MY 2 WEEKS AT IBADAN STREET…..(18+)…..Part 5


I went back but the girl was no more there. I
heard their voices in
her friend’s room. I don’t know what they
were discusin but it
doesn’t concern me either afterall girls like
talking. If she actually
saw something she should tell my cousin
though i am sure she
will never tell me. That house is so boring to
me cos i don’t have
privacy. Reading in that palour was not the
best thing for me.
Anyway, is toped reading and tuned the tv to
silverbird and
watching one of their program. After the
program ended i decided
to take a work around the area. I left the
place followed the road
that i followed while coming, that is i moved
back to abulenla
busstop. Followed apapa road (abiola way)
down to Railway
recreation club. As someone that
understands recreation i went
into the place. I saw people playing chess,
draft, ludo and pool
(snooker). I can play all these games but so
very well. I went
inside what i assumed to be their bar. I was
a little bit confused
cos Number 1 I don’t drink, number two i
don’t know if the club is
only for club members. There are many
people but i cant really
say that i saw my age mates. After roving
with one table where
they play game to another without anybody
even asking me a
question. I headed back the way i came. I
don’t really know the
names of the streets very well but i will
mention the few that i
could remember. I followd Thomas street
down again to Ibadan
street and on my way down. Look at who is
coming towards me…
my Ibadan street crush was coming up. I
stood at a place when
she got to where i was. I stoped her, she
looked down a little bit
shy, so i thought any way. She looked up
with this beautiful smile.
My eyes went again to her special type of
b0s0ms. i asked her her
name, she told me Tosin and i told her my
name. i asked her
where she was going to, she told me home.
And i told her that i
will like to walk her cos i am bored at home.
She hesitated for
some second and said okay. Before we said
good night that
evening, i was able to know, her past times,
her best food, her best
colour, her birthday. Then i was also able to
let her know that i
like her stature and body built. That i will
wish if we become
friends. all my question got positive answer,
but for the friendship
side… she said let see how it goes. I said
The next morning my cousins went to my
aunt’s shop at balogun
island but i didn’t go with them. I told them
that i was not feeling
alright. I don’t really like the way my cousins
are behaving, they
are secretive. They like whispering unlike our
house where
everybody is seen as a family member once u
are accepted in. so
cos of that i didn’t want to go with them cos
they will make me
look foolish. After they left, i took to bed and
picked up a real
romantic novel that i saw in that room and
began to read it.
The novel is grade one Intimate book. As i
was reading it and feeling
the fire build up inside me. My body and my
brain needed nothing
else than a very good bleeping. I need
someone that will f.uck me
the way becky f.ucked me. Someone that will
f.uck me the way
kate bleeped me. I just lie down on the bed
imagining how i was
givn tosin a good bang, when i heard a knock
on the door.

I quickly stood up, looked at my bongosikwe
it was standing like
tomorrow no dey. I picked up a jeans trouser
wore it on it. Went to
the door. There before me was tosin, looking
more beautiful than i
thought. She wore all blue shirt and fitted
trouser. Her portable
body looking like something to eat. When i
saw her, the hunger in
me couldn’t allow me to give her space to
come inside or ask her
to come inside. She smiled and asked, wont
you tell me to come
in. i said i was sorry, that i was carried away
by her beauty that i
lost my senses. She laughed and said stop
flattering me. I told her
that i don’t flatter. From there i started
rapping her head.
Words were rushing into my brain and
rushing out of my mouth. She was
just smiling and i was sure that i have gotn
her where she could
not resist me. She asked after my cousins
and i told her that they
went island. She sighed and said that means
they wunt come back
on time. She told me that any day they go to
their mums shop,
they don’t always come bacj on time. I
smiled inside my heart and
told myself that this is the day that i have to
get through to the
heart and pant of tosin.
She sat down on the same sit she sat
I told myself that
this girl must have a reason why like sitting
on that sit. So i sat
directly opposite her. looking at her eyes.
She removed her face
and brought it back with a smile. She asked
me why i am looking
at her like that. I told that i am admiring the
special work of the
great sculptor that designed her. she laughed
and said again.
I have told you to stop flattering me. I
ignored what she said and
proceeded with my own. Experience has
taught me that there are
things that u don’t have to respond to, no
matter how tempting
they seems. I said to her; you must be
getting so much attention
from guys (I wonder which girl doesn’t). As
she wanted to say
something i asked her, how do you cope with
guys seeking you
attention. She looked at me not knowing if
she should answer the
question or not. O went ahead and said.
Your boyfriend must be
very lucky to have you as his girl friend. At
that point her face
changed. Her face became a little gloomy
even though she was
working very hard to hide it from me. She
opened my her mouth
and asked me. What do you want from me? I
was cut off guard
with that question but trust me. I smiled not
because the answer
to that question is smiling but because this is
where i would i
either gain it or lose it. Many guys lose
opportunity of fvcking their
childhood girl friend at this point. The girl
whom you have been
crushing for all the days of your life will ask
you, what are we.
You go hear de mumu guy say, u see, u
know that you are like my
sister. I love you just the way i love my
sisters or if the person no
get sister, he will say. You are just like my
sister from another


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