MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 20


That night after T.J’s babe and I had finished our er*tic romp we lay and slept off.
That is the power of Seeexxx, it has a way of relaxing the nerves.
The next morning she left very early before 6a.m She actually woke me up. I bade her goodbye after I excurted her to the gate.
I rushed back to sleep as I knew I have a hectic day ahead of me (Locating Ada). It was really a crazy sleep full of adventurous escapades.
I was shocked to to see it was already 9pm when I woke up. what the hell! what a sleep.
I slept of like a cow, cant remember last I did that. ‘Seeeexxxx! Look at what you have done to me’ I thought as I rushed up to brush my teeth and take my bath. I picked up my phone to call my madam and give her excuses of sickness not to be at work but I was shocked when I saw 5 missed call, all from her. I felt so bad but I decided to use that to my advantage.
I dialed her number and the way she sounded so scared for me made me develope more soft spot for her. She was so alarmed that I have not reported to work after I complained to her yesterday that I was having headache.
I told her the sickness escaleted and I have to go Zuba, at my aunt’s. I was not able to pick calls because my phone was inside my bag and
was on silent . I lied to her I am at my aunt’s presently at Zuba and she felt relieved, asking me to take care of myself and stuffs.
I was overjoyed how easy it was to convince her. She really trusts me, I will be doomed the day she got to find out I worth none of her trust. Well that’s news of another day, Let me continue tales of my adventure for that day.
I finally rushed out of my room boarded a bike.
“Bwari market” I told him and he drove me to the market where I boarded a taxi to Dutse Alhaji.
The drivers assisted by the garage touts kept screaming, Berger, Zuba, Maitama and various places. I quickly hopped into the one heading for Berger so that I will stop at Gwarinpa.
As the car got filled we moved. On the way I brought out my phone from the rear pocket and checked time It was past 10AM already and my heart skipped a beat. I was running late already and she have not called. Why haven’t she called I suddenly wondered.

I kept pondering as the car sped off. Was she not serious about the threat?
Is she just pulling my legs?
I shook my head at those thoughts. Her voice yesterday was not like one who is joking.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when my phone suddenly started ringing.
“Who could it be?”
I was afraid to look at the screen but I finally did when the ringing persists, it was ADA! Finally I was able to pick the call.
“Game on, where are you?” She sounded so cool like a gentle killer.
“On my way”
“Good” and the phone went dead. Immediately I felt a light head ache.
What do she actually want from me? What was I going to do?
I finally got to Gwarinpa Estate junction and stopped. I told the keke ‘WXY lane’ and he nodded, that was his route. This was my first time to the estate. I was really woowed by the roads. The buildings were not impressive compared to the ones at Garki where I work.
As the keke keep on moving I kept staring around. Anyone taking note of me will know for sure that am a JJC. When the keke got to a T-junction it went left and what hit my eyes were marvelous. The buildings on this part of the estate was something I only see in the movies, the roads were too neat and laced with yellow paint on each path. The well mowed lawns on each building made me realise that horticulture is a good business when you have these people here as your clients. I was still looking like a foooool when the keke pulled up.
“oga na here” he said.It took me some while to know he was referring to me. I paid him thanked him and watch him take the next bend.
I called ADA to inform her I was at the address she gave to me.
“walk down to the third building” She said curtly. I walked down and the building that hit my eyes was a movie. I kept staring at it’s magnificence, same as the other buildings in architectural design but really decorated specially. Art works adorned the walls.
Low relief and high reliefs. You need no one to tell you that this house belongs to an artist!
I was still admiring when I heard the gates opened. I got startled and turn only to behold a mean looking uniformed man who beckoned.
Was he beckoning at me?
I was not sure so I turned but the street was deserted, that was when it dawned on me that ADA is really wicked so she sent a Uniformed man to come beat me up. I thought of running but I have heard stories of force men. This one here do not look old in any way and will surely smash me if he gets me.
He beckoned again and I walked towards him with shaky legs!
Did he beat me up?
Did Ada really sent him to fetch me?


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