MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 18


They were still burning with desire. We had
both forgotten about
my sister, or our phones or anything.
intimate pleasures
mattered at that point in time.
My d*ck slid in with joy, and I started pumping
as I watched her
half-ajar mouth shake with each thrust.
Then her moanings resumed.
I continued pumping, stabling my leg on the
edge of the bed. I
knew we could not stay too long in this
position, except if I
wanted to spend the rest of my life holding
my back.
My lips fell back on hers, moving my tongue
with each thrust.
After a couple more thrusts, I put my leg down,
and also helped
her with hers.
Then I asked her to hold the edge of the bed
with both hands.
She did.
That lovely apple bottom was facing me in all
its glory, waiting to
be devoured.
I bent down and felt her br*asts from behind,
cupping them in my
My d*ck found its way into her without my
assistance, and I took
its cue and started the ministry.
My pace picked up itself and my d*ck started
moving in fast with
each thrust. She was moaning and saying
something that was not clear as the pounding
was affecting her
entire body.
She was still talking, so I decided to listen a
little. I did not hear a
thing she was saying, but I could hear a phone
ringing from outside the room. That was not
my ring tone,
so it had to be
I didnt mind that one, I just kept f*cking her
till I felt my cream
begin to build up. He own moaning increased,
while my groans
deepened a little.
I felt a gush of her cum around the head of my

ThankGod!! I said in my mind.
Her body had already relaxed a little, but my
thrusts were still
having their necessary effects.
I started shooting my load when I heard a
knock on the door.
Whether the person had been knocking since, I
did not know. We were both silent, but I made
sure to finish
the business I had
I did not answer. We just remained silent for
a while.
But she knew we were inside, so there was no
need staying
silent, so I kinda screamed; ”yeaah??”
”Anita’s phone has been ringing…and Mummy
just called and
said you should remember to…”,
I didnt hear the remaining part. I slightly heard
her footsteps as she left. If I
could hear her
footsteps, what could she have heard?
Anita got up and went to where I had dropped
her bag. She
opened it and brought out some tissue paper.


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