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MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 41


dialled Yvonne’s number but she didnt pick up.
I redialled it again and she aborted the call.
I messaged her to pick up so that we can settle this amicably but she didnt reply me.
I called her the third times and she picked.
Me: please Yvonne, lets just settle this amicably.
Yvonne: settle what amicably?
Val did his own and go free but this time,
You must pay for the two.
Me: please, where are you, I want us to see now?
Yvonne: I’m at home preparing to come to your house and tell your wife and mother inlaw.
Me: I’ll be in your house in a few minutes.
** I hung up and rushed outside.
As I was about to enter my car,
One of the workers approached me.
Sorry to disturb you. It is about the paper you told me to prepare for the delivery of the goods to Ghana.”
She said.
“Alright, are they ready now?” I asked.
“Yes sir….
Just for you to attach your signature”
She replied.
“You can keep it,
as you can see,
am rushing somewhere now, I’ll be back in the next one hour,
You’ll then bring it to my office”
I stated.
I entered my car,
Immediatley am driving out from the company,
I saw my wife’s car as she was about entering the company.
She horned for me and I stopped and whine down my glass and she too.
Jummy: sweethrt, where are you going to?
Me: I just got a call from one of our customers.
Jummy: you shouldnt have been the person to go and see him,
You should have send one of your workers to do that?
Me: sweethrt, He is one of our big
Don’t worry, I’ll be back.
But I thought,
You said you’re going to come in the afternoon,
Why now?
Jummy: I went for antenatal but doctor have not come yet so I decided to come over .
Me: ok…. Ask my PA for my office key,
Am going right away.
I drove off immediately,
When I got to Yvonne’s house,
I parked outside and called her to come out.
She said I should come inside her house.
I came out and entered inside and knocked at her door.
She opened and I entered inside.
She has already dressed up,
So I sat down.
Me: What you told me on phone,
is it true?
Yvonne: what kind of stupid question is that?
Me: I’m sorry…
So what do we do?
Yvonne: I should be the one asking you that?
Me: let’s terminate the baby…
Yvonne: Terminate which baby?
God forbid, do you want to kill me?
Me: c’mon, other people are doing it and yours cant be different.
Yvonne: I aborted one baby for Val and I later regreted it,
Here you’re talking about another abortion.
Do you want me to destroy my womb?
Me: Then,
What do you suggest we do.
As you can see,
Am married and my wife is pregnant and I can’t marry you.
ME: you can’t marry me right?
Me: not that you’re not my taste or standard but am married.
You’re beautiful, good looking and charming too. You’re a dream of every man how I wish,
Am not married, I would’ve make you my wife.
Ok,,,, will you give birth and lemme take care of you and our baby and let us make this a secret.
Yvonne: I can’t stand the shame of being a single mother.
Me: vexed then what did you suggest we should do?
Yvonne: are you screening at me?
There is no problem, you can now go.
I’ll handle it myself.
Me: Please, Yvonne dont ruin my marriage,
Am begging you with the name of God.
Yvonne: I’ve heard you, you can go.
**my phone rang and it was my wife.
I picked up and she told me to come back quick that people have been calling me.
After the call,
I broughtout #100,000 and gave her to use and take care of herself.
“Dont hesitate to lemme know when this money finishes.”
I said.
She took the money from me without thanking me.
I dashed out immediately and drove to my office.
I entered and my wife was on my chair.
I kissed her and sat down.
She was not feeling happy and I started asking her,
What the problem is.
She didnt talk to me and left. I followed her to her car to enquire,
The source of her mood but she didnt talk to me but just perked me and drove off.
I was wondering if my dirty secret has been leaked.
I went back to my office and was restless because ,
Ever since I knew Jummy she hasn’t been in that mood.
I was troubled so I called her on phone but she still didnt open up to me.
Someone knocked at my door and entered,
And it was that same girl that brought paper for me to sign when I wanted to go out and meet Yvonne.
She greeted me and presented the paper for me to sign.

