MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 57


I had two examinations more to write; neco
and jamb. I didn’t like the idea of writing
Jamb that year but my school made it
They would be the ones to drive us to our
centre on that day. So while packing up for
school,I had packed up some clothes for the
Third term was a tough one. I had to fight
the temptation of going to Chisom,the ss1
students that wrote me letters and most
importantly,my classmates.
During one of the visiting days,Raymond
came to my school. He was with his friend
whom he introduced as Kingsley. I was so
happy and felt special because my class girls
kept on walking past us to admire the
handsome guy that came to visit Rose. It was
on a Sunday so we sat down in front of an
empty class. We talked a lot. We couldn’t
hug or kiss because there were guys spying
on us.
He finally left after spending about two hours
with me. I got into the class and Chika was
the first girl to talk. I was surprised to meet a
full class instead of the few who were with
me before Raymond came.
-how story flies-
Chika: So,the likes of you keep cute
boyfriends eh?
Like I said before,I’m not a girl you’ll term
beautiful but I had a great body which I was
and still proud of.
I looked at Chika and shook my head. I went
to my seat and sat down. My seatmate
passed me a note telling me that some girls
had planned to tongue lash me because I
was the first girl in my set to be visited by my
boyfriend in school. I was taken aback. I
wrote back asking her how they knew he was
my boyfriend and she said it was Chidimma
who passed the information.
So much for being my friend. I bent down my
head and thought about how to remedy the
situation but that time didn’t come. Someone
tapped me on my shoulder and I looked up
There was Chika,Millicent,Lucy and Amanda.
They were the crazy girls we had and were
also bigger than all of us.
Millicent: What do you have?
Me: What do you mean?
Millicent: What did he bring for you?
Me: Nothing. And is it in any way your
Millicent looked at the other girls and they
gave me a look that almost got poo out of
my mouth;
Chika: See this small girl. We left you and
you’ve being misbehaving since your
admission here. Who told you that boyfriends
are allowed in this school?
I did a quick calculations,stood up and stared
at them;

Me: I don’t know when you girls became the
school management. But since you girls have
given yourself the post of school
management, I’ll answer your question.
I paused to check if they were taking in my
message and the confusion on their faces
told me they were doing that so I continued;
Me: If boyfriends are not allowed in school,I
wonder if l£sb!anism is allowed as well. So
as the management, it’ll be good if you
answer that.
They looked at me and the class started
Me; No answer. That means boyfriends are
allowed to visit. Again let me add this,if I
refuse to join in the rubbish you girls do
here,please let me be. Its not by force to be
in a hostel or bathroom experience. Excuse
I left the class and went to look for
I saw her in her corner and I went to her,after
deciding that I’ll give her a piece of my mind.


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