MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 36


I raised my head slowly to look at her and I met her expectant stare and I quickly dropped my head
“You don’t want to talk?” she asked softly.
I decided to say something, I opened my mouth but words failed me, I tried again and managed to blab a few senseless words.
“I am sorry” I mumbled. “Did I say I am angry” she asked sarcastically. “I only ask what were you doing with them” She added and I noticed her voice were sultry as she said those words
“Ï was sniffing them” I managed to say and she gave a short laugh. She moved closer to me and spoke
“So you love sniffing p@anties” she asked seductively as she ran her fingers on my lips. “No” I answered. “Then what were you doing with mine, don’t be shy tell me did you sU-Ck it too cos I noticed it was wet” “Yes ma” “You have fetish for musky p@anties?” “No” I quickly responded “I was just feeling Hot” I added. “Hot for me or my friend” “For you…” “And my friend? I saw the way your face was when she hugged you” I kept silent. “so all this while you enjoyed chewing my p@anties” she said more to herself than to me.
Before long we were struggling with each other’s clothes. That morning s*x was just s fast, crazy and intense. I later left for my house after we went to pack n’shop at wuse II to do some shopping. It was past noon when she dropped me off at Dutse Alhaji and gave me some money which I discovered was 5k plus some stuff she got for me at the shopping mall.
I arrived home that noon a happy young man.
I met no one in the compound when I arrived but I noticed my landlord’s door was open.
I retired into my room and slept off.
I was awoken by my phone ringing tune.
Ada was the one calling. I picked the phone and spoke sleepily, she was surprised and asked if I was sleeping at work, I told her I have a day off and she sounded happy. I asked her about school and why she sounds so gay and happy.
She informed me of a leture free day that awaits them the next day which is Friday and a show at Transcorp hilltop. “2face will be there” “Woow, that’s great” I replied.
She asked if I will come see her in school on Saturday and from there we can go to the show together. I quickly told her I would love if not for money. “Atleat you will visit me sha?” she asked. I agreed to pay a visit and Saturday was the date.
I noticed it was past four already, I never knew I can sleep that long during the day.
My afternoon sleeps don’t exceed two hours but that day I sleep more than two hours then I believed bleeping is real hard work that sips energy. I washed my face and went out to wash my face and I saw my Landlord’s daughter sitting outside. Her legs were carelessly kept and I caught a glimpse of her
p@anties but quickly removed my eyes. She greeted me and I responded her and washed my face.
She was reading a book and I inquired what it was “Na Literature” she replied. I really love literature so I went closer to see the content of the book; she was reading figures of speech which happen to be a part of me. By the time I told her about the use of synecdoche she was staring with so much amazement.
“Synecdoche is the use of a part to represent a whole of a whole to represent a part” that was what the definition in the book read out but she seem so confused to grasp its meaning so I decidd to rephrase it for her. “See eh babe, synecdoche is just taking a part of something to represent the whole of that thing” I gestured. She nodded like she was getting it then I added “now make I give you example, I see you for road now eh and I wan tell person about you but I no wan mention your name see wetin I go tell the person” She listens intently.
“You know say you get booby plenty” I said that with a very straight face that even surprised me and I noticed a slight blush and embarrassment on her face but I continued pretending not to notice anything as I continued “So instead wey I go say ‘guy see Vicky dey come’ I go just say ‘’see booby dey come’ now I just use your booby wey be ur selling point to represent the whole of you,” As I continued explaining she was still looking at me with that eyes, then I knew she was not with me, she is actually admiring how easy I explain what seem to her as a nightmare.

