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One chat lead to a conversation and that’s how it all started.
I never spoke about Mwango to Kalaba because he happened to be this sensitive guy. More of
possessive I may add.
“Is Kalaba coming through today?”
“I don’t think so, he has a Talk Show and I don’t like the tension. At times he makes me feel like I
have to compete with his work.” I said as I sighed heavily.
“Don’t do that, am sure his just trying to work his way up the business ladder.” my cute friend
defended him.
“I don’t have a problem with him working and all, I just feel like work makes up his entire life and I
feel like more an option to him. Someone he only sees in his free time.”
“Guys will always be like that, Look at Captain Z, it has now reached to a point where he was
telling me that I should stop modeling. Imagine…. Ati ‘I make a lot of money, I can take care of you
and the baby’ when he can’t even find time to see his own child. mxxxm.” She said with a furious
I knew Angel was madly in love with her man, but the guy wasn’t worth it.
Am not saying I needed him to be perfect, in fact, he acted too perfect at times and that was
something that got me worried. The only time he would make a mistake was when he was drunk.
“Bro you very evil, how can you be dating and you don’t want to show me your girlfriend?” Major
asked me.
Major had left Zambia for Canada a few years ago to study Cinematography and Film making.
The bond between us was like Hydrogen and Oxygen, it couldn’t be split easily. Every evening
Major would call me (Kalaba) for a WhatsApp video chat and we would share stories after story.
Mostly about relationships and finally business and life as a whole.
“I don’t trust you, you can Facebook my girl and sweep her off her feet. Heheh.”
I laughed.
“Hows the girl you told me about last time?” I asked Major.
“Iwe Kalaba, Which one?” Major asked.
Major was a hopeless romantic, he was never good with relationships but man, he could give the
most sound advice about women.
And he had the cutest of female friends.
I always thought we had to get this guy to a Doctor and have his privates checked.
“Jessica? Amanda? 3?” I threw random names at him.
“You mean Ka 3 years?” Major asked with a laugh.
Just like me, Major had the same habit of not revealing a girl’s name until he was certain she was
worth it, it was for that reason we came up with nick names; 3years, simply because he had
known the girl for 2 years and a couple of months. One would think they knew each other
personally the way my buddy spoke of this lady but that wasn’t the case.
Major become friends With 3Years on the 8th of January, and every year from then they
celebrated by having a video chat that lasted for hours. There were only 2 solid months left to
clock 3years. I knew all this because he bragged about her more than his girlfriend.
I had no idea who 3Years was apart from all the things Major had told me about her and Major had
no idea who my girlfriend was apart from the little pieces of information that I had given him. I
mean, they were a lot.
Miss HaveItAll was the name of one of the ladies I was seeing, let me just say, she was the main
“I was talking to a certain girl at work, She asked me an odd question.”
“Odd! What haven’t you heard before? Girls open up to you like you Google or something. Huh.” I
nagged as he walked around his room packing his clothes in order.
“You know? I think it’s because of that why am single… Girls think I cheat a lot.” Major added.
“Which girl wouldn’t think that? I have known you for 17 years and I still find it had to believe when
you say you single.” I smiled.
“Anyway Mr smart pants, the girl was asking what she could do because there is a certain guy
who treats her very well while the boyfriend is something like you hehehe.” he laughed.
“Ata! Don’t say that. Anyway, I think she shouldn’t rush into dumping the boyfriend. The guy might
be a king now and once she leaves her boyfriend, the guy turns into the beast of her worst
nightmares.” I answered.
“Kalaba! what you are saying is that she should keep tolerating the dude? I think she’s already
cheating on her man if that’s the case. That’s what I told her.”
“mmmh what makes you say that?” I asked thoughtfully.
“For me cheating isn’t just Kissing or going out with someone else. That’s what most people think.
Cheating can be emotionally and physically at best.” Major responded.
“You sound like you have been reading books written by that KCK dude again.” I shook my head.
“Don’t say that, the dude is a Zambian legend. I just think cheating starts emotionally. Once your
emotions shift their focus from one person to another… We then see cheating manifest physically.”
Major said.
“I see, let me ask you this. What do you make of a girl that chats more with her friend than her

“What kinda friend are we talking about?” He asked ignorantly.
“A male friend dummy… These self proclaimed male-advice-friend-givers.”
“Pass me the tomatoes.”
It was now nearing 18hrs and Kalaba had not shown up.
This wasn’t the first time he had kept Kutemwa waiting.
“I think am not ready for a relationship. I should take a break.” I smiled.
“You now over thinking, am sure his still at work.” Angel responded to comfort me.
“That’s not the thing. Kalaba has been talking about marriage a lot, and I don’t think am ready to
make that step.”
“Why?” Angel paused.
“I don’t want my marriage to be like this relationship, I don’t. Love is about sacrifice and if your
partner can’t make any then you doomed. I hate being an option in a man’s life.”
“And she says I talk like her grandmother, have you heard yourself?” Angel spoke in a whisper.
“You preaching to the right congregation sister. Hehehe. That’s what Captain Z does as well, he
doesn’t give me time… Unless always questioning me… Whose that guy that called you love on
Facebook.” She said with her voice raised higher than when she mumbled to herself.
