MY FIRST LOVE … (18+) … Part 1

Daddy please don’t do this, I thought you said am your daughter please! Please!! Please!!! Will you shut up or you want me to kill you he said and put a knife on my neck.
” I will cooperate please don’t kill me I said and cover my mouth crying slowly as he was ripping my clothes, I keep praying for God to save me but I think he wasn’t listening to me, I closed my eyes praying when I felt a sharp pain below my abdomen I screamed louder and he gave me a deafening slap which makes me unconscious and the only word that came out of my mouth was you are going to regret it I said and fade out.

” My name is Temiloluwa Rogba, I am 18yrs old. I just finished my high school and was waiting for my admission letter. My mum gave birth to me out of wedlock to her school mate when she was in high school.
” I was told my dad rejected me saying he wasn’t sure if am his daughter so I was raised by my mum’s parent while she further her education.
” My mom later got married to a very wealthy man after she finished her education and I was adopted by my step father who my mum thought he loves me.
” My step dad as been giving me this attitude like spanking my buttocks When my mum is not around or telling me he likes the shape of my breast ” I tried talking to my mum about it but she was always complaining she is busy and never give me the time to explain myself to her.
” I tried my best ignoring my step dad, am always going out when my mom is not around, anytime he calls me to take something into his bedroom I will either find an excuse or sent the maid to take it to his room.
” I was in my room watching “Acrimony ” when I heard a knock on the door, I stood up sluggishly because am really enjoying that movie ” I opened the door and was surprised to see my mum for the first time at my door step I know you guys are surprised, my mum never came to my room what she do is either chat me up on WhatsApp or drop a note for the maid to give me.

” (Smile ) My mom loves me oo is just that she likes money more than herself, my mum prefers eating money than food that’s why she hasn’t given birth to another child, I have seen her several times in the guest room running away from my step dad saying she is tired and I think that’s why my step-dad was behaving like that to me because my mum was sex-starving him .Well that’s their problem not mine.
” I know you are surprised to see me here, well I have a good news for you, Am two weeks pregnant and am going for a maternity rest and shop for my baby for three months.
” Three month? You must be joking mum, how did you expect me to live without you , okay, I will use that opportunity to spend sometime time with granny ” Oh stop it dear your dad is always there with you and he was the one that brought the idea so am sure he is gonna take care of you but mum….. (kisses) I love you she said and bid me goodbyeI stamped my feet on the floor angrily and went back inside crying.
” I stand up and lock my door because of the evil step father and lay on my bed and I didn’t know when I slept off. ” I woke up and look at the time it was 11pm , I checked my phone and saw 5missed call and 7messages from my mum ” I didn’t bother checking it because am still angry at her. I sluggishly walked myself to the bathroom and take my shower when I heard a knock on my door, I was rest assured because my door is locked, who is that I said putting on tying a towel around my check.
” Is your dad TEMI, can I talk to you for a moment, am sorry dad I can’t let’s discuss it tomorrow am feeling sleepy I said sat on my bed feeling scared. I can see you don’t want to listen and am going to break this door he said and start hitting it with stick.
“Oh God please save me I said and close my eyes.


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