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“Slay!” she called out to me.
There was only one person who could shout such unthinkable nonsense in a crowded place and it
was no one other than Angel.
“Where are you going?” she asked as we now stood toe to toe.

“Am going to get talk time, need to get a social bundle..” I answered.
“Don’t tell me you still want to chat with that foreigner?” with an irritated look, she asked.
“Don’t say that, Mwango is a good guy.”
“They are all good guys when they want to open your legs dah.” she snapped.
Angel and I use to be at the same college, it was only a year ago when I moved to Chilenge that I
found she was my neighbor. Since then our friendship has been on its prime.
She recently had a cute bouncing baby boy and am the proud god-mother.
Angel’s boyfriend is a businessman and a part time model, the two met when Angel was modeling
at a certain fashion show in Kabwe and that’s how history was made. I have never liked the baby
daddy, maybe it’s because his too bossy.
“I see you talking from experience.” I laughed as she gave me a cold stare.
Well, I never liked her man, she never liked my good friend Mwango.
I had known Mwango for almost 2 years, maybe am exaggerating but one thing was I knew him
before I knew my boyfriend.
I had never met Mwango, even though he claimed he was from within Lusaka, he never spoke
much about it because he was now overseas studying something to do with making movies.
I really never paid attention, I mean, the dude is just handsome beyond thought.
Everything about me and him synced, From music to Movies, I loved cooking, so did he.
Angel on the other hand kept pushing me around and awakened me to reality, at least that’s what
she claimed. She was a replica of my grandmother lol.
“These Facebook guys are fake. They look all genuine but the truth is, they are just ghetto guys
trying to get some.” she would say every time she saw me focused on my phone.
“Why does it always have to be about sex with you? Not every guy is like that you know?” I
“His a guy, that’s proof enough for me. Stay away from these Facebook guys.” she said as she
would wave her finger at me dramatically.

By the way, my name is Kutemwa. I won’t describe myself, my lecturer always spoke against
description. But I can give you a tip to guess, I get 300 likes within half an hour on Facebook for
my pictures upload, I have guys flocking on my posts like ants.
Apart from that I work as secretary at OWI Campany in New Kasama, am crazy about Fashion
and I love a good life.
From meeting at Spar, Angel and I decided to take a few pictures before heading back home.
We use to stay in separate apartments but as our friendship become wack, we decided to just stay
“Captain Z was asking if you home, he wanted to come through after work.” she said as she
directed me to strick a pose that was weird.
“Oh, so now he even asks if am around before he comes through?” I giggled.
“Imagine, it seems you really turned him off that day.” Angel said with an evil grin.
Angels boyfriend, the baby daddy or Captain Z as we called him once came drunk at our place
and started insulting.
I was so annoyed that evening, without giving it a second thought I got a dish of water and poured
He knew that I had never liked him, but when your best friend is madly in love there is nothing you
can do to make her change her mind.
“I have no problem when it comes to him seeing the baby, but he shouldn’t be acting like he owns
you. And that drinking business awe. That’s what I hate.” I said.
“What will you do if we get married?” Angel asked with a broad smile.
‘Why are skinny girls so naive?’ I thought to myself.
“Don’t even think it. At least am in love with a human. While you my friend spend all your time day
dreaming about some guy from Facebook.” Angel commanded.
Angel was always hush, she never liked the idea of me flirting around on social media while i had
a boyfriend.
‘Ooops!’ I almost forgot about him, his name is Kalaba.
“I hope Kalaba finds out” she added.
“Behave, Kalaba is not finding out anything.” I objected.
“His a good man, the guy is ready to settle and yet you just want these Photoshopped guys…” she
said as we now stood beside the car.
“When did you become so sarcastic?” I asked her.
“The day I met you.” Angel responded with a bust of laughter.
Kalaba was an opportunistic man, that’s one thing I came to notice since I started dating him. Just
when Alex (my ex) and I hit rock bottom and I then strongly made up my mind not to date, boom.
A chubby guy with a sexy accent stood next to me in Shoprite. He was of medium height, and
innocently handsome.
“Excuse me!” He said in the most polite manner.
I could hear ‘Chris Brown’s With You’ playing in my head as I stared at him. It was just one of
those crush moments at the mall.
At least that’s what I thought until he drove by as I was waiting for a taxi outside.
Having guys hit on me was something I got use too, but their was just something about him that up
to the day we broke up I don’t understand.
He offered me a lift and I gladly accepted. Within 5 minutes I noticed from his identity card that he
worked for OpenTV.
One chat lead to a conversation and that’s how it all started.
I never spoke about Mwango to Kalaba because he happened to be this sensitive guy. More of
possessive I may add.


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