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I’m a slutty bitch. A s*x freak. A nympho. As I
write this, I have a date with Sikiru, the Okada
driver. Its all I can think about and the thought
of the groovy time i’m going to have with him
leaves my body tingling, my slutty Kittycat
forever wet and dripping, and my Tips hard.
He fucks real hard like an animal and I just
cant get enough of his Joystick. I don’t attend
the kind of parties Sikiru attends, you know,
my status and all. However, for the reward I’ll
get afterwards, I sure would attend any thing
as long as I’ll get to feel that Joystick inside
me afterwards.
I have a boyfriend, James. In his eyes, I am
the model girlfriend. Chaste, modest,
respectful and just your normal ‘take home’ to
mummy girlfriend. We’ve been living together
for sometime now.
James however, does not know my wild side.
He is not aware that I love s*x to the point of
addiction, in fact, I am addicted to s*x. And
the more, the merrier!
I remember how it all started……………….
I passed unnoticed through secondary and
first two years of university since I was gawky,
geeky and warty. so I had no boyfriend and
guys didn’t notice me but I had been
introduced to s*x by one of the popular boys
in my senior secondary school, not knowing
that it was a challenge and a bet he had with
his friend to sleep with the most ugly girl in
school. I didn’t know this and I put out for
him! He took my hymen and introduced me to
the pleasures of the flesh and we did it so
many times that I became addicted. I naively
took his interest for love but was brought
down to earth when I overheard him bragging
to his friends at the cafeteria that he had
F***ed me many times and he showed them
my Pour and blood stained panties of the first
F**K and several love letters I had written to
him. I was devastated!!!.

In no time at all, the story spread round the
school and I became the laughing stock of all
his friends and their girlfriends. There was
nothing to do but to stick to myself after that
and quench my thirst for Joystick with my
fingers, candle or any object that would fit into
my aching Kittycat.
In year two of university, a friend invited me to
a frat party and I became the mascot. How it
happened, I cant remember and is of no
consequence, only that it marked a turning
point in my life. About 2am during the party
after I had taken a few beer, all my pent up
emotions came to the fore and I just stood up,
staggered to the dance area, pulled my dress
off and started dancing Unclad and
suggestively. There were very girls there and
all the males were old members of the frat
since the
new boys were being initiated. One bold guy
danced up to me and we started dancing
lewdly, with me grinding my Bosom against
his chest and my bare Kittycat against his
very hard crotch. He wasted no time and
stated fondling my Bosom and squeezing my
Tips which had by this time gone
rock hard. I was in a blurry state of euphoria
and continued rubbing hard against him, he
couldn’t take the pressure anymore and
guided me to an empty area, pushed me on
the ground and started finger fucking my
Kittycat and running his hands through my hot
and flushed body. I responded by taking his
Joystick in my mouth and sucking for all I was
worth. After about five minutes of this, he
pulled away, and I quickly opened my legs
wide for him cos I knew what was coming and
I was damn ready, in fact too ready. With one
mighty lunge, he plunged deep into my
Kittycat and I let off an animal scream while
he pounded into me fast and hard. I loved
every minute of it and encouraged him loudly
in both voice and action by begging him to
F**K me harder and faster while wrapping my
legs round his waist to get his Joystick as
deep inside me as possible. Because of the
drinks and tobacco in his system, he lasted a
long time and I had orgasm after orgasm after
orgasm, before he finally grunted and
offloaded his Pour deep inside my willing
body. I grabbed his Joystick with my Kittycat
muscles and milked him dry.
He got off me but before I could say ‘jack’
another body had replaced his and a hard
Joystick was once again digging into my just
been used Kittycat. I was game as I also urged
the new guy on and welcomed the invasion of
my body by yet another cockmeat. He finished
his business and got up only to be once again
replaced by another. I was too far gone in my
lust to care or keep count after the first four
guys but just abandoned myself to the
pleasure.This continued until day break and
my used, slurpy Kittycat was replaced by my
asshole when it became too full of Pour, slurpy
and less elastic. My mouth also partook of the
pleasure since some of the frat guys could not
feel anything when they entered my Kittycat,
opted for my mouth. I didn’t care and gladly
sucked them and took all the Pour they had to
I don’t recall how I got back to my hostel but
was told by the friend who invited me that I
had been F***ed by over 20 guys and that her
boyfriend brought me, while they both carried
me to my room and she cleaned me up. I was
leaking Pour in both of my holes for over a
week and that marked the beginning of my
slutty life
My adventures with Sikiru, the Okada rider
started innocently enough. While returning
from work one fateful evening, my car broke
down and all efforts I made to at least have it
take me home that night proved abortive. I
called my mechanic who did everything he
knew how to make the car move but my car
was not ready to sleep at home that night
“aunty, we go leave the car here o!’ my
mechanic declared ‘you know say we no fit
push automatic and na tomoro I go fit buy an
fix wetin spoil inside’
‘okay’ I said
I had to lock up and leave the car where it was
and was left with no choice but to take the
popular okada home since my fiancé had
traveled some days earlier and would only be
returning that night.

