MY HEARTTHROB … (18+) … Part 1

My Heartthrob
(You will love me back).

Author Bella©

“He hates me
“I love him
“He despises me
“I Adore him
“He spits on me as I walk.
“I worship the very Ground he walks upon
“I am a pest
“He is my addiction
“I am An ugly duckling
“He is my Heartthrob
Taylor Harthway would be the perfect definition of an ugly duckling at least That’s what they made her feel like every single day.
The TIMS,would always pick on her it is their favorite past time.
The TIMS,At least that’s what everyone called them,were the most popular guys at school and they had it all.
They were rich as hell,
Handsome as f**k,
But extremely rude.
They didn’t care about age,all that matter is they see it,like it,want it and Wouldn’t stop till they get it.
Girls fall at their feet as they walk and pick their next toy,love was an alien Word in their dictionary,loving any one of them is hopeless and any one who dared fall in love with them would be termed stupid. However,that didn’t stop her from falling hard for Him.
A Friday night and a martini was all it took for Taylor’s life to change forever. She never pictured in her widest imagination Mason would take one glance at her,He was one of the TIMS,And they all hate her so Imagine her shock when he offers to help her get her heartthrob,When he assures her they wouldn’t stop till he is hopelessly in love with her.
“How…Who cares.
“Why he decided to help her… Who knows.
“What were his real motives…How could we possibly guess.
But Taylor cared less, As long as he Is helping her get her heartthrob she Would is ready to do anything.
It seems like an impossible task getting the leader of the biggest boy group to fall in love with an ugly duckling but maybe it isn’t,maybe there’s actually little hope for this ugly duckling, or maybe love was hidden where she least expects it,Or maybe everything works out fine and she gets the ones she loves in the end,but is he really her heartthrob???.
Maybe maybe maybe Is he is he is he
Wanna find out read the book
So guys this is the prologue

All Rights reserved

Taylor’s Pov
It’s today!.
I’m finally gonna tell him today, after hours and hours of practicing in front of my mirror last night, going through every possible question he could ask, every insult he could offer, and arranging my best clothes for tomorrow as well as,”borrowing”mum’s perfume,am gonna ask him out,i mean what’s the worst that could happen,i just can’t hold it in anymore, it’s killing me inside keeping these feelings from him and everyone around me, so I’ve decided I’m finally gonna tell him,this isn’t the first time I’ve wanted to tell him my feelings, one thing or the other always prevents me, it’s either the bullying or the insults I received,and somehow I end up crying and forget to tell him but now I’m used to all their harsh words and comments I even imagined him saying it so it’ll hurt now and not later.

“I hate you Taylor… I imagined him saying.

“Look guys the ugly duckling is trying to be romantic… I imagined him mocking me.

“No I’ll rather eat poop than date you… I imagined him saying once more as I shivered.

“No subconscious you’re not gonna make me change my mind an gonna tell him today and nothing is gonna stand in my way… I thought in confidence as I opened my eyes jumping out of bed.

Look out world I’m Taylor Hathaway,that freakishly not so average 17 year old girl,heck yeah am a nerd,hell yes am ugly as f**k but if there’s one thing am proud of am extremely crazy, craziness can actually be a good thing you know doing things without giving two sh*ts what anyone thinks well except the TIMS,they were the only ones who I cared about,other then that I’m a really crazy person on the inside, but slowly I suppressed my jovial and crazy attitude I became a shell of my former self simply because I was bullied mocked and embarrassed every single day.

I didn’t ask to be created like this, in fact I prayed relentlessly to God to change my image I even tried skin toning but that didn’t help,i am still an ugly duckling, the TIMS never seized to make me forget that no one would want me, no one would desire me,and no one would like me for me,obviously I’m supposed to hate all of them and stand up for myself maybe even talk back at them but instead I kept shut and let them talk as they liked.
Why?,because everything I set my eyes on him I become speechless anyways.

