MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 30


I became jealous with the conversation, and I stopped serving the food and walked away from the dinning, wesley noticed the way I walked away was unpleasant, then he ran after me
WESLEY : Rita what is it
RITA : nothing
WESLEY : then why did you have to walk away like that
RITA : (I gave him a shy look nodding my head) nothing
WESLEY : then why did you walk away when you are not true serving me the food
RITA : I am true, you can continue from where i stopped
WESLEY : you are not done serving me, tell me why you walked away
RITA : hmmmm, hmmm, I remembered I have something to do in the kitchen (I said it with a shy voice)
WESLEY : Rita, oya do the thing let me see
RITA : (I kept silent)
WESLEY : I know what the problem is
RITA : problem, no problem oo
WESLEY : ( he came closer to me) dont worry I will tell her not to come, I will not allow her to come again ok
RITA : (I felt relief) not allow who to come
WESLEY : stop pretending
RITA : I dont still understand
WESLEY : I will not allow Tracy to come over, are you happy now
RITA : I dont know, what are you talking about ooo
WESLEY : Rita, you are jealous
RITA : jealous, why will I be jealous
WESLEY : do you know why I love you, you pretend alot
RITA : you are accusing me
WESLEY : put a smile on your face, I will call Tracy not to come again
RITA : that is not my problem oo
WESLEY : hmm, I can see that you are feeling the same way I am feeling for you
RITA : your food is getting cold
WESLEY : oh my food ( he walked away )
RITA : Yes, he also have feelings for me, he ran after me, how am I sure he is the right man
( At night I was in my room sleeping, when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I saw wesley in my room, sitting on the sofa)
RITA : Wesley
RITA : what are you doing here, and how long have you been in this room
WESLEY : I cannot sleep, I have been in your room for like one hour
RITA : why can’t you sleep, and why did you not wake me up
WESLEY : I dont want to wake you, I know you need rest so also with my baby
RITA : you have started again
WESLEY : that’s the reason I can’t sleep, talk to me, are you pregnant
RITA : Yes
WESLEY : for me right
RITA : Yes is you
WESLEY : great, how old is it
RITA : three weeks
WESLEY : so what do we do about the baby
RITA : abort it of cause
WESLEY : God forbid, abort it
RITA : Yes
WESLEY : why will you even think of that, you are not aborting it
RITA : you see the reason why I kept it to myself, I dont want to be anybody baby mama
WESLEY : why dont you want to be my baby mama

RITA : I cannot, I can’t be a single mother, you will end up marrying another girl
WESLEY : oh, now I understand, Rita you have to keep this baby because I will marry you
RITA : what did you just say
WESLEY : Rita I love you, I have fallen in love with you, please give me chance to show you how much I love you
RITA : I love you too wesley, but I am scared it will not work
WESLEY : why won’t it work, you just said you love me right
RITA : Yes I do, but I am scared, you know who you are
WESLEY : oh now I understand you better, you cannot marry a rapist
RITA : no not rapist, I never thought of that, I am only thinking about you and your life of womanising
WESLEY : that, I will change, dont you believe I will change, can you not help me to become a good and faithful man, can’t you change me
RITA : are you ready to change, are ready to forget about your wayward life
WESLEY : is not a wayward life, is only for fun
RITA : is that what you call it
WESLEY : Yes, I will change
RITA : ok, let see how it goes
WESLEY : thank you
RITA : for what
WESLEY : for giving me a chance
RITA : is because I love you too
WESLEY : wow, you need to go back to sleep
RITA : Yes, I am really tired
WESLEY : ok good night, I love you
RITA : I love you more
( he peck me on my forehead and left to is room. In the morning he woke me up with a morning kiss and his soft hands caressing on my body, I woke up and saw wesley with a cup of tea)
RITA : good morning
WESLEY : morning my love, how was your night
RITA : fine
WESLEY : I can see you are down again with your early morning sickness
RITA : yea
WESLEY : you are running temperature
RITA : I will be fine
WESLEY : dont you think you need a doctor
RITA : I am fine
WESLEY : ok, take I bought you a cup of tea
RITA : I am not hungry for now
WESLEY : are you sure
RITA : Yes
RITA : why did you have to come to my room, what if someone see you entering you
WESLEY : are you scared
RITA : no I am not, is just that i
WESLEY : is okey, you dont want them to know for now right
RITA : Yes
WESLEY : no problem


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