MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 4


Why is mother doing this to me, why does she want to stop me from going to school, I have pleaded with her so many times, but it look as if she has taken her decision, tommorow is the last day for the payment of the school acceptance fees, what do I do now, let me go and talk to her again, she might change her mind this time
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : Yes Rita, are you awake
RITA : Yes mama, I have not slept, I am just inside the room relaxing
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : Yes, what is it
RITA : I want to tell you something
MAMA RITA : what is it, talk to me, I am hearing you
RITA : mama, tommorow is the last day of the payment for the acceptance fees
CHARITY : ohhhhh, what again nah, you want to start again abi
RITA : charity, I am not talking to you, please, mama after tomorrow the payment will be over, that means I have lost the admission
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : why are you making me look like a wicked mother to you, I am not wicked oo, the truth is that, I dont have money to train you in school, I would have love to, but no money, believe me my daughter, please, bikonu try and understand your mother
RITA : mama but I want to go to school
MAMA RITA : I know, but I can’t afford to train you in school, I dont have money
RITA : (I started crying )
CHARITY : you are crying, is school by force
MAMA RITA : Rita please stop crying, believe your mother ehn, ene stop crying ehn
(My mother console me, I have to forget about going to school and face another future. Two months later, I started learning how to make hair, my mother paid all the agreement fees, before I could start learning. My friend ify has returned from school and she visited me)

RITA : ify baby
IFY : na wah for you o, I have been coming here to look for you, did your mother not tell you
RITA : Yes she told me, you know I dont normally close on time, that’s why
IFY: na wah, so you are now learning work
RITA : Yes oo, what do I do, I have to acquire skills nah
IFY: so your mother, stand by her word, that she cannot send you to school
RITA : Yes
IFY: why can’t she send you to school, what kind of mother is she
RITA : I believe she dont have money that’s why
IFY : Yes there is no money, let her borrow to make you achieve your dream, a good mother does that for her child
RITA : ify you are shouting, my mother is inside oo
IFY : leave me jor, let her hear, let her go and borrow money to send you to school, when you become somebody, you will pay all these debt
RITA : I wish my mother could do that, my dear, I have forgotten about the dream of going to school, I have started pursing another life now
IFY : me I dont like this your new life oo
RITA : ify what do I do now, I have to get myself busy nah
IFY : I understand my dear
RITA : that’s it
IFY : so tell me, have you heared from Andy
RITA : Andy, no oo, this is the eight month, Andy travelled to south Africa, he have not called me
IFY : why na, are you not bothered about it
RITA : I was bothered oo, until when ada told me, Andy have already called them
IFY : Andy have been communicating with is parents
RITA : na today, from the very first day, he entered south Africa
IFY : what about you
RITA : you funny oo, who dash me, village girl like me
IFY : hahahaha, so una love just end like that
RITA : na so na, na village boy dey go after village girl na, everyone with is level
IFY : hahahaha
RITA : abeg, forget Andy jor, him na old story
IFY : really, who come dey on point
RITA : as how, abeg oo, I dont have time for relationship now
IFY : if I hear


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