Vivian
    I just love these story alot
    I learnt from it.
    Keep it up

  11. Wow this story got my time and am happy i learnt from it such an interesting and inspiring story more greese to ur elbow

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