It all started when i was in secondary school
in akwa ibom state.
By that time i was known for my position as
the class captain of SSS 1.
On one monday morning, by that time i was
penalized by my superior (seniors), A friend
of mine came in, and told me about the new
teacher that arrived.
By the time i moved outside to check on the
new teacher, i met a young lady. She was
fair in colour like (nidia buhari), dark eyes,
pointed nose, a V face, small lips, her smiles
could captivate thousand guys, she had a
normal body shape and curves, she was
average in height, she had normal big
bottom, s*xy** and supper hot lady.
she was a lady i could describe as THE GODDEST OF BEAUTY.
I had helped her pack her logage to the
And since then, she has been so nice that
we started a relationship.

One monday morning i woke up with the help of an alert tone ringing from the wall clock.
The alarm was still bluring loud when i swiftly gazed towards it directions and to my greatest amazement it was 09:30am already.
My dim eyes adjusted wide open same as my mouth. I had to clean my eyes twice before checking the time again for clearer vision…
“Ah..! I don late today again for school… na wetin i go tell my seniors?.” i lamented and i immediately jumped down from the foam and
dash into the bathroom, came out again rushing into my bedroom.
I quickly grab my brush and pour a coloured toothpaste on it as i hurriedly entered the bathroom the second time. By that period it was already 09:56am.. I wore my uniforms and dress up for school. But when i’d approach the door and held the handle about to pull it open, i heard a soft sleepy voice from behind calling my name. When i swiftly jolted to look behind mother asked..
“Prince have you eaten your morning breakfast before going for school?” My mom asked with so much concern… And she does not like to see me starve even when i insist on staying without eating.
“No… mummy am too late for school when i get back i will eat but for this main time am not taking breakfast.” I sincerely announced and walk away from her while heading towards the open space compound.
On my way to school i met my friend… Her name is udauk. She is a tall adorable looking pretty young girl, she had fair nice skin complexsion and her face appeara sexy. Uduak was an attractive young girl. Meanwhile Uduak was more like a friend and she was my assistant class captain as well. She approached and greeted me. I looked around and greeted her but my mind went far to notice anything else, rather i fixed my eyes unshakeably to figure out her huge ass and fascinating sexy good looks . After the our brief pleasantries i stated further by
complimenting her teasingly. Uduak loves smiling when being teased. She waved smiles on her lips and gave me that side eye look.
“good morning my prince!” she greeted again still smiling at me.
“Good morning Uduak. How are you feeling?” I warmly asked.
“Am feeling good and energetic this very moment.” she replied giggling, making it fun in such a way that her big breast dangled freely from her chest…
I shook my head and complimented on her loaded huge boobs,, though she never get to comprehend what i complimented. To advance our Conversation further and longer i inquired further about her well being..
“how about you my sweet dearest?” Uduak questioned me instantly as she elegantly walked towards me.
” uh.. Dearest huh?”
i’ll be happy if you stop calling me such nicknames” I instructed Uduak but within my heart i was kinda like the name.
“okay..No more names calling and no more teasing…. But You never replied my greetings 0oo!.”she made mention still trying t0 keep the Conversation moving.
“Am fine dearest.” i had replied without smiling nor looking her twice… perhaps having discussion with Uduak would bring about many silly unanticipated topics to address or gossip about. I automatically understood everything and so I maintain myself in a calm and silent manner. I walked witout talkin because if i’d really wanted peace then no talking cos discussin with her would be no approprate option… I maintain mute.. Or better still, It would be wise if not discussing with Uduak in any uncertain condition. She loves discussing and arguing alot.. Before then, Uduak brought a subjects of what we should discuss and she did start by Making comment about it but Before she could pronunced or make any utterance i immediately cut-in to interrupt her supposed subject.
“Uduak we are late for school… I wonder what will happened against us for coming to school late.” i’d started uttering words while Uduak walk beside me by the righthand side of road.
After treking for about 2 miles or more, I started hearing sounds of beaten drums from ecohing from a distant.. I immediately called on Uduak attention but Uduak ignored me.. I disparateLy called on her name again and She kept muted for a while before she answered. Uduak spoke.. She Said;
“whats your problem ?”she asked with rudeness in her pitch
“i’ve got no problems right now,,, Am only concerned about you…” I answered her while pointing my finger towards the direction where the school locates and Uduak slidely looked there.
“Prince,, we’re dead today! what are we to tell those terrible seniors at the gate?”
Uduak worriedly complained When she sighted seniors from where we stood. Her face was already covered with grief…Uduak nearly cried but when I consoled her, she had the confidence to face whatsoever that cometh. I address myself preparing for worst event ahead because our seniors were that rude, inhuman and very tough .
Uduak and I adjusted towards the school gate & there awaits the breaking point of our suffering.


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