The two were perfect when it came to couples, Kalaba wasn’t keen about posting photos of him
and Kutemwa on social media unlike Angel and her boyfriend.
“Do you remember that guy who use to follow Mutinta up and down the time we where in college?”
Angel asked me.
She had just come from the bedroom, the baby was now peacefully sleeping.
“Mutinta was for drama, she had a lot of guys flocking around.” I responded.
Mutinta was one of our friends back in college, today she’s a mother of two children from different
fathers. No one knows how she slipped down the pipe line.
“You saying you don’t remember Victor?” Angel asked.
“Oh! How can I forget him, the dude was blinded by love.” I laughed.
“Who ever said, ‘love is blind’ really knew these things. What has he done?”
“I have just remembered how he was treated by Mutinta, I mean, the guy was down to earth. Even
after knowing how stupid Mutinta was, he still wanted to be with her.” She sighed.
“I guess it’s just life. After all he was doing Mutinta still went on to date some strange guys
hehehe.” I laughed.
“The thing was, She said she wasn’t ready to date ka and asked Victor for some time. Then boom,
and the dirt was gone.” Angel added.
But it’s just something we have to learn to deal with, Life can be hash to certain people. Mostly
when it to relationships.
“Last I heard of the guy was that he Married some southern chick.” I said as I laughed to Angels
boom phrase.
“Yah, ba Victor is happening. His looking good. I wonder how Mutinta feels when she sees him
posting photos of the wife and all.” she said sadly.
“I don’t think Captain Z and I have a future together.” Angel said with a calm tone to her voice
“What makes you think like that?”
“His only with me because of the baby, if not for him am sure he would have been long gone by
now.” she responded.
“I think you just tired.”
“Am not tired. I have been thinking about it for months now. I notice how he behaves even though
he tries to keep the ‘good guy’ act intact” she said.
Angel had always been a strong minded person and by this I mean, she didn’t believe in having a
man to be successful.
With her level of education and a steady income, she believed she could take care of her child as
a single mother.
“Am sure you guys talk about marriage… Right?” I said with a warm smile.
“We don’t, all he ever talks about is his dreams and making his parents proud. I feel like his family
still doesn’t want me and he has just failed to say it to my face.” she laughed.
I didn’t find is amusing nor funny.
Even though her words did make a good joke, Angel was in conflict with her baby daddy’s parents.
Captain Z’s parents thought of Angel as slut, even though they now came from time to time to see
the baby; there was a time when they denied the same baby.
“My son can never impregnated a lady like you! You just want to bring down our families name.”
Angel would mimic her in-law every time she told me the story of what happened when she was
taken to Captain Z’s house for damage charges.
Angel took a deep breath and said, “I don’t think love is for me, Moreover, I don’t want to be with a
man who doesn’t love me and only wants to get some…”
“Point taken there. I feel things between me and Kalaba are moving pretty smooth. But…” I
“But what?” She flashed in.
“I just don’t know, I don’t feel that burning desire I once felt when I met him. His a good guy and
all… But I just don’t know… There is something fishy about him.” I said as I held my cheeks as if
they where about to fall.
“Don’t tell me you are still not over that girl who posted photos of herself with him?”
“How can I get over that, Is taking a photo with your own boyfriend to much to ask? I mean, he
takes pictures with many girls except me. I know he has cheated and all. The thing is I just want to
feel official.” I nagged.
I was a celebrity in my own way, my Facebook inbox was filled with guys asking me if am married
or seeing someone and how come I never spoke about him.
“My man is my man, I don’t have to prove to you that I got one.” I posted once.
But that’s not the kind of life I wanted, guys where ready to date me and but I had to much class to
be having blind dates and spending my weekends with random guys.
“If his hiding something, am sure it’s just a matter of time before he messes up again.” Angel said
as she tapped me on the back.
Major was star struck, he had been asked a question that he had spent months thinking about
“Provided I know the guy, I don’t think I would be offended. What if the other guy is just a good
friend and he happens to be free mostly?” Major answered.
He still wasn’t 100% sure of the answer he gave, “Never trust a friend zoned guy.” He remarked as
though talking to himself.
His whole face on the camera.
“I figured you would say something like that. For me am not for such an idea and I would be
comfortable if she cut all communication with her buddy friends.”
“The thing is… It’s just that Miss HaveItAll is ever on her phone talking too some guy…” I said
“Don’t be insecure mudala, it’s probably just a friend from back in the day and all. Don’t tell me you
think she’s cheating. How do you even know it’s a guy?” Major asked with much attention now.
“It has to be a guy, why would she be giggling from time to time. This has been going on like
“Let’s say she’s talking to a guy, that means you need to step up your game or the guy is more
interesting than you. Relationships are about bonding.” he added.
“You can’t trust anyone these days man, just the other week some audio about a guy who was
sleeping with an engaged lady went viral… That’s not child play.” I smiled.
“You mean the Dominic guy? That’s exactly what am telling you. Never give a lady a reason to feel
lonely or be treated better by another guy. Am just saying, you can end up a Dominic victim.


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