The TIMS as everyone preferred to call them that is instead of…

M. .. Mason
S… Shawn

It was so much easier to call them the TIMS they are the biggest,baddest,most handsome and the richest set of guys at school, they have everything they want including the girls, they don’t even have to ask before girls cower at their feet, girls would be ready to do anything to kiss one of them,and if luck shines on them, they would even pay to have any one of them in their bed.
In this case scenario I’m girls and the one I want is shawn Donalds.

Like I said earlier I’m really crazy even though I suppressed it old habits die hard which is why as soon as I wake up I make sure I close my eyes and plan my day right in my head I plan the way I’ll take every insult from them I even plan the way I’ll get up from bed and walk to the kitchen,lastly I plan the way I’ll stare at him all day through class, at lunch when they’ll mock and insult me and finally when school’s over as they all drive out on their bikes.

It’s Thursday my lucky day, which is why today I’m gonna tell Shawn exactly how I feel,his friends might laugh, scratch that his friends will laugh but I’ve come too far to back down I’ll tell him exactly how I feel,I’ll tell him how he makes my day so much better, I’ll tell him how I look forward to seeing him everyday, I’ll tell him how much I desire to hold him in my arms, I’ll tell him the numerous poems I wrote for him, and I’ll tell him he’ll always and forever be my heartthrob.

“It’s the day… I screamed jumping up,twerking at the base of my bed,twirling and acting like I was in a film show, before blowing my imaginary audience a final kiss then after cat walking out of my room like the superstar I imagined.

“Like I said at school I’m an ugly duckling the nerd,the introvert but at home with my family am crazy Taylor the prank queen.

Sometimes I miss when I didn’t hide my true nature, when I would smile and cackle for no reason,when I didn’t have a huge crush on Shawn when my life was normal,its not like I’m Complaining I mean who wouldn’t like Shawn, he’s cute handsome,but he’s rude, he mocks me the cons outweigh the pros,but the heart wants what it wants I can’t stop,i tried,i failed,so now I’m gonna tell him and see where it takes me.

We were in the Eleventh grade and I’ve been crushing on him since the ninth grade, at first I thought it would go away I avoided them at all cost but then after two years I realized it wasn’t just a crash I had fallen in love with Shawn Donalds.

“Good morning familyyyyy… I screamed hitting a spoon at the back of the pot,dancing around cackling just the way I like it.

“Morning Mom of my life… I said giggling as she walked downstairs.

“Morning dad of the house… I said as he glared.


“Shut up and let’s eat you… He said as I chuckled.

“I hate you lil brother.

“Trust me I hate you more… He said sticking his tongue out.

My family wasn’t perfect but I love them that way, my mom my chief my dad,my confident and my little bro,my punching bag,in our little way we were simply perfect.

“Taylor can you not act crazy today please…

“Nope… I said grabbing the hot chocolate dancing around the room.

“Go get dressed you’ll be late for school.

“No bro,your annoying attitude isn’t gonna ruin my day you know why because it’s the day!… I screamed rushing up the stairs jumping into the bathroom hitting my butt hard on the tiles.

“Not even the tiles can ruin my mood, watch out Shawn you’re in for the proposal of your life.

I hummed perfect by Ed Sheeran as I wore my floral gown slipping mom’s perfume in my bag as I would spray it on the way to school, before staring at myself in the mirror,smiling,as I walked out the door.

“Idiot are you ready… I said referring to my bro Collins.

“Taylor… Dad warned.

“Alright the brother I love the one closest to my heart, my sugar, my heart code, one and only, could you please hurry up we’ll be late for school, I love you… I said blinking my lashes as they laughed.

“Idiot’s fine for me… He said before standing up as we collected our lunch money walking out the door.

“Hey isn’t that mom’s perfume.. Collins said as I sprayed it all over.

“Yep and if you tell her I’ll beat you to a pulp… I said grinning.

