MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 61


As I opened the door for Joy to come in I looked around quickly to see if there is anyone watching to see her enter but the coast was clear and I bolted my door as I welcomed her inside.
She told me how I promised to help her but never showed up again and why she have come when she noticed that I was around when she saw the reflection of light. I nodded as she flipped the book sitting ong on my bed, well I don’t have chair and I never intend to buy any as I never expected to spend more than 5 months in Bwari so anyone who visits me certainly will sit on my matrass.
As I was explaining to her she leaned into me rubbing her b0s0m into my chest while I pretend I was not noticing it. She moved consistently to behave as if she was trying to lean in closely and that was when the devil whispered into my ears and I did something that shocked even me.
I grabbed her booobs and gave it a nice sq££ze and she did not react so I dropped the book and faced her as I left my lips on hers while my free hand roamed to her back. She was being to breath heavily as T.J’s mama kept m0an!ng from the other room. I guess that turned her the more as her heavy breathing told me she is game for real. I continued exploring hoping her friend Jesicca will not show up so I tried to hasten things up but then my phone began ringing.
Whoever was calling can wait! I murmured in my head as I continued what I was doing, the phone cut and started ringing almost immediately and my ringing tone was too loud but I still ignored it. It was at the third ringing that I decided to see who the caller was and was shocked to see my mum calling me.
What! My mum that have not called me for quiet sometime. My parents are the care free type that can stay two weeks without calling, as for my dad he will not even call if you did not call. Right from school I have been used to being independent from making artworks for students so I hardly call home for money and it earned me a good reputation from my parents who treats me like a full grown adult and not policing my movement.
I heaved a deep relieve as I picked in other not to allow my mum to notice the excitement in my voice. We spoke for length after she told me will be expecting me to show back the coming weekend as we will be having a family thanksgiving. She adviced to to continue being a good boy which she knows me as and I nodded with guilt.
I know I was no longer a good boy I have been eating the forbidden fruit of different ladies and was about eating one now. After the call ended I went back to Joy who have already dressed up and I was surprised as she was no longer looking like someone in the mood. I tried kissing her but she avoided my face.
As I inquired what the matter was she told me it was late and she needs to be going back home but I was not having any of that.
I grabbed her soft b0s0m again but she stood up. I was angry but not so eager to edge on as the voice of my mum seem to have bring back some of my decency. I bade her goodnight as I searched around for my key to go out and get food to eat.
As I stepped outside I saw T.J’s Door open.
He was done fuvking and I could hear his voice of he and his babe. I stepped outside quickly so that I will not bump into Joyce if she happens to come out cos I certainly know she will want to bring me food and not allow me go to the junction to buy what I want to buy.
I went to the mallam across the junction and ordered for bread and egg. As I was sipping my tea I saw one fresh babe who came to buy nescafe and immediately I wondered if the babe live around there or she came visiting because this was about the only fair beautiful girl I have seen around this area since I came.
When she left my eyes trailed at her plump backside and the mallam hailed me as he saw what my eyes was feeding on. I laughed and inquired about the chic and he told me she was living around and I exclaimed why I have not noticed her since and he said I hardly came out.

I later learnt from him that she is an igbo girl (No wonder the beauty, Igbo ladies can be so beautiful) I learnt her name was Nneka and I also learnt she was a free giver as she took after her mum who was a LovePeddler, I was more shocked when I learnt she was still in secondary school. The mallam also told me that she is not even up to 17 and I doubted because the body I saw was that of a 23 year old lady.
See what over fuvking can do to a girl’s body I thought as I left the mallam’s shop adding Nneka to my list of babes to be hunted.
The next day was not so eventful till I informed my madam of my intended travel on friday on our way home and she was shocked and the way she asked me why I didn’t inform here earlier made me wondered if a travel scheduled for friday evening and I informed her on a Thursday evening was too late. I later told her I thought that was the best time to tell her as I only got a call just yesterday evening.
She later told me she was making plans of how I will be spending the weekend at her place and stuffs and I apologised. Why? I can’t tell but I apologised. She asked me when I will return and I told her it will be sunday Evening and she told me to bring my things when coming to work so she will drop me at the park after work and I thanked her and we continued gisting while I threw funny jokes with her which made her to laugh as she drive. I was now more free with her than before and we do crack naughty jokes. She finally dropped me at Bwari junction and before I went down she plated a kiss on my lips which I received with a bit surprise as she have never openly kissed me before.
As I reached Kuchiko Junction dropping from the bike that brought me I saw Nneka again just in front of a provision shop I normally patronised and immediately I decided to go and buy something.
I greeted the guys who were surprised to see me after a long time because I normally buy things on weekends and not on days like this.
As I was talking I kept staring the girl and noticed she did not come to buy anything but rather came to visit the twin brothers selling there immediately I cracked a joke
“Nwanne so fine girls like this babe dey this Kuchiko? I said string at her direction as a smile formed on her lips and it encouraged me as I dropped another line.
I finally got to know her name and also know where she lives. I am not the type of guy that rushes to get a girl’s number so I just told her my name and left telling her we will see again to which she replied delightfully.
As I reached my room I stretched on the bed as I usually do and plugged my earphone into my ears as I thought about home, it’s been over two months since I left home and I realised with a weird expression that I have not missed home at all and I smiled as I remembered Sharon my only crush in kaduna, I will get to see her again, as the smiles was playing on my lips I heard a knock so I plugged out my earphone to hear well and it was confirmed that someone was knocking on my door.
I saw Joy as I opened the door smiling as she greeted me. This babe agian?
I closed the door behind me with a wicked grin as I turned to face her already sitted on the bed.


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