MY BREAK-UP … (18+) …Part 1

“The very moment I set my eyes on you, I fell in love with you. Franka, will you be my girlfriend?” I heard a voice behind me,
I turned and saw a girl and a boy sitting on the table, probably having a date.
I chuckled and grinned when I reflect on my previous relationships.

“Yes, yes, I’ll be your girlfriend” the girl replied half-screaming behind me, I didn’t bother to turn to check the drama that was going on because I was once a champion in such dramas.
I tapped the wedding ring in my pocket, and smiled inwardly.

I reminisced on my previous relationships that met with sudden breakups, I doubt if there is anything as love as first sight. It began with lust and grows to be love, no one should deceive anybody. And when the love diminished, understanding will keep the relationship or whatever going, and if there is no understanding everything ends there.

Born into the family of eleven, I know you are wondering if it is a polygamous family. Well it isn’t, my father and my mother gave birth to everyone of us. Many of you are already calling him a sharp-shooter with quality semen, it was God’s blessings all along. May Allah be praised, my mother a blessed woman for giving birth to almost the tribe of Israel single-handedly.

My position in the family is a controversial one, due to the fact that my twin was birthed after an hour I was given birth to. Until this time, he still sees me as his mate. I didn’t blame him in anyway, Calabar twin mythology has it that, he is the older one who sent me to the world to be his forerunner, and announce his coming.

Life itself is a mystery, that is why Immanuel Kant said we can’t understand the world itself, and Hick revealed that our explanation of the world is how it present itself to us. Wittgenstein utterly said that we can never understand the world because God holds the key to our understanding, I’ll neither counter the belief of the Efik because they have reason for their sage to posit such belief.

I was always giving the compliment of the younger one due to my physique compared to my twin brother, I don’t blame them after all I look younger and lack muscles. Even my place of birth is met with controversies, as many people calls me Hausa, and some said am from Delta, few sees me as someone from Yoruba.

As God has it, am from Rivers state and the riverine blood runs in me. Well, starting with my first girlfriend, I didn’t actually asked her to be my girlfriend because I was too young and hardly will you see people boast of having girlfriends, around 2002 to 2009. It was utterly seen as an abomination, everything concerning sex is done secretly.

Nigeria movies hardly engage in romance then, the extend they could is just peck. And when they want to cheat on their wives, you will only see them pecking each other in the screen. Then, Ghana movies were the bad ones that shows the girl pulling her dress and pant, the rest will become history.
And there was nothing like porn in my locality at this time.

When we were old enough, I and my twin brother was enrolled in a nursery school then, in one of the best private school in town of Ahoada then. We became a handful to handle, as we practice karate more than watching, that was when the practice of Buddhism was brought to the public knowledge through Chinese karate movies, so it was really popular and my older brother is a big fan of them.

We were the kids scaring other kids of our age, as we attacked and beat up kids that tend to cross our path. We were the kids that your mommy warns you about, and whenever we are caught I was always pitied because of my looks, I look like someone who can’t even hurt flies and I didn’t fail to demonstrate my fear for canes.

At the end, my twin brother takes some of my punishment. I thank God for the nice partnership, victory you are loved. The term ended without any major encounter except beating up male kids like us, i returned home with third position and I wondered if it was actually my position. Because I was ranked amongst the unserious kids in the school.

I hate Sundays, because Sunday were the days my parents are always at home. We will be kept in our room to read, I and my brother engage more on drawings than reading, and we frequent the bathroom to pee.
I just know our bladders don’t encourage reading.

The new term started with a new kid whose name is Sandra, yes Sandra. A very quiet young girl, she doesn’t have a friend and always seen alone with sweets.
The very moment, I was attracted to her but shy as I was, couldn’t get close.

One of those days, I lost trace of my younger brother and in quest of him. I met Sandra sitting at the back of the school building alone “are you looking for your twin brother?” she asked, that was what brought two of us together.
With Sandra no lack of sweets, she always makes it available. I don’t know the source and I barely care about the source of it, I only enjoyed it.

Sandra and I didn’t do much, but we are always find touching each other in our nether, and I wonder why her hands always get to my pee while we are in the class.
My little el will be nodding in appreciation as her hand roamed around my short, I didn’t fail to reciprocate.

In no time I was unlawfully wedded to Sandra by the mouths of the teachers and the pupils, then the habit of matching couples was rampant and harmless.
Sandra and I didn’t actually breakup, what happened then was that, my twin and I followed her home one of those days when my older brothers forget that they have kids in nursery school to bring home.

We went to Sandra’s house, and her mother who only gave birth to her took us as her children and took care of us by bathing and feeding us well with Sandra, God bless that woman for the fried chicken she gave to us. Such kind gesture hardly comes by these days, we were later find in the night.

And my father blamed the school for being careless and the security for being carefree, the fear of ember Month then was worse than Boko Haram and kids were in high demands for rituals. My dad didn’t hesitate to remove us from the school, that was the end of it all.

I never met Sandra again and I didn’t make any effort, that is why St Thomas Aquinas said the happenings of the past is no more. Sandra remains in the past and I left my trade mark before leaving her ‘she will miss me’


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