“Gring gring gring” my phone rang as I
turned and was about going home as Vivian
was heading home too. I looked at the
screen, it was a new number “Hello” I said
into the phone. “Hi, is Vivian still in ur side
and is she not coming home 2day again”?
The caller a female voice said. Isntantly I
knew it was Dooshima but I don’t wanna
admit so jst yet. I need to tease her a bit.
“Sorry who am I talking with that can’t even
say gudevening b4 asking me question”? I
pretended. “Dis is Vivian’s friend, Dooshima”
she said. “So gudevenin is too much to offer
Doshima”? “Do u want to eat it? Gudevenin
Peter” she said to me “Ok, she has gone
since na, maybe she branched somwia, she
might have gotten home. Am sorry 4 asking
u who u ar it’s bcuz ur voice was………”. I said
to see what she will say. “My voice was
what”? “Different” I said into the phone
“different from”? She said to me “What it
used to be” “how what do u mean”?
Now this is where I start my work, they said
once that as u lay ur bed so sha u lie on it.
So I rolled dis way “Well, Dooshima, wen I
first heard ur voice, I was scared, I was
finking of what God will do with me, cuz I
don’t know if God will ask me about a
straying angel. Ur voice is nothing less than
that of an angel, with ur voice I can stop
myself from hearing any sound. Sorry did u
put anything on ur voice bcuz it’s melting my
heart” “hahahahahaha, u ar funny sha, are u
teasing me or u wanna flatter me”? “Me
flatter you? Am serious and even now I feel
like staying close to you and listening to this
ur melodious and charming voice, as ur
voice is like dis, how will ur smile b”? By
now she was laffing loudly, and I think Vivian
might have gotten home by now, but who

“Can I ask u something”? I asked her. “Yes
of course go on” she said, I den asked “why
ar u avoiding me”? “Am not avoiding you”
“But u don’t like talking to or with me why”?
“Nothing, I don’t have any grundges with u
na, I only don’t wanna disturb u now cuz am
very troublesome…..Vivian jst come home”
she announced. “Ok, so should we talk or we
talk by 2mao”? “Do we still have anythin to
talk about”? “Yes, let talk about you and me”
“what talk about me and you is that” “What
will u do if I said I like you” “hahahahahaha,
that one is normal na, I will appreciate you
na”. “Ok will u accept if I said I want us to
date”? “Hahahahahahahaha, stop dis joor, u
want to pull my legs abi”? “No na, am not, jst
tell me pls” “En till u tell me first na, u’ve not
tell me and u want to know my reaction”?
“Ok now I have told you” “what did u tell
me”? “Dating na” “hahahahahahahahaha, u
funny sha ooo” “I’m seriouse I think we have
somthing in common, we can b a good
match na, pls consider my application”
“Hahahahaha, ur application? No problem I


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