MY LIFE AS A YAHOO BOY … (18+) … Part 1

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)


My name is iphekitan meaning endless love. This is the first story I would be writing so please bear with my grammatical error.
I was privillege to attend one of the best secondary school’s in Ibadan then. Was a boys only school tho. But i was happy I attended such a school. I was 17 years old then when I started having this experience.
Every guy of my age would be chasing admission into an higher institution or learning a trade but that’s not the case for me. I was just too obsessed with E – dating
Sit back and Read every part of this story carefully and i bet you would enjoy it.

Ss3 third Term .. V. S Things
It was at that period of our v.s that girls from other schools do attend our schools v.s . I was a very popular guy On the various social app then, 2go and whatsapp, among my peeps. We created various group chat, where we connect with girls from other school. Since I was good with words, girls do add me privately to chat with me, they are all fond of me mehn, they always try to let us meet up but i always turn them down, tho. I wasn’t the shy type but i just don’t fancy meeting this girls physically, I have less than 16 gf’s Online that have never set my eyes on physically. Those girls were caring mehn, they do send me Recharge cards ocassionally then, without me even asking them to.
Thanks to camera 360 am very photogenic, so my display pix do the asking out, I just chat with a girl for 2days and the third day I would. Have gotten a yes, I even do hear rumour that those girls do fight themselves over me. A guy they have never met.

On the D-day of our V.s. It’s normal for girls and guys from other schools to visit. Prior to that day have been writing status about the v.s on my status. Unknowingly to me I was given them an invite.
Few minutes to the end of the programme I just excused myself to leave the boring program.
Stepping out I swear girls and guys from other schools hanging around in groups sha.
I just saw a classmate of mine talking to some set of girls I approached the guy,
Me : guy how far now?
My frnd : I dey oh
1st girl : Hey guy am shola by name, are u not iphekitan.
Me : Yeah I am, how may I help you please?
Five of the girls chorused “iphekitan! ”
1st girl : am pweedyshally21 on 2go
2nd girl : am mreb16
3rd girl : am goldengirl2500
They just kept beating inteoducing themselves
I was like Jesus I don enter am today. I just said nice meeting you girls and was about turning back when I saw lyk 6 girls approaching, they were like “iphekitan” another was like “hifemi” [meaning my love], I was lyk chai I don enter am today. They sha boxed me up in their midst. Throwing questions at me
Girl one : guy you are really cute as you look on your dp
Girl two: am bimpe your darling
Girl three : What! Bimpe ke! Iphe itz me titi your love.
In my mind I was like I don enter one chance.
My other friends just came around. Talking to the girls one by one I was like tank God. Some were even making jest of me, they were like at last we met you.
We sha took pictures with each other and eventually I settled with one of the girls’, taiwo by name, she was tall thou not taller than I am,nice hips, thick girl, small waist, she was just the one u selected to go to the after party with me.
Leme not bore you with the details
Thats just how I knew I have a talent in chatting with girls Online, lol I do call it coding girls Online thou.
The taiwo of a girl followed me home on that fateful day, we smooched, kiss but not more than that because I never jah much then.


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