MY 2 WEEKS AT IBADAN STREET…..(18+)…..Part 10


She left to the kitchen without puting on her
She was walking
in a way that made her bum to shake. I sat
where i was smiling. I
dont even know why i was smiling. May be i
was smiling cos she
looks so beautiful or because she just gave
me what she called
meal tasting or because i have finally bleeped
the girl that first
captured my heart (my sight oh. Capture
heart…story) in lagos. I
dont know but all i knew was that my face
was filled with smile. I
stop up aranged my trouser & after sometime
and went to the
kitchen. When i got there i stood by the door
she turned and
looked at me smiled and called me s*xy**. I
didnt say anything. She
turned and put her hands on her waist &
crossed her leg like those
models on the pages of magazine. She shot
out her na.ked
b0s0m. As i was smiling she asked me to
I went close, she
said, come touch it. I was still looking at her,
she said hold it and
handle it. She fondled her bre:ast sens.ualy
and said, s*xy** pink
lips come sU-Ck it. She was still smiling. I
was wondering how old
the girl was. The first day i saw her, she
looked 21 and yesterday
she looked 19 and today after bleeping her,
she now looked 17.
Not that her age matters to at all. I have
bleeped people that i dont
even know their age even though i know they
are older than me.
After waiting for me for like 4minutes and i
didnt respond to her
invitation, she asked me. What are u looking
at? Why look at me
like that? I didnt say anything. She smiled
and turnd to turn what
she was fryn i moved closer and stood at her
back. I moved
silently without her knowing it. As she
finished turning it and
droped the fryn spoon. I circled my arm
around her from behind
and started handling her b0s0m. She became
soft in my arm…
As my hand circled her b0s0ms she droped
her head backward
unto my chest & i moved my hand to head &
started to run my
index finger on her hairs. She was moving
her waist in a smooth
way that my bingo started shaking its head
inside my jeans. At a
time i turnd her to face me and moved my
head down to her
booobs & began to tease the nippples with
my teeth. She was
robing her two hands on my hairs and was
m0an!ng while i pull
her private environment closer to my private
arena. As i moved
down my hand to her private area and
turched her cl.ito.ris, she
m0aned uuuuuuuuuuuuu babyyyyyy. I
removed my hand and lifted
her skirt dug my singer into her pusssy she
m0aned louder
aaaaaaaaaaaa. As she m0aned and i wanted
to lift her up to the
palour when she said babyyyyy. Wait let me
put this noodles
inside the fryn pan. She turned and said to
me after i let her go
that she is very weak now. She said her
hands are shaking.
Ah! As i looked at her hands they were
trembling. So i went and helped
her to pour a little water opened the noodles
and pour it also into
the fryn pan. As the noodles where on fire,
she was on me. My
hand were working her laps & slowly to
honey pot again to her
tommy up to her chest. Molding & handling
her b0s0ms while she
was working my prick with her left hand. It
didnt take long the food
was ready. She pulled it down. I brought a
food flask and told her
to put them inside. She asked me why, i told
her that i want to
taste her meal once again before eating the
noodles. She smiled
and said. Na u go tire but if tire no run away
oh. I laughed but that
thing she said was more than a joke to me.
As she closed the
flask, i placed a sweet senxual kiss on her
lips as she wraped her
hands on my neck…

The kising & smoochn was geting higher &
higher. Tosin was
manuvering the whole show. If i tell u that
tosin is good just
believe me. She is very good in the act & art
intercourse. She was m0an!ng and touchin
me the way i v not been
touchd before. I startd sU-Cking her booobs.
Then she said, take me
to the dining. Chai! Dinning keh? She said
with a seductive m0an,
yessssss take me to the dining. I carried her
and set off to their
dining. When i got to the dinning she climded
down from my arm. I
was just watchn her to know what she wants
to do. She removed
all the things that were on the dining table.
She came to me and
started kissing me again. She told me to pull
of her skirt which i
did. She pulled off my jeans and my bingo
smiled at her. She
started robn the head in a special way & i felt
special….lolzzz. She left me and climbed on
the table & signald
me to come. When i got there she opend her
legs and said. Ur
lordship the food is ready come and eat.
Wow! I smiled and tried to
climb the table she said not yet. I should go
to fridge & get a citrus
drink that is inside. I went brought it to her.
She told me to open it
and i opened it. She took it from me, drank
some and drew me
closer to her. She started kissing me with the
drink in her mouth.
And the drink was cold enough to send
shivers through my spine.
She told me to pour some on her b.reast, i
did and started sU-Cking
& cleaning her chest and everywhere the
drink droped with my
tongue. She was m0an!ng & m0an!ng. All the
while she was
working my dicck. She said my
pussssssssyyyyy. She said again.
Babyyyyyyyy use my pusssy as ur wine
glassssss. I opend her leg
carried the juice bent it over towards her


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