MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 69


After some hours, we arrived from the prison, ifeoma my girlfriend has already left
CHARITY : baby, are we not going home today, is getting late
KINS : dont tell me you are going home with me
CHARITY: Yes, am I not going to go home with you
KINS : I dont think you should come home with me, you need some care, stay with your mum and your sister for now
CHARITY : I want to go home
KINS : why
CHARITY : are you not missing me in that house, are you not bored
KINS : why will I miss you, of what use are you to me In that house
CHARITY : you want to start again kinsley
KINS : then don’t make me start talking
RITA : is okay, charity is not going anywhere, she is staying here with me for sometime, I want her to recover first
CHARITY : no, I want to go home
KINS : go home and do what, answer me na
CHARITY : I am not staying
KINS : you are staying here with your sister
WESLEY : calma kins, dont be too harsh on her
KINS : she is just too stubborn, what don’t she understand by staying here with her sister, wesley I want to go
KINS : mama, I will come and see you tomorrow (he walked away )
CHARITY : so you want to leave me here kins
MAMA RITA : what is pursuing you from your sister house
RITA : mama ask her
CHARITY : nothing mama, just that I have missed him so much
MAMA RITA : is okay, you will still go home na
CHARITY : ok oh
( The next day, charity was watching movies with my mother in the sitting room )
RITA : charity
RITA : I want to cook, would you like to join me
CHARITY : sister not today
MAMA RITA : charity go and assit her in the kitchen
CHARITY : mama, you know I just returned from the prison yesterday, I need some days to recover, I need some rest
RITA : I am not going to stress you, you will just sit down peacefully and watch me do the cooking, nothing more
CHARITY : Rita not today
RITA : charity, you have to come with me to the kitchen
CHARITY : Rita, you are disturbing me, let me concentrate on this movie
MAMA RITA : Rita leave her alone, is her life
RITA : ok oh, but it look as if charity dont want to learn at all, you better come and learn how to cook oh, kinsley is complaining
KINS : Rita leave him let him complain, na e mouth jor
RITA : ok oh, I will be in the kitchen
CHARITY : ok sist
RITA : (I was in the kitchen cooking, when wesley walk in)
WESLEY : sugar
RITA : baby, what are you doing here
WESLEY : I just came to check on you, but the way I am seeing it, you need some help
RITA : dont worry, I will do it myself
WESLEY : no I insist, the cooking is going to turn round now
RITA : how
WESLEY : you sit down, while I do the cooking
RITA : you are not serious, go jor
WESLEY : I am serious baby (he carried Me and place me on top of the fridge) Yes sit down there and watch me
RITA : baby, help me down, I want to do the cooking myself
WESLEY : you want to cook by yourself
RITA : Yes
WESLEY : ok, come down
RITA : what are you saying, how do you expect me to come down from this fridge with my big tummy
WESLEY : hahahaha, that’s the reason I made you to sit down there, so just watch me while I finish the cooking
RITA : you know you are not a good cook
WESLEY : let’s wait and see
RITA : ok

WESLEY : take, help me to slice this onions
RITA : ok
WESLEY : baby, I thought you said, you and charity will prepare the food, did you not call her to join you again
RITA : I cannot go and kill myself because I want her to be a good wife
WESLEY : I dont understand
RITA : I called her oh, but she refused to join me in the kitchen
WESLEY : why
RITA : she said she is tired
WESLEY : oh I see, she is not ready to learn at all, God knows my brother had endured enough, so no matter the decision he takes, I am with him
RITA : what kind of decision
WESLEY : slice the onions fast
RITA : you did not answer my questions
WESLEY : what decision, me i dont know yet, I am only saying that no matter the decision my brother take, I will be with him
RITA : you better don’t join him, in chasing my sister away oh
WESLEY : really, if is that my dear, I have already started arranging your sister clothes into her luggage
RITA : that’s so bad of you, bring me down, let me leave this kitchen for you, you have started supporting evil
WESLEY : this is not evil
RITA : bring me down
WESLEY : is not evil right
RITA : is evil
WESLEY : remain there na
RITA : oh
( One week later, charity and my mother returned back to kinsley house. We were in the sitting room, when wesley received a call from his brother, that he want to see us in his house the next day)
WESLEY : baby, that was kinsley
RITA : I know, I hope all is well
WESLEY : Yes, he said he want to see us tommorow in his house
RITA : why
WESLEY : I dont know, we will know, when we get there tommorow
RITA : baby you don’t know
WESLEY : I dont know
RITA : my mind tells me that you know
WESLEY : why will your mind tell you that, you were here when I received the call
RITA : you were with kinsley yesterday. . He must have discussed little with you, he is you brother, he dont hide anything from you, me, my mother and my sister are the novice here
WESLEY : ok oh, me I dont know
RITA : you know
WESLEY : fine, the only thing I can tell you now is that wesley is leaving the country
RITA : travelling or leaving
WESLEY : you will know tommorow


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