MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 1

See me in my office” Her voice sounded angry and anytime she speaks in that tone I knew one thing is for sure! I was going to get punished.
The type of punishment only a randy boss gives. I knew I was going to sU-Ck kitty cathy against my wish. I have been going through this punishment for five days now.
Am not finding it funny, but each time I start I couldn’t but feel satisfied and pleased with myself. ok madam I replied as I carried myself and walked down to the extreme block where her office is located. A times, I wonder if she was the one that choose that particular office so she could carry out her randy plans without any eyebrows being raised.

Just as I stepped into her office I saw she was engrossed on her laptop screen as she always does. “come over here” she said without raising her head. I couldn’t help but notice the top buttons of her shirt that were undone exposing a handful view of her plump ebony b0s0m which always catch my lustful attention.
I stared at it as I could make out a clear view of her lacy blue bra that clutches the twin ladies tenderly.
“Stop staring at my b0s0m and do what you should do” she said still not looking up.
From previous punishments I knew what to do.
She has asked me to go under the table and lick her p@anties with an expressionless face on the first day of the punishment.
Though it came to me as a shocker.
I was happy and also not so sure I was hearing well so to make sure I heard well I had answered eh? on which I received a very dirty annoying look from her as she asked if am deaf. I couldnt but wait anymore as I shivered under the table and dived into her skirt that was raised up to her thigh. The sight that hit my eyes brought out the animal in me as I threw caution to the wind and started licking her blue lacy p@anties that matches with her bra.
The skin of her thigh was so smooth like asphalt, ebony coloured and massively plump.
As I give the p@anties some partial hungry strokes I realised they were soaked and I continued savoring the haven. What can I do?
For about five minutes I was just licking the p@anties afraid to advance further by pushing them aside and licking the main stuff. All this while she never reacted, all she did was to continue typing on her keyboard as I heard the keys being punched probably with an expressionless face.
“young man, stop eating the wrap, unwrap the goodie and eat” I heard her say.
That was all the encouragement I needed as I used my teeth to tug the p@anties by the side and gave a long lick, as this point I felt her legs spread wider probably to give me more room for exploration. Lawd, the p@anties were still obstructing my ministration so I just used my finger to push it wider and I sU-Cked like a fool.
The biggest kithy lips I have ever encountered. Little stuffs of hairs brush against my lips as I tongue lashed, and the taste of the honey was beyond expectations. Soon she started jerking her hips, slowly grinding it into my face as I struggle for breath. By now my boxers have soaked with pr£cuum. I stiffened my tongue and probe into her pubes and the silkiness of that gory hole drove me mad and I started humping with my tongue as I heard a subdued m0an above the table. I knew I was serving my punishment well.

All this while I have avoided licking the cl!t that have stuck out save for my nose that keeps rubbing against it.
“Don’t tease me boy” She said with a little command amidst the pleasures, but I knew I was not going to listen to her so I continued teasing her until she pressed her massive thighs together with my head in between.
I was locked out of the world for some seconds as I tried to breath, see and hear at the same time. As soon as she releases her grip on my head she said
“Tease me and die”
that was all it took for me to lick her cl!t and I felt her shudder, I gave a long slow swirl around the hood and finally plunged my lips into the tiny button. That was all it took for her to bless my face with kithy juice. I continued licking away till she pushed my head away.
As I stood up she just gave me tissue. “Wipe your face, you look sq££zed up ” she said with an expressionless face and I collected it. After wiping my face I stood as I waited for her next command. you can now go” she said to me and I turned to leave with the hope of rushing to the washroom to jerk off. Just as I was about to open the door she called out “young man”
“ma” I answered tuck that in properly she said pointing to the tent that have formed on my trousers.
“Owk ma” I responded with a sly smile and bow. All that was five days ago and now am about to repeat the same thing and go off without any treatment to my hurting lash-pole.
The whole story started like this. I have been placed to my place of industrial training and for some weeks now I have been trying to blend into the system here. Back in school we did more of theory but here is where the practical thing is happening. My supervisor, Mrs Adeola have been really good to me as she really encouraged and assisted me over this two weeks. She helped clear my air of confusion and have really helped me know why am here.
I saw her as a goddess, so full of life and energy. Beautiful like the sunset with skin as smooth like pebbles, she is dark and fleshy with lots of curves at the right places. Sometimes I caught myself staring as her rear but I quickly rebuke myself for having such about such a good woman, a married one at that.
I always tell her that I get bored whenever am not at work which makes me stay at work till 7pm. Over the weekend she have called me to ask what I will be doing and I told her I will be bored as I don’t have any friends around yet.
She have pitied me and asked me to work on the assignment she gave to me so I can keep busy. I told her I was almost done and sensed she beamed a smile.
“Well if you don’t mind you can come and join my family tomorrow. We are going for a family outing at wonderland.”
“Surely ma I would come over!” I screamed into the phone before she hangs up. I was so happy that I was not going to experience another boring sunday here at Bwari. Me that loved weekend so much suddenly wished that I can go to work on Saturdays and sandys due to the boredom.
I live in a one room apartment which I rented for the sake of my IT. The neighborhood was filled with low-lifes and I could not mix up with them and the girls around here were way uglier than I thought. Not after I have spent 3 years in UNN where I see lots of pretty girls and bleep plump kitthy catties. No! I mean I cant just bear going after these girls.
They are black! Ugly, assless with large dropping b0s0m that shrinks the lash pole.
So I was always indoors Chatting or typing stories and making sketches for my supervisor so you can see why I was so happy at that invitation.
Sunday came and by 12 she called me to get prepared. I told her I was already prepared (me that have prepare since 11) She laughed and said I should be at Dutse Alhaji by 1pm so from there they can pick me up and drive to Kubwa. Immediately she hung up I went out to get a bike I can’t wait for 1pm else I won’t meet up. it was a 30 mins drive to Dutse Alhaji from Bwari so I was there 30 mins earlier waiting for my madam and her family.
The time seems to be ticking so slow and I wish I could just fast forward it. Afterall who asked me to come out so early. And i started ‘ntooring’ myself. In the midst of my thought I never realised when a Toyota siena pulled up at the junction and I heard a familiar voice beckoning on me to hop in. I smiled as I saw my madam on the steering. She motioned me to enter into the back seat and what my eyes saw was so ‘wooooooooooow’.


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