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MY HEARTTHROB … (18+) … Part 31



Taylor’s Pov
I held onto him hell bent on not leaving, I was gonna show him that he has changed, he wasn’t the same person he was with Tina Johnson ,I’m so not gonna let go of him like the rest of them.

“Everyone leaves Taylor.

“That’s so not true mason… I retorted glaring.

“Yeah it’s a fact everyone gets tired, everyone leaves and you will too it just takes time.

“I strongly disagree… I said folding my hands.

“You’ll see, I’m right I’m always right… Anyways we both should get back to the hunt… He said as I shrugged.

“Yeah get back to Sasha.

“Noo… Get back to the hunt.

“With Sasha… I completed glaring.

“Not with Sasha I’m hunting alone, she just wanna follow me around.

“So you two aren’t partners.

“We’re not… I’m doing the hunt alone…

“Oh wow… I said scoffing.

“Why what’s wrong.

“Nothing.. Erm… I guess I thought since I went with ian you went with Sasha.

“it was a tempting offer but…I figured it’ll be too boring… He said as I giggled.

“Yeah but I really should get back to the hunt… He said as I smirked.

“It’s not like you’re gonna win…

“Oh now someone being cocky.

“I’m not being cocky, you’re not gonna win.

“How sure are you huh…he added folding my hands.

“More than a hundred…

“Care to make it interesting… He said glaring.

“Why not..

“I’ll wager you on it… If you win I’ll do whatever you want for a whole week… He said as I squealing .

“Wear pjs to school… I said squealing.

“Who says you’re gonna win.

“I am trust me… I said giggling.

“And if I win..

“You’re not winning… I said cutting him short.

“Alright then like I said I’ll wager you on it.

“Alright… You want me to be your slave for one week.

“Nahh I don’t want that.

“Then what do you want… It’s not like you’re even gonna win but still what do you want.

“One simple thing.

“what’s that… I said blinking to stare at him.

“I’ll tell you when I win… You just have to do it… He said as I nodded slowly.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out who wins right.

“It’ll be me that’s for sure… He said as I scoffed.

“You should really get back to hunting… You do wanna win right… I said giggling as he glared.

“I guess I’ll see you some other time.

“Yeah yeah… See you mason… I said as he walked out.

“I wonder what he’ll want.

“Ptt… He won’t win I’m sure of that… I thought waving it off placing my head back on the table.

It didn’t take more than two minutes of trying to rest before the knob twisted as mason walked back in.

“Miss me that much… I said raising my head up.

“Not really but yeah… And also it’s chaos out there everyone trying to get the items to win.

“Umn shouldn’t that be what you’re doing.

“Yeah but Justin already gat that covered we’re done for the day and I’ll one step closer to beating you and winning… He said as I laughed out loud.

“You’re extremely crazy… Let me sleep would you.

“No… You’ll rest when you’re dead let’s have some fun.

“The last time I had fun with you… I said laying emphasizes on fun.

“I got detention… I added folding my hands.

“That was because we tried to break a rule this time I promise it’s a simple game and we’re staying here… He said as I scoffed.

“I don’t believe you.

“I swear… It’s called secret sharing… You tell me something special about yourself I tell you mine.

“That easy.

“Yeah… It doesn’t technically have to be a secret it just have to be something you haven’t told me before.

“Oh… I said widening my eyes.

“Yeah I really don’t wanna go out there so we can use it to pass time… He said as I smirked.

“Alright any rules.

“Nope we just keep going till we get tired or till you fall asleep… He said as I nodded standing up taking a sit beside him.

“This way I can tell if you’re lying.

“Oh how… He said cockily.

“The look in your eyes would tell me… I said getting lost in those eyes of him.

“What are they telling you now.

“You really wanna tell me something but you’re holding back …i said truthfully as he blinked.

“You really can tell huh… He said chuckling nervously.

“Would you ever tell me.

“Maybe… Maybe not only time would tell right… He said as I smirked.

“I’ll go first… You’re a jerk… I said smirking.

“Well that’s not really a secret… He said as I chuckled lightly.

“Okay my turn… Urmm you have really pretty eyes… He said as I blushed.

“My turn then… I think you’re cuter than Shawn… I said as his eyes stared at me in disbelief.

“It’s secret sharing you can’t lie.

“Am not… Shawn is cute alright but I meant every word you’re cuter.

“But alas you still want him… He said as I tried to correct him.

“Anyways my turn…I think my mum still loves my dad… He said as I sighed deeply.

“Umm… I has a crush on my eight grade teacher.

“Naughty girl… He said as I giggled

“Umm…. I secretly wanna do that kissing in the rain stuff… He said as I ran my hands through my hair.