“Just don’t do anything too crazy Taylor…He said walking ahead as his words sank deep.

“Phew! I’ll tell him first thing before class I just can’t wait any longer… I thought ignoring Collin’s words.

I and Collins attend forcados high although he’s a junior whereas am a senor we still go to sane school although we hardly run into each other, that I am thankful for.
The school is really fun with the competitions award and lastly recess, unlike most highschool,forcados high gets that we must have a stressful morning which is why they make time for a one hour recess for everyone to calm down, and for some to finish up their projects,but on this Thursday that one hour would be spent getting my one true heartthrob.
Unlike a typical cliche highschool I wasn’t the social type, like I said I’m an introvert, I have no friends, at lunch I sit at different tables everyday barely talking to anyone, the TIMS would embarrass me in front of the whole cafeteria making me a laughing stock, so it makes sense that no one would want to be friends with me.
The school was in sight as I increased my walking speed getting closer to the gate before opening it up, smiling as I greeted the security guard, heading straight to my locker to drop my books, before planing some in my class for first period, I waited patiently for the noises.

One could easily tell their arrival because then the whole school would be in an uproar,girls giggling while trying to gain their attention as if hit me.

“I didn’t get him anything… I screamed grabbing my lunch money and my last cash as I headed for a bakery close by.

Studying Shawn for the past two years Gave me enough time to low his likes and dislikes which is why I know for a fact he lives cranberry pie, which is exactly what I got for him,even though it took my lunch money, and all my savings for the month, it was worth it since I was gonna tell me today.

I rushed back to school hoping I wasn’t too late and immediately I entered I heard their cycles from afar as the main gate opened up.

The TIMS made it a tradition to always ride together, no one knew how they did it but they always came in at the same time, each on their bikes labelled with their initials, Shawn taking leader as he was The leader.
I waited patiently as they each carefully removed their helmet,admiring his perfect hair,glorious abs,and gorgeous face,rubbing my sweaty Palms together as I summoned up courage walking past the giggling girls,until I was face to face with my heartthrob.

“Umm hi… My stupid self muttered.

“Me hi… He said smirking.

“I… Umm… Good morning… I said mentally slapping myself as Timothy couldn’t hold his laughter.

“No guys don’t laugh the ugly duckling has something to say let her speak…He said climbing off his bike.

“Umm I want to tell you something.

“Okay am listening…

“I got you this pie it’s cranberry your favorite… I said handing it over to him.

“I hate cranberry…He said as I withdrew my hands

“But that’s not possible.

“No I mean it’s touched your hands now, it’s ugly just like you so I hate it… He spat out as I shivered but determined not to give up.

“Would you go out with me on Friday… I blutered out As everyone around immediately started laughing.

“You want me to go on a date with you… He said laying emphasis on you.

“Am I stupid or What… He added as Timothy chuckled.

“See I’ll say this once and for all you’re ugly as f**k,stupid and you disgust me, I would rather die than spend a second on a date with You, quite frankly if planet earth was to be lost and our only Hope is I going out with you,I’m so sorry earth… He said as Ian started laughing, my tears prickling my eyes.

“You’re such a pest, I’ve given you all the signs I don’t freaking like you, you’re wasting your time I can’t even have sex with you, well except am blindfolded but what fun is that huh… He said as they laughed, a Tear rolling down my cheeks.

“Don’t cry you’ll ruin your make up and then you’ll be so much more uglier just suck it up and leave me the hell alone… He said trying to walk away.

“But I swear I love you…I said raising up the pie.

“And I’ll always hate you… He said and in a Swift second the pie was smashed on my face as they all laughed hysterically.

“You disgust me… He said Spitting before walking away as the rest of them followed him.

The remaining crowd Took pictures as I tried to remove the pie from my face, my hair, Others laughed before walking away as I remained on the floor crying my eyes out.

“I guess this was the worst that could happen… My subconscious cried out as I slapped myself hard across the face.


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