MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 46





In a state of confusion, shock and definately fright, I did the most childish and stupid thing ever. I ignored the voices of everyone and ran upstairs straight into my room hiding under the covers. It was stupid and really weird but I sincerely had no other choice.

My fingers were clattering when I dialed Daniel’s number. He told Tim to keep an eye on me so what if someone found out. That would mean Daniel isn’t safe anymore.

He answered on the third ring and I released a sharp breath.

“Please tell me you’re okay?”

I asked sniffling

“Okay? What’s wrong? I’m on my way home but I’m fine.”

“I wanted to call Tim. I told him not to follow me so I was sure he’ll still be there and when I got downstairs a package was already waiting from an unknown location. It had Tim’s head in it. They said I wasn’t safe anymore.”

I broke down towards the end shedding a few tears as my voice cracked.


Daniel cursed and it was almost like I could see him running his hands through his hair.

“I’ll be right over. Stay in your room and don’t let anyone in except for me.”


I muttered like a five year old before hanging up. I’m sure one of the workers would have called my father. I’d be expecting his call as soon as I disconnected from Daniel’s.

Just as expected, he started calling almost immediately.

📞 Dad.

I said clicking the answer button.

📞 Princess. Are you alright?

📞 I’m fine dad. Tim is dead.

📞 I know. I’ve called the police and they’ll be there soon.

📞 What! You can’t involve them in this. I thought you said it’ll be over too instead you just let an innocent man die and now you’re involving the cops. This only means this isn’t ending any time soon.

📞 Ariel….

📞 I called Daniel to come over. He’ll take care of me so you don’t have to worry about sending anyone else. Goodbye.

I hung up and tossed my phone aside. I still have no idea who’s causing all this or why. My dad seems to know yet refuses to tell me anything.

I felt an emotion within me. A strange one. I knew what it was I just didn’t want to come to terms with it. I felt guilty. Maybe, just maybe if I hadn’t been in my feelings, my selfish feelings I wouldn’t have lashed out on Tim and he wouldn’t have stayed there to be gutted down like a chicken.

Somehow, this was my fault. All my fault. I was selfish and because of that an innocent person is dead, he has a family or people waiting for him back at home. He’ll never get to see them again. Just like that. All because of me.

“Have I always been this selfish?”

I asked my self sighing. I began wondering just how many people I’ve hurt. How many people had to pay the price for my bad behaviour.

Snapping me out of my thoughts was a firm knock of my door, I jumped out of my bed placing my ear on the door.

“It’s me princess. Open up.”

Daniel’s voice came through. I unlocked the door and jumped straight into arms.

“I’m terrible person.”

I whispered burying my face in his chest. The realisation hit me at that moment.

Is Tim’s death her fault?
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