My older brother Kenny was my hero. He taught me everything…well, maybe just the most important things. Last summer he taught me a whole bunch…
Ken was a tall athletic guy, a real ladies man, and kind of a trouble-maker in his day. A year and a half my senior, he always had time to help me out of a jam or to give me advice. One weekend last summer, Kenny was staying in for the night, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I was psyched; he usually was out on Friday nights with his friends or his girlfriend Sandy.

It turns out we were home alone that night; Dad was away on business. Kenny said he had some movies we could watch. He put one in…it was a flick! ‘Thought you might want to check this out…Look at this hot sweetie right there…Wait…let me rewind it…THERE! Hot, huh?’
‘Shit, yeah!’ This was very cool…hanging out with my big brother and watching skin flicks…I tried hard to conceal the fact that the scenes on the screen were really turning me on, but soon enough, I had a first class hard-on. I hoped Ken wouldn’t notice and make fun of me…But after about a half hour, Kenny started looking at me funny…He had this really strange look on his face…he seemed kind of uncomfortable…I was just about to ask him what was wrong when he reached down and grabbed his package and gently squeezed. ‘Ever je.rk off watching one of these?’ he casually asked. His eyes never left the big screen before us. Kenny knew I mastu…..rbated; we had each teased each other and joked about it over the years, as all guys did. He knew damn well the answer was yes. ‘Man that’s hot…’ he continued, still mashing his hand into the crotch of his jeans. It was pretty obvious he had a raging boner. ‘Ever do that, Tim?’ Now he looked straight at me, waiting for an answer.
‘Well, sure I have. That’s pretty much what these movies are for, I always thought. Why?’

Kenny looked back at the screen. ‘Because…’ He reached for the front of his belt. ‘…if you don’t mind, bro, I’m gonna whip it out and work it right now. I’m so fvvvkin’ huurny, I can’t stand it anymore.’ Ken started to undo his fly, his intense gaze darting between the TV and my face. ‘Cool?’ he asked one final time.
I was kind of speechless. Kenny was my big brother; I had grown up worshipping him, trying to be like him; this seemed OK to him so I desperately wanted to appear that it was OK with me, too…but I wasn’t sure that it was…This seemed kind of…weird…But, then again, he was the one who had told me about se…x, years ago. And he obviously knew a lot about it; he had girlfriend after girlfriend. But…Was it OK?
‘Oh, come on, Timmy! It’s just me! And tell me you don’t feel like doing the same thing right now. Look at that chick suck that di…ck! You know if I wasn’t here, you’d be doing the same thing yourself. You just about admitted it a second ago.’ Before I could respond, my big brother Ken stood up, unsnapped his jeans and pulled his pants and briefs down just past the knee. His massive erection sprung up and bounced at the base of his tight stomach. It was the biggest pe…nis I had ever seen. He popped back down into the couch and spit into his hand and began beating his meat. ‘Fvck yeah’, he said gruffly as he concentrated on the blowjob he was watching on the video screen. ‘Suck it, b!tch.’
I sat in shock. Yes, we had grown up together, taken baths together; all that; and we’d even showered together while on the same softball team just this year. We were brothers, after all. I’d seen his big cock before. But man, this was different…I’d never seen him totally hard before. It was pretty huge; a grown man’s cock. He was one and a half years older than me, but it just seemed so much bigger than mine, longer, harder… As I watched the movie and out of the corner of my eye, I watched Ken jer..king off. The scene in my own pants was getting hotter by the second. Something about this situation had touched a nerve in me; one I’d never felt before…I couldn’t think straight and my heart pounded in my chest.
‘Shit. Ahhh, yeah. Suck that thing…Mmmmm.’ He glanced over at me. ‘C’mon, man, whip it out! It’s just like it’s your cock she’s suckin’!’ He looked over at me grinning with his huge in his fist. Holy…I didn’t want Kenny to think I was a wimp, but I surely couldn’t beat my meat in front of somebody…It was just too…He was right about one thing, though—if I had been here alone, I’d be pounding my pr!!ck with a vengeance. This was one hot oral scene. But…
‘Uhh, I don’t know, man…I…I’m cool. I just wanna watch, I think.’ Damn. He was definitely going to think I’m a pvvssy.
Still slowly stroking his cock, Ken looked at me, incredulous. ‘Tim! Don’t be embarrassed! Sure, I guess this is something new to you…but dudes do it all the time!’ I looked at him curiously. ‘Yeah! Ever hear that expression ‘circle jerk’?’
I told him I had. What I didn’t tell him was that I’d always thought the concept was kinda gay…He stopped stroking his meat and turned toward me on the couch. ‘Well that’s what it means! Guys jerking off together! Well, hey, I don’t want to force you…’ He shook his head in mild disappointment, turned back to the screen and resumed his stroking. I was mortified. The last thing I ever wanted was Kenny to think I wasn’t cool. ‘Oh, shit, she’s done blowing him. We missed the money shot. Hey-hit the fast forward and go to the next sexxxx scene.’
Now he didn’t even look at me. I was sure he was bummed. Just then I wanted his approval desperately. While I FF’d the video, I asked, ‘Do you and Sandra ever watch these together?’ Just trying to make conversation until I found the next scene. I needed to see if he was mad at me.
‘Sometimes.’ He was pissed; he was losing his erection. Then Kenny sighed heavily. ‘Stop it right there, man.’ I hit Stop on the remote. He shook his head from side to side, as if making up his mind. ‘I should stop. I don’t wanna freak you out or anyth—’
‘No! Ken! I’m cool, I’m cool…I just…You know, I never…’ My arms were totally numb. I reached down and undid my pants and slowly slipped them down my thighs, my briefs still covering my privates. I’m not even sure if I was breathing…Kenny watched me and reassuringly nodded his head.
‘There ya go. Awesome, Bro! We’ll service ourselves together.’ I smiled sheepishly and tried to emulate my older brother’s attitude; casual, cool and really into it. But it just wasn’t me…This really felt, well…maybe gay; maybe just wrong. But I couldn’t bear his disapproval. I snapped my underwear down, revealing my stiff cock and grabbed it. It had never been this hard before. Never. Kenny looked me in the eye and then down at my d!!ck. ‘Ho ho! Hard as a rock!’ He smiled that reassuring big-brother smile and as I began slowly stroking my pr!!ck, I quickly found myself lost in intense se**ual feeling; feelings like I’d never had before.
Kenny stared into the screen, pounding his pecker. I quickly caught up to his pace and intensity. As we sat beside each other on the couch, watching the hot blonde getting her pvvvssy eaten by another woman while we beat off, I felt like we had never been closer. As my se***al excitement gained force and momentum, this seemed like a really good idea after all. In fact, it was pretty fvvking awesome. Je.rking off had always been great, but now I could share it with my brother.
‘Man, look at those t!ts,’ I offered, my voice escaping as a loud whisper.


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