MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 60


Me: Chidimma how could you?
She turned and looked at me.
Chidimma: Has our boyfriend gone?
She pretended like she didn’t hear my
question or the anger in my voice.
Me: Yes he has. Why would you go about
telling this crazy girls that Raymond is my
boyfriend? Do you know the embarrassment
they gave me downstairs?
She smiled innocently
Chidimma: Nne sit down. You should have
known me by now. Sit down
I sat down on her bed but refused to look at
Chidimma: I won’t deny the fact that I told
them that he’s your boyfriend.
Me: Why?
Chidimma: They were talking. Some of them
thought he was your brother,some wanted to
come and approach him. I had to say
whatever I said so that they will know that
you two are deeply involved. I knew that they
would come and confront you,the same way I
know that you will give them a piece of your
I calmed down and looked at her.
Me: Why weren’t you in class?
Chidimma: I don’t have a reason o.
Besides,ain’t we supposed to be in the
dormitory since today is our visiting day.
I removed my day wear,hanged it on her line
and la!d down on the bed;
Me: I’m so tired right now.
Chidimma: Oya rest,when dinner bell is
rung,I’ll wake you up.
I nodded and not long,I slept off.
One month later,we’ve concluded all exams
and our sendforth was being organised.
We in turn were planning on how to beat up
the government mistress who gave us tough
time during the waec.
We were no longer students. I had called my
mum and she came and picked my
cupboard,my locker,books and chair. The
only thing i had left were my school uniforms
which i plan to give out,my toiletories and
some provision which i left in Chidimma’s
I was ready for home,anytime. The only thing
that still kept us in the school was our
sendforth. We no longer went for morning
mass or any school activity.
On the eve of our sendforth, we sat down in
front of the government teacher’s quarters,we
had earlier divided ourselves into four
groups;one group was to go to the convent
and distract the sisters with some gifts we all
contributed to buy,the other were to go
towards the school gate and distract the
security men,the other group were to go
towards the exit of the teachers’ quarters
while the last group sat in front of her room
waiting for her. I was among the group that
were waiting in front of her room.
Twenty minutes into our waiting,she came
out from her room. She was surprised to see
us sitting there.
Teacher: Daughters of Jezebel,what are you
doing here? Get out of here before I deal with
all of you.
Some hot tempered girls amongst us jumped
on her immediately. I was with the padlock
and a bucket of feaces that will be poured on
her so I didn’t join in beating her. When the
girls had their feel,they pulled her back to her
room and asked me to go and do my job. I
entered the room,emptied the bucket on her
and ran out immediately. I padlocked the
door and we all filed out.

That night,I couldn’t sleep. No one had heard
her voice since then. So many thoughts went
through my head;what if she dies? what if
someone had seen me especially?
I kept tossing on the bed till around 4am
when I heard some voice coming from the
teacher’s quarters. I went out to the corridor
and peeped. There was light so I saw
everything clearly. Our sister principal,some
other sisters and a lot of men dressed in
black. They were either the school security or
the policemen. I ran back inside,removed my
night wear and put it inside my school bag. I
wore my day wear immediately,put my
slipper on,flipped my foam(it belonged to the
school) and ran to Chidimma’s corner. I
alerted her and together,we started waking
every body up.
My school bag was slung behind my back so
I was ready for the race. Some girls wore
their day wear on top of their nightwear.
Chidimma led the way and I followed. Some
girls were crying but who sigh,I was going to
leave before they catch me. In a straight
file,we all tiptoed downstairs,quietly opened
the hostel door and quietly ran towards the
school building. The fence there were short
so in no time,all of us were already outside
the school compound. They all started
thanking Chidimma and I but I didn’t wait for
that. We trekked to the road while I said silent
prayers that they should wait till morning
before coming for us.
We got to the express where we all bade
each other final good byes. There was no
time to exchange contacts. We agreed to
open a Facebook page later.It was a
Saturday so our parents would question why
we returned so early. Chidimma and I
decided to wait in a nearby school so it will
be bright before we go home. Around
8am,we came out of our hideout and I picked
a bike home.
To hell with their sendforth. I’m never
stepping on the soil close to that school


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