MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 27


She giggled at me as the German shepard wag it’s tail with it’s tongue dropping out of it’s mouth dripping some silver linings of spittles.
Yeah she was with a dog suddenly. How the dog came I don’t know but the dog seem to be trained as it never charged at me. Imagine the dog biting off my dangling ladle.
I watched in horror as the dog tries to snoop into her kitty lapping out it’s tongue.
This dog must be her bed mate as it ran to her as$ crack and lapped away after it got no access to it’s target.
I held my ladle as I watched the little drama and she suddenly pushed the dog away, out of the bathroom and lock the door. She brought back her stare to my shrinking ladle.
“Continue, I want to see you cummm”
I hestitated for some time but a look from her got me going and I made up my mind to make a very good show out of the whole event as she have refused me the natural shelter for a lust filled ladle.
I held the knob and rolled my thumb on it, pulling the skin softly and gently , increasing the tempo till I was transporting to and fro the lenght of my ladle.
My eyes never left her massive melons she she have suddenly started stroking. She just watched me do my thing as she turns me up higher. She did something that shocked me further and I knew this babe is a real perv.

She opened the door and the German shepard rushed in and witout direction it knew what to do. She parted her legs and the dog lapped on her kitty that have started glittering with kitty juice.
I have read stories of girls being lapped by big dogs. I have also heard about girls being bleeded by dogs, I once watched a video sef but that was the first time I was watched it live.
How it happened I dont know but I knew that scene turned me on the more and I frisked harder as all the veins on my dear ladle threatens to burst. Her eyes never left my ladle getting a self service. She continued kneadibg her nippppples while the dog continued lapping away.
I felt it coming, that deep rush, that pre heavenly feeling, My brains paused, my vision blurry and my body spasm in quick secession and I felt it loose out.I shot a thick phlegm of that shot far into the air. The second shot went across the wall and stained the tiled wall and I watched it drip slowly.
My heavenly feeling must have triggered ADA’s and I saw her with my blurry vision slump on the floor as her legs could not carry her weight anymore! Even as she dropped down the dog follows and continued lapping and soon she was m0an!ng! and pushed the dog’s head away. 4th heavenly feeeling in how many hours!
Just when we were regaining from the hot
sizzling session , the door opened and from no where I saw my madam! I wanted to scream but my mouth just hung open without any words coming out.


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