MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 3


Three weeks and some days after we met,he
called and said he will be coming to my
house the next day. He said he had
something he would like to discuss with me. I
was happy.”At last,he was going to ask me
out”,I thought. That night,we talked at length
as usual. He also told me that he would be
coming by 3pm. That day,I kept looking at
the wall clock praying that something would
happen and it will be 3:00. I wore my
favourite short gown,brushed my low cut hair
and waited for the love of my life. When it
was 3:08pm,he called to say that they were
at the gate.”They?” I asked him. He said yes.
I went out and opened the gate for them. He
was with Frank.
They walked into the compound and I closed
the gate. I greeted them and asked them to
come inside. I noticed that Frank was face
full of smiles and sounded very happy while
my Ebuka looked withdrawn and shy,unlike
who he used to be.
Ebuka: no. we will prefer to stay outside
Me: (surprised) why?
Ebuka: Nne,we are comfortable here.
I was surprised. On phone,it was baby or
sweetheart. He never called me nne.
I led them to the backyard.There were long
benches permanently built there. I dusted two
and asked them to sit while I fetch them
something to drink. It was Frank who
stopped me.
Frank: Don’t worry dear, we are okay.
I looked at Frank. He was smiling. I took time
to study him and compare him with my
He was average in height(Ebuka was
taller),had small eyes(Ebuka’s eyes were
white and round). His nose wasn’t too
pointed like that of Ebuka. His lips were
thick,something you would call a kissable lip.
He was cute but not as handsome as
Ebuka,my Ebuka.
Me: How can you come to my house and you
will not take something? its not good o.
Frank: Don’t worry,the next time we come,we
will finish everything in this house.
I laughed at his dry joke and sat down
opposite the two guys.
Me: okay. No problem. Ebuka,I wonder why
you’re quiet. Or wait o,are you shy?
I joked stupidly to make the love of my life
say something .
Ebuka: Do I look shy?
Frank: Yes nah. You no just wan talk.
Ebuka: Oya two of you sorry. Rose,we are
here for you. We want to discuss something
important wit you..

I already lost interest upon seeing Frank. I
was no longer interested in whatever it was
they wanted to say.
Me: Okay. Am all ears.
Ebuka: You know this my guy already.
He said he likes you and would want to be
your boyfriend..
I was shocked. I was disappointed. Ebuka
knew my dilemma because he refused to
look at me.
Frank: Yes baby. From the moment I set my
eyes on you,I fell flatly for you. I really do
love you and . . . . .
I didn’t even let him finish when I flared up.
Me: Shut up.shut up before I attack you with
my fingers. Is anything wrong with you? Is
Vivian not your girlfriend? Why would you
look my way? If you don’t leave here this
minute,I will have no choice but to tell Vivian
about this conversation. And you,Ebuka,so
much for the . . . . . . .
Ebuka: Nne please. His feelings are very
sincere. Talking about Vivian,feelings change.
Let’s just call Vivian a victim of
Consider Frank’s proposal oh? I know him
and he will take good care of you.


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