I signed and she took it.
You’re not looking fine,
What’s the problem?”
She said.
I told her that am ok.
She left and came back with a cup of
Coffee and I took it.
I couldn’t even wait till evening and I went home because am so curious about my wife’s moody.
She hugged me when I came back and took off my shirt and hung.
I started asking her again and she still didnt tell me what the problem is.
I started fingering her to know if I’ll melt down her heart.
As I was fingering her and was also supporting it with a kiss but she is not responding.
At a point, she stopped me.
Jummy: igwe, are you cheating on me?
Me: cheating on you!
Why did you say that?
Jummy: answer my question. .
Me: How can I be cheating on you when we’re married?
Am not cheating on you.
Is that why
You were moody since afternoon.
** I kissed her on the stomach.
I took my shower and lie down as we’re discusing.
We took our dinner and go to bed.
In the morning, as I was preparing to work,
Jummy rushed inside the room and told me that their family doctor called her to come immediately in the hospital that it is urgent.
She wore her cloth and both of us went down.
She told Bimpe that we’re going to the hospital,
that she should take care of the house before we rushed to the hospital.
On getting there,
It was Lady Pat.
We were shocked when we saw her when she was critically lying on the hospital bed.
My mind skipped because I already know whats on ground.
Doctor: Your mother wanted to do abortion but the drugs that was given to her,
She misused it.
Jummy: abortion!!! Doctor you cant be serious.
How can she be pregnant at this her age?
Doctor: I think we human doesn’t know the answer.
Jummy: doctor you’ve to commence treatment on her, let her get herself first.
Doctor: she has been lieing here for the past two day which I’ve tried my best to know if she’ll get herself but its becoming worse and thats why I called you, she told me not to let anybody know.
Jummy started crying as she was holding her mum.
I was hurt because I know I was the one who put her in that condition now.
I’ve no option than to confess to jummy.**
Me: crying Jummy please forgive meshe wiped her tears immediately I was the one that got your mother pregnant.
Jummy: what!!!
* I started narrating my story how I met her mother and how she offered me a job and everything.
She felt on the floor and was weeping.
“Igwe you must pay for this” she said with tears.
Yvonne entered inside the hospital,
I was shocked.
She told jummy that I got her pregnant.
The problem multiplied and Jummy couldn’t hold herself and she took one plastic chair there and hit me.
She call police immediately and got me arrested.
I was jailed for one month and two weeks before she bailed me out.
By then, Lady pat has gotten herself but not fully well but she can talk.
I knelt down and started asking Jummy for forgiveness.
She accepted me and we hugged each other with a kiss.
Lady pat spent 4months in the hospital before she got herself fully well.
Val’s wife gave birth to twince(a boy and a girl).
Jummy also gave birth to a
Bouncing baby boy.
Yvonne had a miscarriage and lost the baby.


Please try and pick up the good ones and drop the bad side of this story.
Having extra-marital affair is the worse thing that can ruin your marriage and your life, stay away.
I hope you guys learnt alot from this story….
@igwe chukwujekwu
Email: igwechukwujekwu3@gmail.com

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24 thoughts on “MY MOTHER IN-LAW…..(18+)…..Part 41”

  1. It was long but interesting story but the worst side of u that I didn’t like your unfaithfulness to control yourself

  2. This story kept me awake since i started reading this story, its very nice story pls keep it up k.

  3. Hi,I read your story in two days,that’s to say it got my full attention,it was really amazing,but sometimes,it lacks some credibilities.Like the use of incoherent sentences and some elementary mistakes(he want).Overall, I enjoyed it !

  4. Nice write up
    I really enjoy dis story nd i learn many lesson 4rm dis story
    May god had 2 ur hand work

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    Wow so interesting thk u so much God will improve ur handwork

  6. This is very intereting and educated please inbox me the full episode and i promise not to make a copyright just for reading

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