MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 1

My Birthday Party
By Miriam Edem


This story is a love triangle story, filled with love, hatred, friendship, and corruption.

Winifred lost her parents when she was celebrating her two years old birthday. Several years after hearing the horror story, she decided never to celebrate another birthday party.

Here come two men who are willing to go to any length to make Winfred love them forever. It’s a tough struggle because both men are desperate to get her.

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In the midst of this, there’s another plan to celebrate Winifred’s birthday. Is something horror about to happen again?

Find out in the romantic thrilling and suspense-filled story


Winifred walked into the reception floor with her course mate Lily, greetings and warm embrace was exchanged with their friends.

“Sorry, we came late, hope we didn’t miss anything? Lily asked.

“No not at all, now is just the time for drinking and relaxing, the real deal is coming soon you know, Valentina, the celebrant said to them.

“That’s good to hear, happy birthday once again, they chorused and presented their gifts to her.

“Thank you, you both are so sweet, Valentina said and hugged them. “Please make yourself comfortable, Tina continued and they walked to an empty chair.

“This party is costly, is this really necessary? Winifred whispered to Lily.

“Really? Let’s just say its money talking. But come to think of it, you’ve never celebrated your birthday, what’s the secret? Lily asked and Winifred looked dumfounded.

A waiter holding a tray of wine approached them and they picked a glass each, “thank you, they told him and he walked away.

“Winifred am listening, Lily still insisted.

“I have but that was once, Winifred replied.

“Just once? Common girl how old are you? You’ll be 23 next month right and you’ve celebrated your birthday just once? Common that’s so absurd, Lily said so surprised.

“So if I did? That was my 2nd year birthday on earth and it was celebrated with my family. If you really want to know why I see no need celebrating my birthday is because I lost my parents that night after the celebration, armed robbers attacked my home and that was it, Winifred dropped and Lily blinked her eyes in shock.

“Oh my God, we’ve been friends for 3 years now Winifred and you kept such thing from me? I can see when it comes to your birthday you’ll fall sick and the celebration will be shifted, do you do that on purpose? Lily asked and she nodded.

“That’s because I don’t know how to begin telling you guys this and I was scared. I felt my day was cursed so if any one celebrates with me something bad may befall such a person, even my uncle told me never to celebrate my birthday so evil will be far, Winifred said and a tear dropped from her eyes.

“That’s a lie, you are going to celebrate your next birthday and all bills will be on me, Lily angrily said.

“Stop it lily, I don’t need it either, I mean there’s no use for that. I am fine this way, Winifred said.

“Says who? Anyway, that’ll be a story for another day, let’s party, Lily said gulping down her wine and held Winifred up for a dance……

“Hi, a young gentleman approached them.

“Hi, they chorused and Lily sighted her boyfriend.

“Excuse me please, Lily said and left leaving Winifred with him.

“Actually I was here for you, can I have a dance, please?” He asked.

“No problem, Winifred replied.

“Am Oliver and you? He asked while dancing.

“Winifred, she replied.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady, he said.

“Am flattered, she said smiling and Valentina came on stage to address the audience.

They walked up to their seat slowly, “so you’re a friend to Tina? He asked when everyone was settled.

“Yes she’s my coursemate, so we have to celebrate her special day with her, Winifred replied.

“That’s lovely, I am actually the best friend of her boyfriend and its nice meeting you, Oliver said but she only smiled shyly.

“I wonder where My friend has gone to, She said looking around.

“She actually walked out with a guy, why? Am I boring? He asked.

“Oh no, I came here with her and its normal I should know where she is. Am sorry if I made you feel bad, Winifred said.

“Nah I was just joking, if you want let’s go check her out, Oliver said on his feet stretching his hand to Winifred, she took it and they left the hall together.

They sighted Lily with a guy and Winifred heaved, “that’s her boyfriend, they had a little disagreement but I think they are cool now, she said.

“So what about you? Isn’t your boyfriend coming? He asked.

“Single, Winifred replied.

“You’re kidding, right? Oliver asked.

“Seriously am damn serious about my answer, she replied.

“Nah I don’t believe you, cause right now my feet are shaking and my heart beating so fast for its like a guy is about to walk up to us and pass a heavy blow to me saying; Hey! What are you doing with my girlfriend? How dare you! Oliver said in a funny way that made Winifred go laughing.

“Oh please That’s is not going to happen, she said still laughing.

“You sure about that? Cause I seriously love my life, he said.

“Yea we all love our lives, now let’s get back to the hall and leave the love birds, she said and they smiled going back.

“Was that Winifred? And who’s that guy with her? Joseph, Lily’s boyfriend asked.

“I don’t know him and I haven’t seen him before, but why? Are you not happy if a guy will finally woo her huh? Lily asked.

“Not that, please go in I’ll meet you inside later, Joseph said.

“But why? Lily asked.

“I’m pressed, see you later okay, Joseph said giving her a peck.

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“Don’t stay too long okay, Lily said and walked away.

“s***! Winifred is seeing another guy? Why can’t she just accept me instead? No girl, if it’s not me, there won’t be another, Joseph said in his heart with so much anger.


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