It was already dark and almost 8pm by the
time we finished arrangement to leave the car
where it was. I called a passing okada rider
and while we were going, I noticed him
pushing back at my ample Bosom, trying to
push back at my crotch. I pretended not to
notice but when continued, my Tips became
taut and stood erect. I couldn’t hold it
anymore after some time and pushed back at
his back, moving closer him on the okada so
as have more friction on my Bosom. My
pantyless Kittycat was dripping wet and hot.
The okada suddenly stopped at a bushy lonely
stretch of the road and the okada man said
something was wrong with the machine. He
started fiddling with it and I just stared at his
crotch which had a noticeable bulge. I couldn’t
resist any longer and just grabbed his hands
and put it on my exposed thighs, I was
wearing a mini length lycra skirt. Exactly what
he had been waiting for! As he pulled up my
skirt and pushed his fingers into my sopping
wet Kittycat, fingering me and finger fucking
me deeply. I pushed back on his finger leaning
on the okada and moaning loudly like the slut I
was. He pulled out my and started sucking on
them one after the other. I pulled down his
shorts and one of the biggest cocks I had ever
seen sprang free!!!!gasped and Pour loudly
from the mere sight of that Joystick. I quickly
my bag, brought out a cd and encased his
Joystick with it. Then turned and presented
my glistening wet Kittycat to him doggy,
holding on tightly to the okada , bending my
waist and raising my Kittycat as high as I
could. He didn’t hesitate as he quickly shoved
all that cockmeat into my hungry Kittycat,
pushing it all in at once while grabbing and
squeezing my Bosom for all it was worth from
behind. I moaned loudly and pushed back at
him, meeting him stroke for stroke and
wanting it
all!!! He F***ed me like a real slut, banging into
me hard and fast and not sparing my hanging
Bosom by fondling them hard and squeezing
my erect Tips, bringing tears of pleasure to my
eyes. I moaned in pleasure, not minding the
glare of oncoming vehicles’ headlights
occasionally lighting us up like a stadium,
making it obvious to all and sundry what we
were doing. Okada man just banged away,
oblivious of the havoc he was causing in my
oliver twist Kittycat. He F***ed me for over
twenty minutes and I had Pour after Pour until
he grunted and gave a mighty shove spilling
his seed into the rubber encasing his Joystick.
He pulled out, removed and threw way the
cumfilled cd then pulled up his shorts while I
pulled down my skirt and rearranged my
Bosom in my blouse. My Kittycat was hot and
wet with several Pour, flowing Kittycat juices. I
stood aside waiting for him to finish the
repairs for us to leave but to my surprise, he
got on his bike, kicked it started and told me
to climb on. I asked if the bike was okay and
he said yes, that he parked because we both
wanted a F**K. We both laughed it off and he
told me his name was Sikiru, gave me his
number and that I should feel free to call on
him whenever I needed servicing. It was a
raunchy thing to say to a lady but I don’t
deceive myself, I know am far from a lady, I’m
a slut. Sikiru dropped me off at the junction to
my house and after paying him (with him
squeezing my Bosom in the process) I walked
home, thinking of the F**K I just had, the size
of his Joystick and dreamily imagining when
next I would have to feel that wonderful
Joystick again in my aching Kittycat. I got
home, showered, made dinner and showered
again. About forty five
minutes after my arrival home, James drove in
and I welcomed him with open arms, my
Kittycat once again wet at the thought of
fucking my loving fiancé. While making love,
he asked how I had been coping without him
for the past three days and I smiled demurely,
thinking of the raunchy I had just had with
sikiru, okada man. If only he knew……


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