MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 21


One week later, I was so tired and bored inside the house I decided to take a walk
CHARITY : Rita, where are you going to
RITA : I want to take a walk, walk around
CHARITY : are you sure is a walk, or you want to go and do notice me
RITA : please, I am tired of being indoor, all I do in this house is to cook, I eat, sweep , I am just tired, you and I know why why I am here
CHARITY : Yes to get married, that’s true if you continuing staying inside the house, no suitor will see you
RITA : charity will you try and say something nice, must you joke with all things
CHARITY : is marriage issue a joke
RITA : I need to go out there and look for something doing, staying inside this house all day, will do me no good
KINS : baby I discussed this issue with you before, enrol your sister in any skills at all
CHARITY : no problem honey, I will do just that, Rita what skills do you want me to engage you in, I will pay for it
RITA : wow, thank you so much kid sister
CHARITY : that’s nothing, so tell me, is it catering, hair stylist, fashion designer, or do you want to go back to school
RITA : dont worry charity I dont need your sponsor, I can take care of myself
RITA : I know you very well charity, dont see me through anything, just leave me to follow up my destiny alone (I walk away )
CHARITY : baby did you just see that
KINS : it was when Rita came to this house newly, I adviced you to enrol her in any skills at all, you kept deaf ear to it, she is your sister and she knows you better, she have her reaaons for saying no
CHARITY : hmmm, ok oo
KINS ? phone ringing) please excuse me let me pick this call
( Kins picked the call, after the conversation)
KINS : baby, that’s wesley my kid brother, his coming back to Nigeria next week
CHARITY : to this house
KINS : Yes of course, where do you expect him to go, he have his own house, but I refused him to stay there
KINS : because this house is too big for me alone, I pleaded with him to stay with me, wait a minute, dont you want him to stay here
CHARITY : baby not that, is just that I am scared, I dont know is kind of person, if is troublesome or rude
KINS : you should have known him by now, he came for our wedding
CHARITY : Yes, but it was only on the wedding day I saw him, he was not in this house
KINS : oh so sorry, you are right, he did not sleep in this house throughout is stay in nigeria, he spent all is days in hotel with women
CHARITY : why will he do that
KINS : he said he dont want to disturb the newly wedded couple, trust me you will like wesley. He is a very funny guy, you will be the one looking for him because of the funny thing he says, he plays alot
CHARITY : really
KINS : Yes, you will be begging him to come to the sitting room, but he will not have your time, because he is always with a woman in is room, there is no day woman dont sleep in that room
CHARITY : I can see is blood
KINS : hahahaha, I have changed, I am no longer in the world, even when I was in the world, wesley was the highest woman carrier

CHARITY : you, thank God you are beginning to change
KINS : so you know I have changed, ok is time now, let me go and change I have somewhere to go
CHARITY : honey where are you going to again
KINS : somewhere (he went to is room and change into another clothes and came out with is bag) baby I have to go now
CHARITY : honey, where do you always go with this bag, you always carry this bag anywhere you are going
KINS : because I need the bag
CHARITY : are you going to work
KINS : hahahaha, work, you and I know the last time I visited that company
CHARITY : and that’s not good, you are supposed to be going to work
KINS : work to do what, you know I dont know anything about that company, I dont have any idea on how dey operate it, I never read that in school, I read petroleum engineering, so going to the company is nothing, I get my money in month ending, because I am still the owner of the company
CHARITY : that’s is why you have to dedicate your time to the company so that you can learn
KINS : I am trying, I go to work sometime, my brother wesley that reason business Administration in school, he have not visited is company for one year now, but when he visit nigeria he do go to work sometime to know how far about the company and also look for a fine girl to sex too
CHARITY : hmm, may God deliver the two of you
KINS : hahahaha, I am even trying my best, I am still in the country controlling my own, do you know that the other company my sister control, they don’t know her, she have never one day visited
KINS : she have better things doing in London, he have his own money at the end of the month
KINS : I have to go now, I am late
CHARITY : what is inside this bag, you always carry when going out
KINS: I have told you to stay away from this bag
CHARITY : Yes, I dont know where you normally hide it, each time you return back
KINS : are you searching for this bag,stay away from this bag oo


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