MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 11


She walked towards me and planted a kiss in my lips. It was a brief kiss and I wondered if it really happened or it was just my own imagination.
“Why will she kiss me?”
“why is she so bold?”
all this I kept questioning myself as she dragged me out of my reverie.
“What’s wrong with you boy, are you not happy to see me?”
“Hehehehehe, no, e” I stuttered.
She addressed me with a kin expression on her face. I knew I was about to give myself away so I decided to put on my ‘smart boyness’
“Just headache and running stomach, if you noticed I have been in here for Long” I lied. as I poi t to the toilet door.
She searched my eyes but seem to buy my story.
“Sorry dear, I knew you were in here so I came to knock but I was hearing some funny sound”
My brain got alerted at what she just said so I just gave her this silient expressionless look.
“So you know I was inside here and you were knocking, what do you really want sef?”
I screamed in my head. I couldn’t have told her that you know.
“Sorry, I was just carried away by our chat last night, I have been wet and cannot concentrate all through so I drove here to see you in pretense of my mum, but you seem not happy to see me” She continued with worriedness in her eyes.
I love this babe’s boldness.
Yes I was the one that look for trouble o. I was also the one that started teasing her but now am afraid. A little about myself is that I am always bold on social media, especially with women, but physically am always afraid to do what I said until I become quiet familar. My most turn up is when am making a woman feel Hot but when she shows back that love like ADA was doing right now I start freaking out That’s the case with me and Miss Lisa.
Talking avout miss Lisa, she is still inside the toilet o. Chaii and she is hearing all this our discussion. Well let her handle herself. Back to me.
I was introduced to cyber dating at a very tender age of 16. Those days when V mobile chat was reigning. Then there was no 2go nor, whatsapp and various chat apps as we have today. Then I met lot of ladies telling them am aged 30, almost double of my age.
The way I chat with them then was always matured, avoiding the s*x talks as much as possible only to hit it days after we have acquainted and some level of trust gained.
For thia reason they dont doubt my age plus there was no mans of sending pictures then except through yahoo at cyber cafes.
That was how I met and dated a lady of 24 then, she was the friendly and randy type. She was really rich too.We dated for 3 months with her thinking that am 30years for real. It was till she proposed to visit me then in Kaduna.
I told her the truth about me after series of excuses why she can’t visit.
She was really disappointed and I begged her cos I so much like her then (She usually sends me credit from five hundred naira and above) After lots of begging occured and she agreed we be normal friends as I was too young for her but after sometimes she asked if we continue dating as I really know how to talk her into happines and phone intimacy. I was ao happy to say yes! We continued having series of phone intimacy masturbating together and stuffs. That was some ten years ago. Story for another day.

That was my first real date cos when we finally met I was too naive to do anything she was the one that guided all we did. That experience made me start to fancy older women alot.
I went on to date another older woman I met through 2go after some years. I was always making her send Unclad pix. I had other series of online dating for quiet a time till I started dating a woman who was really old enough to be my mother. I was 21 then, she was 43, but she was really hot, hotter than most of you girls. She usually tell me stories of how she rocked her youthful days, how she love my coordinated life. How she love my innocent face that looks like I know nothing about s*x. She told me she was divorced and I felt it was right to share my S#xual fantasies with her.
We finally met in Abuja, I was so shy, the boldness I had online was not present physically, so on our first three meetings nothing went on, she tried initiating some to no avail. It was on the fourth visit that we finally had s*x. That was a s*x to remember, till date she remains the oldest lady I have ever bleeped. After that day I got bolder and we experimented alot but I finally discovered she was not divorced, her husband was always travelling. He was a business man, and he never had time for her hot pants.
That discovery shattered me cos I have learnt to love her, not just as a lover but as a mother too. My dad warned me never to bleep a married woman that it brings curses and I promised never to do but I realised the day her husband arrived unannounced that I have been cursed.
Thank goodness we were just drinking juice after some hot rampage
when he cane in. He regarded me as one of their neighbors after his wife introduced me as such. Maybe the innocence on my face made him not to suspect, that discovery made me to detest older ladies for quiet some time which was one of the reasons I dont fancy Miss Lisa Alright enough of my past.
Back to the present.
Ada never know that I was good at flirting but not good at facing my flirtee when she finally agrees.
“Am happy to see you dear but for this headache that have…” She didn’t allow me to finish talking when she planted a kiss on my lips. I swear those lips are the softest till date.
So warm as they pressed against mine but I was scared (if that is the right word) I did not return the kiss rather I pushed my face away.
She stopped to look at me with sadness in her eyes when suddenly miss Lisa sneezed from inside the bathroom. I have died! all this while I have forgotten about her. Ada paused as another sneeze came out, this time louder.
“Nneji, who is sneezing?”
I just stared lostly at her.


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