“Oh really why .

“Well for one it sounds really romantic and all, plus I’ve read books watched movies they all make it sounds so magical… He said as I rolled my eyes.

“So yeah I think it would be nice.

“Well it’s easy to kiss any girl they’ll die to do it anyways.

“That’s just it… My fantasies they’re all based on one person, I imagine it with only person and if it isn’t her it’s not anyone else… He said as I blinked.

“Who… I said breathlessly.

“You… He said simply as I gasped lowly.

“You… Umm it’s your turn… He rephrased as I ran my hands through my hair.

“Oh yeah umm… So… I have this secret on that nickelodeon actor freddy..

“School of rock Freddy.

“Yeah he’s hot… I said drooling.

“I guess so… He said as I smiled.

“Umm… I kinda miss my dad sometimes.. Even though I shouldn’t… He said sighing.

“It’s perfectly normal to miss him mason, he’s your dad.

“He’s a monster.

“Who’s still your dad… I said as he scoffed.

“Yeah I still don’t get why I…

“Still love him… I completed as he stared at me.

“I get the feeling where it makes no sense to love him but you find yourself falling slowly unable to control your emotions when you’re around him yearning to be close to him always trust me I get… I said clearing my throat.

“That’s how you feel with Shawn.

“Umm my turn… I said avoiding the question as he face fell.

“I’m sure now… I said to myself smiling.

“I’m not in love with Shawn… I said as he raised his face to stare at me.

“What did you say.

“It took me a while, hell it took me a long time but I figured it out, I don’t love Shawn I don’t think I ever did,i was lusting over him what I feel for him isn’t love it’s lust… I said as mason blinked.


“Yes I know I did all those crazy things for him, I’m still confused myself but one thing I’m sure of is I don’t love him he proved it to me when he…

“When he what Taylor… Mason said lowly like he was getting angry simply thinking of what Shawn had done to me.

“I didn’t even want to moan, his kiss has no effect of me, he held my waist tightly, I moaned out in pain not pleasure because he definitely played dirty… I said as mason sighed.

“That means…

“Yeah… I don’t have feelings for him.

“Did he hurt you… Mason said as I stared at him.

“You said he held your waist tightly did it hurt… He said clearing his throat.

“Umm kinda… I think he even left a mark… I said as mason groan.

“I’m not so sure…I said.

“If he so much as left a mark… I’ll leave one on him… Mason said as I sighed.

“Nahh it’s okay…

“So if you don’t have feelings for does this mean that…

“The plan… I said yawning resting my head on his shoulder.

“Yeah the plan… He said running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t wanna cancel it… I said surprising myself.

“But you said…

“I don’t have Feelings for him trust me but… I also don’t wanna loose you… I know how weird stupid and absurd this must sound but I don’t want us to fake break up… I said as he sighed.

“Am glad you can’t see my eyes right now.

“Why… I said lowly.

“Because everything I’ve kept for long would be bare.

“Secret sharing mason, what are you keeping.

“Not now Taylor I’ll tell you when I’m sure.

“Sure of what.

“Your feelings.

“You deserve the absolute best and I’m gonna give it to you… He said as I smiled.

“How sure are you.

“Hundred Taylor… I’m a hundred person sure.

“You make me feel so safe… I said yawning.

“You’re tired that’s why you’re saying that.

“I am not when I’m with you it’s like no one else matters, it’s like I don’t care if an atomic bomb goes off as long as I’m with you I know we’ll pull through, we barely know each other but it’s like I’ve known you for eternity, you know like in the movies when two people are meant to be no matter what even if they die that’s how I feel with you, I have no idea what it means but what I do know is that I don’t wanna leave you I can’t I won’t… I said in one breath.

“I’m really glad you’re not staring into my eyes right now… He said chuckling.

“What are you so scared of.


“It’s beaming every time we’re together you look scared for some reason so what frightens you…

“The thought of you waking up one day getting tired of me, the thought of you leaving me the thought of you looking at me the same way everyone looks at me when they get tired of me, in a nut shell I’m scared of letting you go because when you eventuality get tired of me I’m gonna have to let you go because you won’t wanna be with me again, you’ll probably hate me just like everyone then I’ll have to let you..

“Let me break it down for you mason Kendal.. The minute you let me go I’ll hunt you down and drag your ass back to me because I’m gonna say this once because I really wanna rest my eyes are tired, I can’t I won’t I don’t wanna leave you, you’re stuck with me jerk now forever whether you like it or not… I said before shutting me eyes.

“So freaking perfect… I heard him say as he peck my temples.


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