MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 99


she looked so dumbfounded, we both were surprised because she never told anyone she was coming atleast my Mada would have told me. She met us in a very bad position. I was in my briefs and a siglet while my madam was in a transparent nighties with just that did little to cover her up and we were both cuddled up on the sofa seeing the movie- A telenovella.
Ada just shot both of us an angry look, hissed and went upstairs. Her mum did not say anything, we both disengage and looked unrest and soon she stood up and went upstairs, I stood up to follow her but thought against it so I sat down back and wait.
It was not long after I started hearing shouts and screams and I rushed upstairs.
“What is your problem with the man I choose to be?” my madam was screaming at her
“You are a harlot! Look at the kind of person you are following, something old enough to be you son!” She said pointing at me as she saw me standing watching them, My madam turned as noticed I was there and I saw a bitterness in her face as she screamed back at her daughter
“Yes! But I love him, he is the only one that have made me feel happy!”
“But he was my man till you snatched him from me!”
Immediately I came into the scene furious at the way she was making my sunshine feel so bitter.
“Shut up!” I screamed
“She didn’t snatched me from you! I choose her over you! In her I find solitude, you’re just a selfish being that cares about yourself only, I know I had make mistakes with you in the past but please! This is my new life and don’t you ever raise your voice on her again!” I thundered and Ada stood looking at me dumbfounded as I dragged her mum into the room and locked the door behind us, begging her to calm down.
“That girl must leave this house for me”
“Yes I will leave!” Ada screamed from behind the closed door.
“Shameless boy, following old woman that can give birth to you” she continued ranting without anyone replying her.

We later left to my room as she will not stop talking. Ada never knew I was now living there and when she found out she just was short of words and parked some stuffs and left the house. That was the last I saw of Ada till I left Abuja.
That night I cuddled her assuring her I was by her side always, that made her feel glad and later cheered up after blaming herself severely for her daughter’s behaviour. We later slept in my room that night and the next sunday morning we ate dressed up and went to church, the first time we went to church over twoo weeks have been there, service was cool but of a truth all that the pastor was preaching about was riches.
At church I saw mist of the women I met at the club last weekend, I saw most of them I had s*x with and I wondered if they all attended the same church. When I later inquired from my madam she told me not to worry that I will come to understand about her friends very well someday.
After two weeks it was another last friday of the month which means another meeting of the Girls club and by now I have started driving fairly well, courtesy of my madam, she have been teaching me. I have lost contact with my cousin In Zuba as I hardly call her anymore and whenever she calls I tell her that work have become too hectic. This was the fourth month of my I.T how time flies, I have totally forgotten about Bwari and the girls there. I was now in the league of matured women.


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