MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) … Part 1

By authoress Jenny

He looked at me as if I have messed into my undies before shifting from the back sit to the front sit. Gosh felt defeated because this is not what I expected.Is it because his fat he is with us?no,that’s not the reason.Well,who cares any way?
He might win for now but I will deal with him later.

Pardon my manners,my name is Courtney Andrea,yes the Andrea you all know.In short,I am the daughter of the ambassador of this country and Germany and I do swim in riches.
I am the only daughter of my father and that makes me the boss of the house.

Have I told you?well,I am the hottest girl at shire highland academy ,I have two best friend by whom they happen to be twins.

Every boy at the acadamy has an eye on me.Wait,have I just said any boy?My bad,every boy does except Michael Roche.He is the senior prefect of the school but my worse enemy.
Whenever we meet,we are like cat and dog.

I do admit he is handsome, intelligent and charming .Hey,don’t think I have fallen for him please,I hate ugly guys like him.

I have made many attempts to convince my dad to send him out of our house but the more I do so,the more my father loves him as his own son.
He might be popural,handsome and intelligent than me,but one thing won’t change.He is my slave,to make it more clear,he is “MY DRIVERS SON”
Why does Courtney hate Michael so much?
Will they ever make up?

You can’t miss this story.


We arrived in the school campus at exactly 7:30am and as soon as the car stopped,Michael jumped out of the car and disappeared into the main building ,did I expect him to wait for me?Who cares at all.
I watched my car taking off and just the I heard Isabel’s voice.

“Courtney, your early today”She said as she approached me.
“Issa,why are you asking as if you don’t know that she is planning to meet ethan”Tissabel,her twin sister added and They laughed.
“Ethan?if you girls has nothing important to say,I will go in first”I said going inside the main building as the twins run after me while shouting my name.

To be honest,I didn’t get even a single thing the teacher said.All I wanted was to go home and teach that brat a lesson.
Just then Mrs Kalanda ,our form teacher invited me to the staff room I wonder what I have done wrong this time coz whenever Mrs Kalanda invites you,trouble awaits.

As soon as the break bell rung,I rushed to the staff room only to find a fail statement on my social studies paper .
‘Courtney,why can’t you change?your parents are paying plenty of money for your studies but your head seems to be impossible”she yelled at me drawing the attention of all teachers to me and just then Micheal entered the room,am sure he heard all that this nonsense teacher vomited
“Why don’t you be like your cousin Micheal?You must get three A’s in three subjects this term or….”she said and i know i will be in hot soup bexause the last time i got a fail,i was forced to dance infront of the whole school.Jeez.

I walked out of the room and found the twins waiting for me as soon as they saw me,they rushed to me.
“Tiny,what’s with your lemon face?’Isabel asked but I ignored her question.
“I am very hungry,lets go and grab something at the cafeteria”I said walking away and the twins walked behind me.

Upon reaching the cafeteria,the most annoying thing was to bump into my worse enemy as he was to go out and I was to go in.
This is my time,I must enter first.He looked at me and I looked away.

I can see that this girl is trying my patience. This time I am not in the mood to give in.
“Tiny, please give way to senior Micheal and his friends”Isabel said and the devil was not moved at all.
“Tiny,they are our seniors”added tisa.
“So?should I fear or kill myself because they are our seniors? Forget it girls”she scoffed and looks away.


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