MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 66


Ebuka: I don’t know.
Me: What are your people saying about this?
Ebuka: Surprisingly,my people aren’t aware.
She didn’t even tell her people I’m
responsible. I don’t know what her plan is but
I just need you to trust me.
Me; Trust you? You must be joking. Do you
think I’ll ever believe anything that comes out
from your mouth ever again?
There was this awkward silence between us.
He came close to me and I remained in my
Ebuka: Sweetheart you’ll have to believe love for you can never be changed. I
loved you and still love you.
Me: You loved me yet you left me with that
beast? You knew how much I was really into
you. You knew how much I loved and
cherished you. You knew all this yet you left
me with him and disappeared to God knows
where only to come back and get my friend
The tears came as I spoke. Watching him
listen to me helplessly started stirring up old
He hugged me suddenly and I let my tears
wet his body hug polo.
Ebuka: I still love you Rose. I’m sorry if I ever
hurt you. I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m
sorry please.
He held my head with his hands and placed
his lips on mine. I slowly opened up to him
and we started kissing. We kissed for a while
before I heard heavy banging on the gate. We
broke off immediately and my first thought
was that my siblings were back. The banging
didn’t come again so I heaved a sigh.
I looked at Ebuka and moved away from him
but he came close. He wrapped his hands
behind my neck and lowered his face to be in
line with my own. I looked into his eyes and
fell for the need I saw in them.
We attacked each other’s lips once again,this
time,we were feeling each part of our body.
His hands stopped on my breasts and he
slowly did a play back to my shoulders and
pulled down the hands of my gown.
My b0s0m covered in a bra revealed
themselves immediately. He looked at my
body lovingly and gently before he came
back to kissing me again. He swirled his
tongue inside my mind and I willingly sU-
Cked on them.
He found his hands behind me and quickly
unclasped my bra hooks. He took them off
still maintaining the kiss.
He quickly attacked my left n!pple as soon as
my bra fell off. I held unto his head while I
m0aned. He would switch from from one n!
pple to the other.

The banging on the gate came again but this
time,as I stood up,Ebuka quickly turned me
over and I found myself bent over the bench
still standing. He pulled up my gown and tore
off my lace pant. He opened up my wet p**sy
using his hands and like a flash,his tongue
started sliding in and out of me. I screamed
out very loud but he didn’t stop. My m0ans
and screams only added to his fierce licking
and tongue- Bleeping of my c*nt. I cried out
in ecstasy as I felt my juices explode inside
me and run down my legs.
I don’t know how it happened but I was still
recovering from the shock of my orgasm
when I felt his d*ck enter me from behind. It
filled me up and while I still got to accept the
johnny walker inside me,he held unto my
waist and started moving in and out of me in
quick strokes. I in turn,held unto the bench
for support. His f**king were matched with
long strokes and in no less than five
minutes,I felt my self cuming again. My walls
clenched tightly while i held unto the bench
for dear life. Ebuka started vibrated behind
me. In no time,he slumped on top of me and
I fought hard to carry his weight and mine.


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