MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 66


She stood there with a frowny face
“So you don’t know how to call person?”
Sharon said and I recalled with a great shock that though she was just my crush as she is also crushing on me I should have called her atleast once but then, I was so carried away by the numerous attention I have never gotten before in My life.
“Sorry dear, I have been so busy can’t you see I have slimed down?” and she opened her eyes widely and looked at me with a “what are you saying” look before she said
“Slim ke, you have fat finish, come what have you been eating sef” she said stepping closer and I smiled as she suddenly hugged me.
” you wicked friend! You have fresh anyhow, I miss you sha”
“And you never call me” I accused but that was a wrong sentence from me for she have called me but I never picked because twice she called I was inside My madam’s kitty.
We finally settled, talked and laughed. Sharon is really a lively and very funny girl, she is a talkative anyway. We met when we parked to U/pama in Kaduna South and I met her through my younger brother. They were attending the secondary school I graduated from then.
That was before I got admitted. Since then I have taken a special liking to her just like she too have but something which I can’t really decipher have been holding me back from asking her out.
When Sharon went back to their house after I took her to a close by joint, it was already 8pm.
I have not called my madam so I quickly did that on my way home from Sharon’s and she was pleased I finally called as she said she have been worried. We exchanged sweet words and hung up. As I reached home I went to the sitting room to see my dad was back.
He was watching a programme on Discovery Channel, his fav. Tv station. He was glad to see me and commended that I have added.
The third person saying it and I started to wonder how I have not noticed it. Well who sU-Cks on kitty Juice and remain the same?
Especially when it’s a matured lady’s own that’s involved.
My phone started ringing as I was still gisting with my dad and I saw it was Ada calling.
I mean she have not called for days and I myself have been offline to chat with anyone.
I picked the call in front of my dad as I said “Hello”
“Hey sweet! Howdy? Cant we see tomorrow?” She asked. I rolled my eyes as I knew she was not aware that am not in town.

“ I travelled”
“What!” I heard her exclaimed
I kept quiet and she resumed.
“You travelled and you never informed me?
Whyv what happened?”
“It’s an emergency” I lied
“What kinda emergency is that, you should have called atleast. Where did you travel to?”
She sighed and said
“Ok enjoy your stay”
“Thanks” I said and was about to hang up when she suddenly said” wait! Why do you sound monotonous? Are you with someone? ”
“No, just exhausted from the journey”
“Ok Later” she said and the line went dead.
“Obu indi enyi gi?” “Is it one of your friends?” My dad asked and I shook my head as we talked more about other things and finally it was late so I retired to my room.
As I lay down I started thinking of my day, the three rounds of hot s*x, I thought about my affairs with my Madam, was it right? My dad have always told me that he who sleeps with another man’s wife is bringing curses upon himself. I will never forget one thing my dad told me a night before I left for school as I was newly admitted.
“Never you have carnal Knowledge of your relatves and never you have carnal Knowledge with a married woman, these two things brings great curse upon a man”
As the words echoed in my ears again I felt sober, sad and afraid, Have I brought curses upon myself really? Yes Mrs Adeola is a married woman but they have been separated for years she just maintain that ‘Mrs’ to protect her image but ideally she was divorced.
I kept battling within myself when my phone interupted my thought. It was My madam calling. Though I saved her number as My boss I knew why she was calling, it was past 10pm what boss will be calling if not a boss that is having affairs with you. I picked the call and muttered a dull “Hello”
“Heey love are you sleeping already?” She asked.
“So why is your voice so dull”
“Just weak” I lied. My earlier thought have made me feel sober and it have affected my mood.
“Aww honey am sorry, I wish I was close to give you a massage”
“I wish too” I said in a low voice.
“So how is your family members?”
“They are all fine” I told her. We kept talking as she told me what she ate that night and how she feels lonely and how she can’t go out either, as she just wish I was with her as she have planned since the inception of the weekend.
I consoled her, pet her with sweet words and soon we were talking naughty as she told me how wet she is and I encouraged her to feel loved and use her hands to rub pinch her tips as she imagines me doing it to her.
She was soon talking in hushed voice as I feel the change in her breathing pattern, I myself got so Hot as I direct her on what to do and soon I was also rubbing my preek as I tell her what I was doing and she does same. That was my forst phone intimacy and I was amazed how fun and interesting it was. She thanked me as I also thanked her for making me feel relaxed. I checked the time and it was few minutes to 12 mid night. I was surprised we have been speaking for this long. I soon slept off as the whole day’s event kept replaying in my dreams.


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