MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 61


Kinsley rushed into the house, with so much fear and confusion, he dropped his bags of weapons in the sitting room, and went inside his room, charity tried to know what the problem his, but he refused to speak up and went inside
CHARITY : what could be wrong with him, he look so afraid, what happened, this bag again, only God knows what is inside this bag, he alway goes out with, let me even check the content, I am sure he forgot it here (charity opened the bag and saw guns inside) jesus, jesus, guns, this are guns, what is kinsley doing with all this guns (then the police men walk in)
POLICE: your hands on your head, drop your weapons
CHARITY : officers I dont understand, what weapons
POLICE: drop the guns on your hands
CHARITY : officers they are not mine
POLICE: where is your partner
POLICE: Sam, search for him, inside
(That was how kinsley and charity was arrested, wesley rushed back home)
RITA : baby, you are back
WESLEY : Yes, there is a big problem
RITA : what happened
WESLEY : kinsley has been arrested
RITA : what did he do
WESLEY : for robbery
RITA : robbery, how
WESLEY : he went to rob, he and his members
RITA : he and his members, his kinsley an armed robber
WESLEY : the worst of it is that, charity was arrested too
RITA : no, charity dont steal
WESLEY : that’s the problem, according to kinsley, he said he never knew the police men, followed him home
RITA : so what about his members
WESLEY : when they heard the siren of the police car, they all ran away, kinsley never knew that police men in normal car followed him home
RITA : how does that affect charity, did they see charity with them
WESLEY : kinsley have a girl in the group, so the police are thinking that charity is the girl, because the secetary of where they went for operation, said a girl was among the group, the police man came into the house, and saw charity holding a gun
RITA : oh my God, this is complicated, what was she doing with a gun
WESLEY : charity said, she have been suspecting the bag, that’s was the reason she opened it to check what it is inside
RITA : let her explain to the police
WESLEY : the police refused to listen, they think they go for robbery together, even if they are married
RITA : hmmm
WESLEY : I warned kinsley, I always warned him, he refuses to hear me
RITA : ha! So you know about it too
WESLEY : Yes I know
RITA : ehhh, me am getting scared oh
WESLEY : why
RITA : I dont think I know you better
WESLEY : of course you know me
RITA : no I don’t think so
WESLEY : please I dont have time for this now, my brother can be free, money will bring him out of this case
RITA : then spend the money and bring him out
WESLEY : when I spoke to the IGP, he requested for five million naira, and the case will be closed, he is my late dad good friend, the problem now is charity
RITA : how
WESLEY : the IGP refused to look into charity case
RITA : why
WESLEY : he said, he is will only free charity, if kinsley provide his men and that girl among them
RITA : the IGP is mad oh, so he will collect bribe and free the real suspect, what about charity
WESLEY : kinsley have to provide his gang, the IGP said they must be a suspect to hold, if they release kinsley now, who will they hold responsible for the robbery case, and the secetary of where they robbed, keep saying, charity is the girl among them
RITA : wonderful
WESLEY : how
RITA : wesley my love, face your brother case, leave my sister case to me
WESLEY : you cannot handle it
RITA : is she your sister, this is a brother and sister case, face yours, while I face my sister
WESLEY : ok fine, we have to get her a lawyer
RITA : I will decide that, not now
WESLEY : what’s wrong with you, do you think this is a child’s play

RITA : and who says is a child play, wesley just back off, charity is my sister, stay away from my family affair
WESLEY : she is also my family, she answers the same surname with me
RITA : I dont care
WESLEY : you dont care
RITA : I dont my dear, go settle your brother case, and leave charity to me, delay is dangerous
WESLEY : exactly, the more your sister spend time in that prison, the more the case become critical, I have to talk to IGP again, maybe he will consider charity this time
RITA : this case is funny oh, why are they so interested in charity
WESLEY : because the secetary keep saying the female robber is charity
RITA : anyway is to my favour, just stay out of it
WESLEY : let me go and see the IGP, I am coming
RITA : but you are just returning from there
WESLEY : Rita, I am confused, my brother and is wife are in trouble
RITA : everything will be fine
WESLEY : I will see you when I get back
(Wesley got to the police station and talked to the IGP, after everything, he was permitted little time to talk with his brother)
WESLEY : bro, I warned you
KINS : will you stop blaming me, you were here some hours ago, you were also blaming me, you need to help me out of here
WESLEY : fine, the IGP requested for five million
KINS : that’s not the problem nah, I have already told you were to get the money
WESLEY : Yes you did, it will be ready in two days time
KINS : no problem bro, thank you so much
WESLEY : what about your wife charity
KINS : bro I am confused oh, why did charity open the bag
WESLEY : why did you not take the bag inside, when you told me, charity is getting suspicious about the bag
KINS : I was confused
WESLEY : hmmm
KINS : are they still requesting for my rest members, before leaving her
WESLEY : of course, but the IGP has requested for another five million before leaving her
KINS : that is too much nah
WESLEY : you should be happy, she will no longer need a lawyer to prove her innocent, in court
KINS : five million, you know I dont have the money now, my account has been freeze
WESLEY : fine, I will help you with the money
KINS : please don’t let mum hear about it
WESLEY : is our secret
KINS : thank you so much bro
WESLEY : you are wellcome


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