MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 24


The kissing continued and I could hear silent
moans. The sounds got louder and louder till
everything came to an abrupt stop. ”Alfie, put
off the light,” She said under her
breath. I suspected she was staring at me.
”Baby, see, baby…” Alfred’s voice trailed off as
another kissing session began. Her silent
moans returned. Finally, I decided to lift my eye
lids a bit.
Gradually, the images formed. Alfred was on
his knees, backing me, while Karen sat of the
bed with the under of her feet facing me.
watched as they kissed passionately with one
of Fred’s hand already under her shirt.
He was working his way up to her breasts. The
stopped and Karen’s eyes shot open. She
looked in my direction, but was unable to tell
whether I was awake or not. Or so I thought.
Fred got his fingers out of her top and held the
helm of the cotton material. He attempted to lift
it up, but she stopped him. She kissed him
again quickly, then whispered something
inaudible to him before he stood up headed for
the bathroom. She soon followed behind him.
When everything went silent, my eyes became
heavy again, and I slept. * * * ”Ehn? What do
you mean she’s not around
again?” He asked, trying to contain his anger.
”Na wetin I tell you be that. She don leave
comot tey tey”
”Then why did you go inside to call her before?”
”See, Oga, I bin dey sleep when she comot. I
think say she is return but…”
”You’re lying to me ehn? Lydia?”
”Oga, she no dey house. Simple!” He was really
furious now. But he wasn’t going
to let the house maid insult him. He made to
leave, taking long strides with each step.
he turned back suddenly and pushed poor Lydia
out of the way. He already knew everywhere
around the house. Although, Lydia wasn’t at
home most times he visited. Lydia staggered,
trying to prevent falling down, and finally held
a pillar for support. She watched as Jude made
his way into the plush living room.
Sensing the
risk of losing her job, Lydia screamed at the
top of her voice, ”Come back ooo. I tell you She
no dey house! Come back oo.. Ehn ehn..” Jude
pushed the door open and felt the
coolness of the air conditioned room. He
briskly walked through the first sitting room
and took a right turn towards the second. He
knew she’d be there. That was where she
always relaxed, if she was not in her room. He
freed his face from the squeeze that gripped
it, and forced a slight smile as he saw her
sitted on one of the sofas. She was not alone,
however; another middle aged woman sat on
the sofa adjacent to her’s, and they seemed
to be in a very important discussion. Their eyes
settled on him as he walked in.

He said his
greetings to the other woman and went
straight for the same chair Mrs. Abu was
seated. He thought she l’d ask him to go back
to the
main sitting room and wait for her, but she let
him sit, and ignored him. She continued her
conversation with her obviously surprised
friend and paid no mind to his presence.
Jude looked up as Lydia’s lean image appeared
before them, her face resonating apologies.
Mrs Abu lightly threw her hand toward’s
Lydia’s direction, signalling her to leave. She
sharply turned and looked back one more time
before she left their presence. While the women
talked, Jude reached for his
phone and started going through his own
pictures. If they were going to ignore him, he
was going to ignore their ignoring him as well.
After what seemed like an hour, Jude took out
his white ear piece and plugged it’s wires into
his ears. He nod his head as he replied to chats
and viewed numerous display pictures. He was
getting tired already, so he threw a quick
glance at Mrs. Abu. She was concentrating on
her friend. However, the other woman caught
his stare and smiled. ”What’s wrong with this
one?” He thought. Unable to hear any sound
coming from the
women, he was surprised when he saw their
shadows move. He looked up and noticed that
the other woman had stood up, probably ready
to leave. Mrs Abu soon joined on her feet.
As Jude looked at the figures in front of him,
he realised that the other woman wasn’t half
bad. She stood at average height, a little taller
than Mrs Abu, and had a great ‘i’m married’
shape to compliment it. He noticed that she
did not apply much make up and her nails were
short. She seemed like she had full breats, and
he prayed silently that they had not sagged. He
watched her lips move as she talked with her
friend, and when she caught his eyes at the
last minute, she gave that smile again. As they
turned to leave, Jude got a chance to
assess them back stage. He swallowed his
tongue as he saw the machines installed in her
back stage and could only dream to grab
them. She was dressed in typical married
style. Her wrapper was tight around her waist
and was firm enough to emphasize her
protruding bum. They walked slowly away from
him and
started whispering some things. Jude noticed
the continuous glances they were giving him as
they gossiped. Finally, she left.


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