MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 19


Let me take a paragraph to explain her kithy. They were so trimmed with tuffs of small dark hair. So big and matured. That is one thing of matured kitties, the lips are always puffy and plump like the depression on an apple.
If you part the lips it was really reddish and laced with puss juice. The inner lips have this perfect shape to accommodate any strong Ladle. Her cl!t was so tiny like a cherry nut.
The way it peeps is like how you peep when you see you dad bleeping your mum. At this point all memories of matured kitties came flooding back and I realised how much I missed them more than the young kitties
I lapped away like I was not going to ever see her juice again , I lapped with so much meanness and I patted the lips with my fingers to pull her inner reddish lips. They followed my lips as I pulled up. the meatiness was too much for only me to handle
Meanwhile she was using my ladle for experiments, sU-Cking and soft biting.
Pulling and pushing till I was humping her mouth at some point. My balls was not saved the assault the way she pulls it makes me feel a little pain filled with lot of pleasure.
I got momentarily crazy when I felt my pee hole being assaulted by her tongue. She almost ripped it open but for its strong nature.
She was jerking under my assault and was melting my tongie thrusts. I probed my tongue far into her hole as far as the length permit.
As I did this my beards was busy brushing her cl!t and it didn’t take too long for me to feel the squirms of her body under me, I knew she was close so I suddenly stopped , stood up pulling my di3k away from her mouth as it made a slurpy sound. She quickly opened her eyes and shot me a “what the fu*k is wrong with you” look.
“I don’t want to do again” I told her standing as my d!ck dripped of pr£cuum mixed with her saliva. I studied her face and saw an expression to kill and I gave out a wicked laugh as I rushed and buried my head into her kithy, and resumed my tongue las#ing while my thumb couldn’t stop kneading her nut.
It was not too long before she wrapped her legs around my head and I knew I was in a secluded world as all I could feel was softness all around. Her thighs over my head were like cushion and I felt most comfortable as I rushed in all the juice that came my way. The grip got tighter and I knew she was on her way to come so I pulled out my tongue from her love pit and plunged on her cl*t pulling the poor nut out of its hood and I finally engulfed it and gave it a large pull. That was all it took her to almost kill me, I felt her thigh trying to crush my head between her thighs like sauced being toasted in bread. I can’t tell is she screamed out loud or not but I knew for sure she experienced a wonderful earth quaking orga$m because she kept shuddering like a child who was really flogged for over 5mins after I lay beside her to see her enjoy the post climax bliss.

I checked the time and it was already few minuets to 11pm. I stood up to go and search my bag where I hide a condom I never knew I was going to use this fast, just barely two weeks in town. I found it and came back to join her in bed, she have recovered ut her eyes really looked dim and a flushed satisfied face.
“hope she wont just leave me and sleep” I thought, but like she heard my thought she spoke up.
“thank you very much” she said this and immediatel I felt her hand on my ladle.
“what a fine stuff, not too long but wonderful” I just smiled as she continued stroking it, she got into a stiitng position while I was kneeling and she brought her mouth into the scene and the music changed. She started su¢king me. Her su¢king skill have surely been mastered over years as I have not experienced this since after I broke up with my last sugar mama. She alone gives me something close to what am receiving now. I shut my eyes as I felt my ladle veins almost bursting. She pulled it out, looked at it and jerked it with her soft palms in quick secession till her hand became a blurry image.
She grabbed my bal!s and gave it a bad sq££ze which made me felt bliss and I knew I will spill it anytime soon. Eyes shut, enjoying the speed deep within with which my seed was coming and along the line something happened. She suddenly stopped and I opened my eyes immediately in bewilderment. “why cut down this feeling” I screamed as I watched her expressionless face. She just stood into a kneeling position with me and gave me a long passionate kiss that sent our tongues flying! She broke the kiss and kept her hands on the bed, kneeling on all fours and she started circulating me like a Dam giving me some lust-filled look and making fierce expressions and sound like a dog that wants to attack its prey, then I knew it. She was teasing me. I watched as her massive a.r.s.e wiggle all the while she did this and I never knew when my hands flew to her global rear but she quickly beat it away. And continued the teasing.
She topped and carried the condom, tore it and roll it on my ladle and turned, raising her a.r.s.e towards the air, I needed no clue. This is an offering to Venus, I am to sacrifice it. I went and placed my ladle on the tip of her but+ hole as my hands went down to her kitty catty, they were so warm and wet. I rubbed up and down, tease the little nut and brought my ladle to the entrance of Jerusalem. It was so silky against my ladle and slowly I drive in. Edging in ever so slowly with caution until my whole length was buried inside. The feeling there are best experienced than explained. I pulled out and repeated the same entrance movement again.
I did this five times to warm up the engine before I started my journey to Jerusalem.
I started bleeping and her a.r.s.e kept bouncing on my ba!ls.
How fate works, who could have believed that the journey miss Lisa started with me was ending with another. An a.r.s.e that I never thought will be close to my touch was not only close now but too close and rocking. I kept thrusting in and out increasing the tempo as the gyration continues soon T.J’s babe joined in the gyration as she thrusts back to meet my thrust, this created a clapping sound and at some point the clapping became too loud as she joined the clapping with her mouth. Her m0aning started increasing and I continued banging away like a dog, slapping her a.r.s.e and enjoying the vibrating movement that follows after that. I cynat tell how long we slapped away but I knew she became outrageous at a point hitting back so hard to meet my thrust and m0aning so loud that I was afraid that the spirit of the night will come and slap us for disturbing. If T.J was awake he will surely be hearing everything.
I guess she was screaming this loud to wake him up. To get back at him. If he dares hear all this m0ans which am sure he is hearing then am a dead meat, but right now who cares? Am riding on the best a.r.s.e ever!
Soon I heard her screaming
“harder boy, fu8k it boy, T.J I hate you” I continued banging away with a heavy frenzy, then I felt it, deep from within rushing out to freedom. I was about to come and I increased my tempo. My waist moving like a speeding train and I felt her walls contract around my ladle which triggered the action immediately and I shoot it.
“T.J you are a fooooooooooooooooooooool” was the last she said as we both pasted out.


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