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My daughter’s life now at risk –Success Mother

Madam could we meet you?

I’m Mrs Adegor Vera Anwuli. I’m from Delta State married also to an Urhobo man.

What can you say about the issue of your daughter, Success, that is going viral presently?

The issue of my daughter that is making people to come to us now is nothing but the work and making of God. I can say that God wants to use it to bless us. Actually that very day that this incident occurred, I did not have one kobo in my house. My two kids just managed to go to school. I told my daughter to go to school that before the end of school day I will look for the money, I did not know that they will drive her home.

When you gave birth to Success is there any special thing that happened on that day?

Yes I remember very well the day I gave birth to her, someone came and gave me a gift, and paid off my bills at the hospital. It was a something I never expected. I have since discovered that my daughter has a special thing deposited in her by God. She does some funny things at times. I know she is going to be a light unto my family.

What do you want government to do in this situation?

You can see where my family and I are living. Not quite comfortable, if the Delta State government or public-spirited individuals can help us out of this situation, I will be very grateful to God and them. I have only two kids, the senior one is already in secondary school, I want to change their school and if they can be given scholarships from this level I will be happy. Again my husband have no job, he uses the Okada he bought on hire purchase for commercial purposes. So, I want to beg government to help my husband by giving him a job. No matter how small the salary may be, he needs something that will put food on our table.

Do you intend to leave Success in that school or change her school?

Because of the grudges most of the teachers bear on my daughter, her life is no longer safe in their hands. So, if I have my way, I would want to change her school.

There is a rumour making the rounds that you have been getting millions from people as a result of this matter. Has anyone given you millions or scholarship to your daughter?

I have not got any million from anyone, some people actually sent some money to me through my account and I thank those ones. Yes various persons have been coming to us for talks and at the end they promised to do something, but I have not seen some of them. Some promised to relocate us to another place we have not heard from them. You can see the kind of house we are staying, when rain begins, we are at the mercies of God.

Do you work or trade?

No I don’t have a job, I have my secondary school certificate, for now I manage to sell recharge cards. And I also learnt a trade, tailoring, no money to buy machines. So if this is how God want to answer us I will be very grateful to him. But I want to beg the state government and the local government to help me because my daughter’s life is at risk. It is not now that we have been paying money in that school, those up there cannot say that they are not aware of the situation, they know they are just trying to play safe.

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