“Hope say you grab sha” I asked to bring her back and she shook her head dully and I told her to continue reading. “Just read with concentration eh” I told her and went back to my room and I wore a shirt over my head and rushed out immediately to grab some food for the evening. As I came out Vicky was still reading, her legs thrown wider (I wonder if that girl’s mum never thought her how to sit well).
She noticed me going out so she tried to stop me maybe to tell her more but I quickly told her to wait when I come back and I rushed out.
As I was walking through the pathway to get to the main road that leads to Kuchiko. I started thinking about the colour of her p@anties-black and how surprisingly neat they look but the hunger in me did not allow my imagination wander far away. I went straight to the Northerner’s shop along that road greeted him and ordered what I need.
“Northerner na, My friend” I greeted “Heey Northerner, sanu, heey my friend I greet” He responded.
“yane, how you” I asked him jovially.
“Lafiya kaluo, Am very fine.” He laughed showing his kola nut stained teeth.
“Da Allah, kabana Bureadi da Kwoi bui, give me bread and two eggs” I told him as I sat down for him to prepare it.
The way these Northerners prepare these things amaze me. His hands were just moving rapidly and soon he was done. I seem the first customer as it was not yet time when people come out to buy that condiment of bread and eggs.he thanked me and I replied
“Allah kawo Kasuwa, God bring market” I hailed him as I crossed the road clutching the black nylon containing my evening meal.
I walked fast as I was already imagining how I was going to devour the have loaf of bread and two eggs.
Immediately I entered the yard I noticed that T.J’s door was open and Vicky was still outside but this time she was sitting with another girl, no longer a book in her hands. They greeted me and I went into the room. T.J have not confronted me since that day I bleeped his matured babe as against my thought, I was really afraid of his silence so I always bolt my door whenever I enter my room, I don’t knock on his door to hail him again. I hate silence it can make me fringe.
In the succour of my room I tore the nylon, I couldn’t wait to un tie it and I attacked the toasted bread with all the might my front teeth got as they sunk deeply into the soft brownish bread. A chunk in my mouth and I chewed away savouring the delicious taste of the eggs.
I was almost done eating when I heard Vicky calling me from my door while knocking “Bros….bros..bros” she called gently as if she is afraid to disturb me.
I went to the door and met her, I opened my net and I saw her cluctching the book in her hands, as I looked past her shoulders I noticed her company was gone, she was no longer sitting there. “Vicky afa naw”
“Fine, I don come, shey you say when you come back” she said as she steps into my room.
“You come meet me when I don almost finish chop, you get bad leg o” I teased her at which she giggled shyfully. “I no dey eat this kin food joor” She said as she moves around confused where to sit. You know my room have just bed, I mean mattress, so it’s either you stand or you sit on the mattress like that. I no come Abuja to come start family, na I.T I come do.
“Sidon for bed joor or go bring you seat” I told her after some secs. She sat and opened the book complaining how she have not been understanding literature due to the literature teacher she has in secondary school. She said I made it seem too easy and she will love to utilize the opportunity f me being around so that her Jamb score will be high this time around.
I assured her that I will be of help to her as long as she shows commitment. Forget the fact that I stared at her p@anties and stuffs, when someone comes to me for help I readily give that help if I can afford it. Maybe that is why people easily do things for me easily too.
So I was determined to help the babe understand literature which was my favourite subject then in secondary school.
With my food drowned in my tummy diluted by a cup of water we started and I took time to explain to the every figures of speech and how to use them, giving her funny examples using her and myself as examples like when I was explaining simile to her I said
“See babe, simile na that figure of speech wey we dey always use describe person” I paused for that to sink and I continued “Nw se example, as you dey so shey you know say you be like fine girl.” She blushed but I quickly added “No happy, I dey lie jooor you no be like Fine girl you be like queen” I allowed that to sink in and I added “Now you see as I dey use ‘Like’?” she nodded.
“Na that like be simile! But if I remove that ‘like’ come say ‘Babe you be fine girl’ or ‘babe you be queen’ Na metaphor be dat why? Because na direct things! I no use ‘Like’” I explained on with vigour and she keeps nodding with smiles playing on her lips which made me believe she is grabbing what I am saying.
She went out to do some cooking and came back around 8pm with a plate of food to my room, probably in appreciation but I kindly reclined the offer and went back to my room she was not so unhappy but later came back to the room and asked we continued. I mean by 8pm! “Are you sure? Is it not late?” I asked concerned but she said she was ready.
We talked about the nature of the exams, how to avoid some things and how to past, one talk led to another and soon we were discussing relationships and how they work, why they work and why they don’t. She seems overwhelm by the power of my tongues and the way I approach each topic and soon I noticed her stare melting in mine as her silver liquid glitter on her eyes lining. I knew what she was going through, she was falling already.
I wont want to disclose our discussion, it may be long and boring to you reading this.
I decided not to make any move even though it was obvious she won’t object if I get closer and kiss her. I just feigned ignorance of what was happening and I continued talking while she agreed to all I say. If she were a matured lady she might have a move but she seems naive around me and I knew she cant make that move. I have to dismiss her when I noticed it was few minutes to 10pm. She was obviously disappointed but I feign ignorance. I slept smiling like a fool that night knowing the stirring I have caused somebody’s cells.
I was woken up with a call from my madam, she was so shocked I was asleep by that time.
I later learnt it was past 9pm when I looked into my phone screen. “Nneji whay are you still asleep, what f=di you do last night” she asked sarcastically. I giggled and replied “ I was slept all night”
“hmm, let me agree you did sleep alone, I will like you to come over to the house before 1pm. Expecting you” she said and I made to make excuse but I couldn’t find any as my mouth hung open without any word dropping so she ended the call saying “see you”
Immediately the call ended I screamed a big “oooooooo” what does she want to see me for again today naw? Her daughter also wants to see me today now readers what did you think I did?
Who do you feel I visited?
My madam or Ada?
Any questions?
Ok I have mine.
If you were in my shoes who will you disappoint?
“did I bleep up by letting Vicky go just like that?”
“What is T.J up to? Why have he not confronted me?”


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