MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 64


We started the race of life. He let me take the
lead,I think it was to watch my back or
something like that. Our bus stop was in
front of my house(was even surprised that I
ran that distance)I fiddled with the key and
when I finally opened the gate, we both fell
inside and I locked it back.
I felt relieved and used that moment to look
at Frank. He had blood stains on his trouser
and shirt. His right thumb was bleeding. I
took him into the house.
Me: Let me run a bath for you.
Frank: No. Thank you. I just need to rest for
a while before I go home.
Me: But look at you. You need a bath,a
thorough one.
Frank: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Just get me
water to wash my hand.
I quickly went into the kitchen and fetched a
bowl of water and took it to him;
Frank: Thank you.
He washed his hands and I took back the
bowl. I came back and sat beside him;
Me: Did you guys have to hit him that much?
Frank: Did he have to touch your butts?
I heaved a sigh
Frank: No nah tell me,its degrading
womanhood and its wrong.
I started laughing. I laughed out loud that
tears started forming at the edges of my eye;
Me: See who is talking. I’m glad that you still
have some sense in your head left.
Frank: What do you mean by that?
Me: You just talked about degrading
womanhood. What will you now say about
you that beats women?
He bent his head and refused to say
I watched him for sometime and continued;
Me: Frank,you have a sweet side inside of
you. I don’t know what your story is or what
your reason for beating women are but
Frank,its wrong. What if you had a sister
(they were just two boys and Frank is the
last)? What will be your reaction if you found
out that her boyfriend or husband is always
beating her up?

Frank; I don’t know Rose but I think its what
growing up watching my dad beat my mum
has done to me.
I didn’t want him to dwell on that so I
interrupted him;
Me: You know,I was scared when I heard the
gunshots. I thought it was going to be my
last minute.
He smiled and punched my arm
Frank: Fear fear. We’re used to such
situations nau.
Me: Ehe. talking about we,call your friends
nah and see if they are alright.
Frank: I’ll do that in the morning. Come and
see me off let me go.
We both walked to the gate,he gave me a
hug and I locked the gate after he left.
That was how a new relationship was
That day opened doors to many
outings,many home visits and no kiss or
Frank was really a lovely person but he was
no where close to my Raymond,the love of
my life.


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