MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 102


She pushed forward and flew her arm across my neck as the kiss got intense. I placed my hand on her back, flowing along her spine through her velvet smooth gown. Her breathing changed, she was enraged, her other hand was under my shirt rubbing my hairy chest.
That spurred me on and I grew lustier, grabbing a boob, that large big fair b0s0m, that b0s0m I always stare at whenever she visits, My left hand have refused to leave her butt cheek. It was pressing it like ballon.
The softness of the skin was out of this world, probably because her skin have loosed their firm a bit, she is older than my madam but her skin were still smooth. How her laps came upon mine I never remembered, how my hand went underneath her gown too I can’t recall, but I knew I was rubbing her smooth fair laps, and finally decide to settle on her crotch, the wetness on that region was like a stream, I rubbed through her p@anties to feel a pair of real thick big lips. I kept stroking hoping to be rewarded with itks full view.
Piam Piam Piam clothes were heaped on the floor. I was on top of her kissing and biting her neck, taking my time to feel each pores on her skin, my free hand were below handling her b0s0m, I couldn’t keep off my hands from those b0s0m. My lips later came down to join the party on the b0s0m, licking around the entire b0s0m just to show my love for it and I went to the brown areolas feeling the rough smooth pores as I licked around, the niipplles were so large for childks play so I left it to give I an official treat.
I did same to the second b0s0m and faced the challenge ahead- licking the Tips. If I thought my madam’s Tips were large I couldn’t say that where Lady Chinny’s is, I have to open my mouth so well to engulf the whole sturdy flesh, I licked around tease the tips ans she was letting out some suppressed m0ans but when I finally took it all in my mouth and sU-Cked hard pulling the flesh with me she m0aned out loudly and I felt them got harder.
This really I got to know is her weak point over time and I used them so much in my future escapades with her.
Fast forward…I buried my one inside her zero! It was an awesome afernoon s*x.
When I got back to the office I reported to my madam and she asked me if I really did have fun and I nodded and I saw a winl in her eyes.
I was amused if she really know the kinda fun I just nodded yes to but I never worried myself so much about it.

We arrived at the scene of the girls club monthly party, this time around not as a surprise, I was fully concious of what was about to come. The usual merriment took place, a new couple were introduced.
Two crazy strip tease, the sharing of drinks and the serving of meat which I learnt was cooked with cannabis to aid ecstasy in the club little wonder I got carried away the last time.
Not long after all morality was let loose and many boys disappeared under the tables and soft meanings were all over the auditorium.
We the real lovers went to the inner room where we repeated the same process that was used on my madam and I to initiate them, they had s*x in our very presence and we later joined them. All women to the young guy and all guys to the woman,
Separate rooms we were directed to.
The woman was wide and ferocious as we took turns fuvking her and rubbing all her sexes.
After the whole orgy I thought about the whole event and was amazed to realise that this is the pattern of initiation and this was what my madam went through last month.
Lady chinny latter summoned us while the new couples were led to their personal room for the night after they’ve past out from the marathon. I watched as the young guy was carried helplessly to the room and wondered if that was how I was carried too.
We sat at the inner cubicle and Lady Chinny stood up to address us.
“You all are welcome to the great lovers club, we are the patrons to the Girls club” she said and they all replied.
“Patrons we are” and I took notice of that.
She kept talking and hailing at intervals as we respond and finally she called me out.
“Here is Nneji, the lover to Lady Ola, he completed his initiation last week and I must say he is really good!” she exclaimed and a wide cheer went up while I looked confused, what initiation did I complete?


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