MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 25


* * * I was again awoken by muffled sounds.
eyes were very heavy but I still managed to
crank them open. The room was now dark but
I could still feel breeze from the fan, which
meant there was still electricity. The only
source of light in the room was the Nokia phone
charger plugged into our multi-socket
extension box. It’s blue light cut through the
darkness, illuminating the sweaty bodies a few
feet away from me. Despite the fan spinning
at high speed, traces of sweat still formed on
Karen’s naked back. She was bouncing up and
down with her back to me. I could not see
much, just the shiny naked skin of her back.
She bounced in rhythm and at intervals, she did
some grinding. She pressed her palms on his
chest as she took control of the pace. A
blanket covered her from waist down, but I
could see her breasts swinging. I got an
instant erection just watching her grind on my
room-mate. She fought hard to muffle her
moans as she rode him with so much passion.
Luck shone on my viewing when she leaned in
to kiss him. The blanket fell from her waist as
she tried to make their mouths connect. I
caught a glimpse of her shapely ass, but could
not see her pussy instantly. She didn’t bother
resetting the blanket when she was done
kissing him. Instead, she arched her back and
lifted her ass away from his dick. Just as the
shaft was about to escape, she quickly sat on
it, fully swallowing it again. She lifted her ass
again and continued this tease, obviously
enjoying herself. For the first time, I heard
Alfred let out a groan. She continued the
system playfully and soon started going really
fast. I feared what might happen to poor
Alfred’s dick if she missed. She didn’t.
Obviously, she was an expert at this already. I
watched her breasts oscillate and stylishly
took my hands into my boxer shorts. I slowly
adjusted my cover-cloth and made it rest
properly on my lower body. This saved me the
fear of being seen. I rubbed
my own dick slightly as I watched them.
Straining my eyes, I could see the clear outline
of Karen’s pussy. It looked very moistened and
it’s oils made Alfred’s dick shine in the dark.
One time, Alfred’s dick completely escaped her
pussy’s grip and I saw the redness within.
I watched them till they were done, with my
raging hard on, and soon slept off, with sweet
dreams. * * * ”What are you doing here J.D?”
She asked.
Unplugging the earpiece from his ears, he
smiled. He walked over to her. ”We had an
appointment” He said with a huge grin.
”You and who?” She feigned a puzzled look.
”You and me naw…who else?” He tried to touch
her face. She stopped him, then walked
towards a mini
fridge at the corner and took out an half
empty baileys bottle. ”We HAD an appointment,”
She said, picking a
cup. ”Now, all i’m asking you is why are you
here?” She paused. ”And I told you to always
inform me before coming over here.” Daunted,
Jude forced another smile. ”Look, i’m
sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier”
”Tell me what?” She shot back. ”That you had
”Yes,” he replied.

”Well, I don’t date boys that have girlfriends. So
I guess you know where this is going.”
”Why are you over-reacting?”
”There is no need to react or over-react.
By the
way, my friend said she wants you. And since I
have no further use of you, I think i’m letting
you go.” ”Huh? Me? Use? Chai!” He thought in
his mind. But
all he could say was, ”How?” ”The woman that
just left. She wants to be
your sugar mummy. Take her number and go.”
She bent down by a small table and scribbled
some numbers on a sheet of paper, before
tearing it off and handing it over to him.
He took it. Atleast, another door was open, he
He smiled and placed the little piece of paper in
his pocket. ”But. I still want to make it up to
you,” He said,
again attempting to feel her face. She didn’t
refuse. He leaned in and kissed her full on the
lips. She did not respond, but that did not hold
him back. He put his hand on her ass and
squeezed her lobes. He kissed her forehead,
then her lips. This time, she responded. ”Not
here. Lydia is at home.” Was all she could
say. *** The next morning, Jude woke up on
the soft
bed of Mrs Abu. He knew her too well and
knew that she would give him some money.
That was why he had to fuck her, whether she
liked it or not. If he was lucky, she might still
call him once in a while in the future. He looked
over at where she sat, by the mirror, applying
something to her face. ”I’ll transfer some
money into your account on
monday.” She said as she caught his eyes
through the mirror. He smiled within himself. All
was good. All was
still good.


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