A car drove into the compound, a clean white Toyota Camry car, loud music playing in the car, I was on the balcony wondering who owns this new car making noise in our compound. To my surprise it was one of my friend Ejiro, who rode the car into the car. Ejiro came out holding two bottles of Hennessey shouting……

Ejiro: Yes ooo! I have arrived, my toy has finally arrived, come and celebrate with me….. (Full of celebration)
Are you for real? Ejiro son buy new car? Everybody quickly gathered around and joined him, I rushed downstairs to join the celebration. In the spirit of celebration, everybody congratulated him, I hugged him, me set hugged sip Hennessey. Was still surprised how Ejiro did it cos we both are into yahoo and yahoo doesn’t pay much does it even pay this days. I hugged him again…….

Me: Guy I dey loyal oooo, how you take do am? Ja Mi si, how did you do it?
Ejiro: oh boy! I don land patapata for this campus, Na my madam do am for me oooo.
Me: Hahahahaha! Which madam be that one again? Your mother abi your girlfriend? Ja Mi si bobo yii.
Ejiro: Oya! Jimi you omo jazi ni, Na my sugar mama surprise me with this tear rubber…
Indeed! I was happy for him, I was really happy for him and he is very lucky. Anyway, my name is Jimi, I’m in my early 20s, 300l student in Olabisi Onabanjo University. Me and my friends are yahoo boys, like I said earlier, we don’t really make much from it but at least we still use it to do some packaging as per big boys thing. I was really happy for my pal Ejiro on his new ride but somehow I became jealous, cos we are all into this yahoo but I guess his own has become yahoo plus because he’s into sugar mummy thing, there is this sugar mummy he just met that she’s really taking care of him. Sugar mummy? I can’t imagine myself having sexual inter course with someone old enough to be my mother.
After Ejiro brought the car into the compound, we all celebrated, rejoiced and went clubbing that night, Ejiro spent over 100k at the club alone. I invited my girlfriend Anita to come celebrate with us in which she came. We had enough fun till we all went home that’d night. Me and Anita got our hostel, actually I stay in self contain on campus. I was kinda tipsy and h—y that night. I just couldn’t stop smooching Anita’s a-s all night, my d–k was already hard, we were just kissing, we couldn’t wait to get to my room, we were just kissing, smooching, squeezing her boobs, playing with my d–k in my trouser, we were really smooching ourselves till we get to my room door.


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